Apollo Horticulture Grow Tent Review & Setup Video

(Last Updated On: November 3, 2021)
Apollo Horticulture Grow Tent Review

People who are fond of epic indoor gardening should read this Apollo horticulture grow tent review. Now a question can rule in your mind what is so special about it. “Well, this is so justified inquiry of you.”

Apollo brand is roaring on their success by providing decent quality, durability, adequate efficiency of their products. In a nutshell, it suits each and every demand of the indoor growers with their complete package.

In this article, we aim at providing you the necessary information about the specific features, their advantages, disadvantages. Also, we will concentrate on why Apollo is the most popular grow tent for weed. Let’s analyze it with our well-researched discussion.

About Apollo Horticulture Manufacturers

Apollo brand is popular in its market field in producing indoor gardening products, especially for the grow tent. For people who are extremely worried about the money issue, Apollo seems to be a blessing for them.

In the last few years, it has been providing improved quality manufacturers with affordable money costs. They have toiled hard enough to create ideal value in their products maintaining the highest quality.

Again, thousands of indoor growers took their wise decision and spent their priceless time reviewing its sterling and amazing features. Various sizes are available on Amazon about Apollo grow tent.

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Apollo Horticulture Grow Tent Review

apollo grow tent

Grow tents are usually for growing plants in enclosed growing space managing the eco-friendly environment inside of it. With so many different grow tent sizes and features, choosing Apollo horticulture grow tent would be a worthy investment of yours.

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Any kind of healthy plant, no matter if it is exotic you can grow with it creating an ideal growing environment. Moreover, low prices, unique and reliable features, durability, etc. are noteworthy considerations to look at.

High-quality material with 100% light-proof reflection

High-quality material

Apollo Horticulture comes with high-quality dense material. That’s why they are durable enough for long-term usage. Again 100% lightproof Mylar lining is compatible with the total fixtures of light to keep variance with.

Consequently, the manufacture’s equipment contributes a lot in enhancing the light intensity. It successfully retains the heat by boosting the efficiency of the light unit.

Preventing light leakage, it ensures the smooth distribution of the whole power configuration to the plants equally.

Construction and Design

Construction and Design

This hydroponic grow tent features durable construction as they use thick grow tent material. The solid metal poles ensure the durability of the users consistent.

In addition, double-stitched light protective fixtures prevent misuse of light. That’s why it is secured and very adorable to use.

Removable Mylar floor tray

Removable Mylar floor tray

This is another noticeable aspect of Apollo Horticulture grow tent. It ensures the plant’s growing with needed light. Again, it keeps the environment clean from spills and dirt.

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Easy assembly

Easy assembly

The bar diameter is 0.65in, that means enough strong for holding reflectors, fans, light, carbon filter, ballasts.

No professional experience or knowledge you need to gather when the instructional guide is there for you. Before doing the installation, read the assembly with concentration.

Then put the top two holes and then it will be pretty easy to do. Make sure you do not hurry at all.

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Heavy-Duty Zippers

The heavy-duty metal zipper is another excellent feature of this Apollo Hydroponic Grow Tent. Efficiently it protects the whole grow room by minimizing the unsecured exposure. Else, you can have easy access to the grow tent for the plant’s issues.

Excellent Customer Service

The popularity of this grow tent is on the rise for another reason. And that is the standard customer service with 90 days warranty. If the product seems to be poor than your expectation you can get back your money for the exceptional money-back guarantee. The brand never creates any hassles for keeping their promises.

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  • The construction of the tent is very decent in quality.
  • The removable floor tray expands the convenience of the users.
  • It is affordable in price.
  • The tent is sturdy with a solid frame for long-term usage.
  • The instructional pamphlet makes the whole set-up process easier for beginners.
  • It keeps the environment odor-free.


  • A few customers complained about the zippers for not having a smooth operation in using it.

Why Apollo Grow Tent is Best

Why Apollo Grow Tent is Best

Apollo grow tent is being popular for most of its epic features and convenience of the manufacturers. Below I try to make an in brief discussion about why it is best compared to other regular tents.

Easy fitness

The easy to fit property of Apollo grow tent is a convenient aspect of it. Varieties of standard sizes are available for this brand. If you want to place it in an apartment or greenhouse or any other desired places, you can flexibly do so with it. You can easily set up your best inline fan and carbon filter for fresh air.

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Design & construction

The compact design including high-quality reflective Mylar lining material in grow tent makes it simply spectacular for worthy usage. The double stitching design of light fixtures increases security.

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Again, it prevents light leakage with high-quality zippers.  The ventilation port and airflow equipment make the total unit odor-free. This ensures a hygienic environment inside the grow tent.

Stable framework

Apollo hydroponic grow tent comes with durable metal poles covered by excellent quality reflective Mylar. Any harmful pests won’t access to the place for the strong zipper it provides.

Easy assembly

No professional experience or knowledge you need to gather when the instructional guide is there for you. Before doing the installation, read the assembly with concentration.

Then put the top two holes and then it will be pretty easy to do. Make sure you do not hurry at all.

Apollo Horticulture 48”x48”x80” Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent – Unboxing and setup

Final Word

Apollo grow tent review is a small effort of us to let you know the genuine services of this renowned product of indoor gardening. Hope you can take your own decision by not getting mislead by other showy choices of others. 

I hope this investment goes with your satisfaction. Have good use of each part of this grow tent feeling secure and safe.

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