10 Best 4×8 Grow Tent Review – EASY SETUP (2021 Updated)

(Last Updated On: November 5, 2021)

In this review, we will introduce you with 11 best 4×8 grow tent and that allow a role model of indoor gardening with excellent performance. Let’s have a broader discussion with each model itself.

10 Best 4×8 Grow Tent

Our top pick
VIVOSUN 4×8 Grow Tent
Size: 96″x48″x80″
Top quality 600D oxford canvas
98%-reflective mylar interior
Gorilla 4 x 8 Grow Tent
Size: 96″x48″x79″
Includes viewing window
Adjustable micro mesh pre-filters
TopoGrow D-Door 4 x 8 Tent
Size: 96″x48″x80″
Tearproof 600D oxford cloth
96% highly reflective 
Budget friendly
CoolGrows 4×8 Grow Tent
Size: 96″×48″×80″
95%-reflective mylar
600D thick oxford canvas
Quicent 4×8 Grow Tent
Size: 96”x48”x71”
SGS Chemical tested
Extra-thick 600D Oxford Cloth
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VIVOSUN 4×8 Grow Tent

Key Features

  • Size: 96″x48″x80″
  • Easy peek window
  • Top quality 600D oxford canvas
  • Non-toxic PE material for safe use
  • Black lined zipper for light-proof seal
  • High efficiency with 98%-reflective mylar interior

Are you dreaming to become professional grower? Then VIVOSUN grow tent covers the extreme basic needs of that. This convenient 8×4 grow tent comes with outstanding efficiency for keeping lights in.

There is a zipper with excellent light-proof seal efficiency. Another top-notch quality you may find in this tent is the double stitched 600D Canvas. It is exceptionally well in blocking lights and provides perfect installation.

Monitoring window

VIVOSUN features an easy-view window. You can smoothly observe the consistent growth and activities of the plants with it.

Inner tool and Storage

It has convenient tool and storage. This useful accessory works great for the healthy growth of plants and climate control.

Floor tray

An easy removable floor tray is attached with the VIVOSUN grow tent. The cleaning task seems easy for the user because of this feature.

Ventilation fan

A double layer ventilation fan is available in it. It provides fresh air circulation towards the plants.


There is a heavy duty SBS Zippers associated with this magnificent grow tent. It won’t get stuck at once.


  • It is durable.
  • You will love the back panel doors.
  • It provides clear instruction to use.
  • It looks beautiful with great design.
  • This quality grow tent is made with the best construction material.


  • The zipper and hanging poles may slip from your hand for careless gripping.


Gorilla 4 x 8 Grow Tent

Key Features

  • Size: 96″x48″x79″
  • Solid metal interlocking frame
  • Micro mesh pre-filters for pest resistance
  • Includes viewing window and removable tray
  • Can be used with height adjustable extension poles

Are you craving for having both great quality and design in a single grow tent? Gorilla 4×8 tent is ideally designed for expert or beginner growers.

The features are created suitably to fit your needs without making any compromise with the atmosphere. Of course, you need a handsome budget for buying this superior grow tent.

EZ View Windows

It features ideally with EZ monitoring windows. You can easily have smooth grow snapshots with its handy assistant.

Metal poles

There are stable metal poles that are interlocked inside the gorilla tent. It promotes a durable and powerful growing enclosure.


Zippers for doorways are another pretty feature for the users. They assist you to have a comfortable access.


Here you will find a reliable canvas. It ensures safety and offers you to have a better growing environment.

Adjustable poles

This excellent feature makes proper height adjustments. It can help you enhance the height of the tent if necessary.


  • It is safe and easy to use.
  • This is a reliable grow tent.
  • It has suitable reinforced seals.
  • Micro mesh filters are useful for preventing Bugs.


  • The zipper is poor in quality.


TopoGrow D-Door 4 x 8 Tent

Key Features

  • Size: 96″x48″x80″
  • Multiple vents for fans and filter
  • Removable Water-proof Floor Tray
  • Durable and tearproof 600D oxford cloth
  • 96% highly reflective waterproof diamond Mylar

If you are looking for a decent grow tent oriented with highest quality materials, TopoGrow 96×48 grow tent is the one to choose. The Mylar inside provides extraordinary reflection. The safety zipper is designed with beautiful design as well.

This is highly suitable for growing fruits, herbs, vegetables or any other seasonal crops as well. Let’s look at the other features of this promising grow tent.

Waterproof Mylar

A waterproof Mylar is enriched with it. It helps in saving the tent from rain and increases the reflective effect effectively.


16MM diameter frame is coated with durable metals. It expands the stability of the tent.


The double Stitched zipper is a great addition in the TopoGrow tent, It prevents light leakage. Read More about the best led grow light for 4×8 Grow Tent Here.

Excellent vents

The round vents suitable for having a good experience in ventilation system. It provides superior output for fan and air filtration.

Floor tray

There is a useful floor tray that is removable and has water proof properties. It offers great filter straps.


  • It offers easy set up.
  • It lasts for long time.
  • It will fit with your space.
  • This grow tent has attractive design.


  • The zipper may stop working at times.


CoolGrows 96x48x80 Grow Tent

Key Features

  • Size: 96″×48″×80″
  • 95%-reflective mylar lining
  • Includes one year warranty
  • 600D thick oxford canvas outside
  • Environmental friendly PVC free body
  • Heavy duty zippers with strong metallic tent structure

Wondering how to make your new plants grow smoothly? This durable 96x48x80 grow tent offers you the most efficient performance in cultivating plants. It promotes the most security with quality metal frames.

There is a tool-free connector associated with it. Again you will find duel ventilation socks including with the coolgrows. This grow tent has so many outstanding features. Let’s look at those facts.


Metal frame poles promote the most solid structure of the CoolGrows. It helps to fix the security well.

Metal zipper

It features with a heavy-duty metal zipper. It helps in saving the home and confirms the security of the plants.

Mylar film

It has superior Mylar film that has light and tear resistant properties. It helps to the healthy growth of your plants as well.

Monitoring window

There is an easy monitoring window attached with this excellent grow tent. You can actively view the daily growth of the crops with that.

Easy assembly

A nice assembly is wisely offered with this tent to explain the set up to the users easily.


  • It is easy to use.
  • The materials are PVC free.
  • It has hassle free features.
  • It is stable and odor-free to the users.
  • This grow tent offers smooth access to the door.


  • You may notice leak in light if you can’t use the holes properly.


Quicent 96×48 Grow Tent

Key Features

  • Size: 96”x48”x71”
  • Includes observation window
  • Heavy duty and durable large zippers
  • Includes high-hardness steel rod for support
  • SGS Chemical tested, thus it is non-toxic and eco-friendly
  • 2 years warranty and lifetime conditional replacements

Quicent is a reputed grow tent brand in the US market for its outstanding quality configuration. It puts a lot of importance in value and reliability along with easy maintenance.

This 96×48 grow tent approves different styles with excellent patterns. It assures to suit your preference with its pretty much good service.


The whole package is covered with outstanding SGS approved materials. That really means to provide you the safety requirements.  Also, it will prevent any harmful gasses making any damage to the plants.

Tool Bag

A high build quality tool bag is included with the Quicent grow tent. It works like a storage bag for easier usage.

Monitoring window

There is an easy viewing window covered with transparent design incorporates with this tent. You can smoothly take peek with it.

Light reflective material

There is a great feature of light reflective silver pet lining. This is truly enough for creating suitable light and thermal environment. For maximum yields, you should setup a high quality led grow lights in this tent.

Thick net poles

The net poles have .8mm thickness compared with other tents. It ensures the durability and never allows any twisting.

Strong Zipper

There is a waterproof and sturdy zipper using anti-burst material in the Quicent. It provides easier sliding and ensures stability for long.


  • This is safe to use.
  • It is powerful and durable grow tool.
  • It has excellent lighting and ventilation area.
  • Quicent grow tent provides excellent loading.


  • Zippers can appear looser in course of time.


Oppolite 4 by 8 Grow Tent

Key Features

  • Size: 96″X48″X78″
  • Large heavy duty strong zippers
  • Multiple vents for fans and filters
  • 96% highly reflective diamond mylar interior
  • Exterior is 600D lightproof oxford canvas with green window

Topolite grow tent is another top-notch quality indoor tent with durable construction. It simply manages overall installation with exterior zippers covers with waterproof Mylar inside.

It incorporates with high quality frame and connectors. It is highly combined with the best quality hydroponic tools with pocket-friendly price.

Lightproof oxford cloth

There is a lightproof oxford cloth covers with 600D heavy duty properties. That’s why it is durable and provides excellent service for long.


Some outstanding rectangle vents are available with the Oppolite. They provide smooth ventilation with excellent service at inline fan and carbon filters.

Heavy duty zippers

It features with a durable heavy duty zippers. This double stitched zipper has excellent quality of preventing light leaks.

Green window

The 14’’× 8’’ sized green window is another great feature of this Oppolite grow tent. It allows easy monitoring of the plant’s growth. Without making any interruption, you can encourage them to maximize their growth with good environment.


  • It provides excellent ventilation.
  • It is user-friendly with quick installation.
  • This grow tent has nice assembly instruction.
  • Grower can expand the energy store with it.
  • It is durable with high quality material construction.


  • The frame is not as strong as your expectation.


Apollo Horticulture 4 x 8 Tent

Key Features

  • Size: 96”x48”x80”
  • Heavy duty double stitched zippers
  • Full metal frame with mesh vents on the canvas
  • Three months warranty and one month guarantee
  • Includes highly reflective Mylar interior and removable floor tray

Apollo products are awesome for professional use. It maintains quite natural greenhouse atmosphere with pretty well ventilation system. This quality brand injects a heavy duty zipper, great metal poles with high quality feature.

These products are not actually recommended for limited space users. It also ensures excellent lighting and odor-free features.

Hydroponic indoor tent

Hydroponic tent is enclosed with heavy-duty zippers. It provides massive light protection and lasts for long time.

Thick metal poles

Thick tent material poles are combined with this apollo horticulture grow tent. It prolongs the durability and expands the security. It also prevents odors and controls pests.

Mylar floor tray

It has a removable Mylar floor tray that is completely light and tears proof in properties. It actively helps you in having proper indoor light equipment’s.

Smooth assembly

There is an easy instructional guide for having a good installation experience for the beginners. You can easily apprehend the instructions with that.


  • It has a great stability.
  • This grow tent applies solid design.
  • It provides enough light and thermal facilities.
  • It is extremely well-built grow tool with easy maintenance.


  • Zippers may get stuck at once.


iPower 4 by 8 Grow Tent

Key Features

  • Size: 96″x48″x78″
  • 98% reflective mylar interior
  • Metallic poles and corners for support
  • Durable high-quality oxford outer canvas
  • Wear-proof, water-proof and tear-proof structure
  • 99% light proof with double stitching and lightproof zippers

No matter what you have tried before, you will definitely get impressed with the highest quality of this ipower grow tent. Again you will find the assembly nice than your expectation.

This user-friendly tent has no leakage in light and other materials. The zipper works nicely with a great construction.

Open-Close Window

There is a sealed window coated with crystalline plastic and Mylar sheet. You can easily observe plants from it.

Easy tool bag

Here you will get a convenient heavy construction material tool bag. It saves the energy as well.

Metal frame

The metal frame is a great addition in this grow tent. It can manage at least 110lbs. Also, this sturdy material works nicely for lights, fans,and filters too.

Water-resistant tray

It features with a tray that contains water-resistant quality and security straps.It’s very easy to use and protects spills easily.

Great assembly

This tent is user-friendly with excellent assembly instructions. All equipment’s are beautifully set up with reliable materials.


  • This is lightweight tent.
  • It smoothly runs the cables.
  • It has easy ventilation hoses.
  • This is a great grow tent for price too.
  • This grow tent has pretty good zippers with heavy duty construction.


  • The attached cups can get troubled for bending.


Helios Hydro 96 x48 x80 Growing Tent

Key Features

  • Size: 96″x48″x80″
  • 100% lighproof with intact structure
  • High reflective interior Mylar lining
  • Structure includes thick 0.75 inch metal poles
  • Durable and tear-proof 600D canvas with removable tray

Helios Hydro is exceptionally great in allowing harvests for indoor grow room. This professional tent is made of high quality components, tear resistant reflective Mylar. It’s suitable for odor protection and has great access for ventilation.

The best thing you will ever find in it is the great assembly along with the massive stability. This trustworthy tool will support you for the long time with excellent hydroponic equipment’s.

Mylar lining

There is a 600D tear resistant reflective Mylar associated with the Helios Hydro grow tent. It ensures maximum growth and easy maintenance of the plants.

Thick fabric metal

It features with a black colored thick fabric that is being double switched. It provides light blocking and saves the entire environment from odor.

The reflective interior

The reflective interior is a great feature of the Helios Hydro. It efficiently creates a great set up in lighting. Also, it handles the power configuration well and saves maximum energy.


Here you will notice a great assembly instruction. It provides the simple installation with easier set up.

Monitoring window

Helios Hydro tent offers easy monitoring window. It allows you to check the ultimate condition and growth of plants easily.


  • It is durable.
  • It is easy to use.
  • This is energy saving tool.
  • It has a great efficiency.
  • It is made of quality material.


  • The smell is not good.
  • You may face trouble with the zipper.


MATRIX 8 x 4 Grow Tent

Key Features

  • Size: 96″x48″x80″
  • No plastic corner connectors here
  • 100% All-Steel poles and connectors
  • Durable 600D canvas exterior
  • light-proof Diamond Mylar Reflective lining

Are you seeking for a grow tent made of quality materials? Then MATRIX 8 x 4 grow tent is the one what you are looking for. This tent is well-furnished with steel construction. This powerful gardening tool has 10 GAUGE Zippers.

There are 16mm diameter poles that extend the durability of it. For the ultimate healthy growth of the plants, let’shave look at the other features of it.

Double layered ports

The useful ports are coated with double layers. It ultimately decreases the heat and light intensity and prevents odors.

Easy assembly

There is an easy assembly along with remarkable click poles and corner. It has easy instruction to let you know the set up easily.

Spill tray

A removable tray is there for you along with the VELCRO FASTENERS. It helps you for faster cleaning.

Door hooks

Door hooks are another essential feature of this grow tent. It allows easy enter and exit from it.

Large window

A large transparent window makes comfortable monitoring of the grow tent where no interruption is allowed.


There are huge number of sockets including with the MATRIX grow tent. With this feature, you will have a complete control of the internal environment as well.


  • It is durable.
  • There are 8 hanging bars in it.
  • It doesn’t allow any light leakage.
  • This grow tent has wide space to use.
  • Manufacturers provide 1 year of warranty.


  • There are no major drawbacks found in it.

Final Verdict

This total unit is in word amazing to use.  Flowers like rose, lilies are the best for growing in it. Have it a try if possible. Hopefully, it won’t disappoint you at all.

At the final point, we recommend you to think wisely about the mentioned best 4×8 grow tent Ultimately these are the great package for you to use.

By now, you might put your all efforts in it but yet to have a good result. Unluckily you might face problems in doing so. Take the useful advantages from these grow tents.

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