Ohuhu Grow Tent – Pros, Cons, And Key Features

(Last Updated On: August 19, 2022)
Ohuhu Grow Tent

With a dream to possess the world with greenery, Ohuhu introduced the gardeners to the best grow tents for weed that are meant to last for long. For sure, these tents don’t have exaggerated and fancy features but they have the essential ones. Declining the price range, they do not encounter the unnecessary fuss but no doubt the necessary aspects are always there.

Being a firsthand user of this brand, I have designed this Ohuhu Grow Tent guidejust to enlighten your gardener soul with an above-average (but extremely effective) grow tent line. All in all, I have experienced having all the basic features handy to use these tents both for professional or recreational purposes.

About the ohuhu Manufacturer

Established in 2013, Ohuhu is an American based brand whose core focus is to manufacture Art and painting supplies. They have some of the best both alcohol and water-based markers. Accompanied by the art supplies, they also launched the finest products in the gardening sector.

The brand was named after the beautiful Hawaiian island Oahu. And over the years, following their inspiration, they created grow tents and other gardening equipment to ensure a green environment. Moreover, not only the finest products, they have always been sincere in declining the price point to facilitate every dreamer.

Ohuhu Grow Tent

Ohuhu Grow Tent


Great strength, high-quality fabric, diversity in sizes, appropriate ventilation, and many more; Ohuhu grow tents have all the fundamental features that go quite long. Without expecting something extravagant, let’s analyze the basic features we will get from the grow tents.

Fabric Material

Standard 600D Oxford fabric keeps the environment intact in your indoor garden space. For professional growers, it is very crucial to maintain and seal the light, air, and temperature within the grow tents to ensure healthy plants and crops. And Oxford does it all. This fabric material is quite durable thus lasts long. Moreover, it has mentionable insulating properties and seals air and temperature.

Oxford fabric is tear-proof and easily washable and the most important part is, it has quite good chemical resistance thus does not leak odor. Also keeps the light intact and the reflective lining ensures even distribution of light.

Mylar Reflectivity

These grow tents have 98% Mylar reflect lining that reflects light from the grow lights to the plants. Again Mylar does not only reflects the light, it also seals the temperature and humidity. Thus the outer atmosphere won’t bother your indoor plants at all.

Even light distribution is a must in many of the phases of cultivation and this Mylar reflective sheet allows the customers to customize the light distribution. Moreover, the high reflectivity level prohibits any wastage of light from the grow lights. If the reflectivity is the concern, nothing can beat Mylar.

Zipper, Ventilation and See-through Window

Designed with heavy-duty door zippers, these tents are a pro at sealing light and air. The zippers are double stitched thus durable, free, and quite handy.

Considering ventilation, Ohuhu has done a great job I must mention. There are double sleeved large and small holes. These holes ensure air and light circulation and can also be used to handle exhaust fans, Grow Lights, carbon filters, cables, ballast, and ducting hose. And creates a great atmosphere by balancing light and air in crucial cultivation periods like seed germination.

There is a mosquito net that can be used as a see through the window as well. This window makes it quite flexible to keep an eye on your plants without physically entering into the tents.

Strength and Infrastructure

Comparing to the price point, Ohuhu tents are fairly sturdy and strong when it comes to infrastructure and inside framing. The metal frames are tubular and are solid enough to support the whole tent.  These frames are well structured and rust resistance thus ensures extended durability of the tents.

There are also heavy-duty bars and hanging belts to hang grow lights, seed trays, and pots. These metal frames can hold up to 70lbs of weight.

Assemble and Dissemble

These grow tents work in both ways; most of them grow tents might be easy to assemble but they are often not so friendly when it comes to dissembling. But these Ohuhu Grow tents have nailed it by being super easy in both assembling and dissembling. It hardly takes 25 minutes to set the whole tent, quite time-saving!

The parts are labeled with letters and users won’t need any tools for installing purposes. With the labeled letters, even a newbie can easily install the tents just by placing the rubber feet in the same directions. And the same ease goes for dissembling as well. It is quite easy to disassemble for shifting and cleaning.


Accompanied by a pile of accessories, it can be a game-changer for your indoor gardening prospects. There are several tubes and connectors in the bag along with the main product. And the most useful part is the removable floor tray. This tray helps you to handle any spillage and even is super comfortable while cleaning. There is also an instruction manual to guide you on the accurate usage of the plants.


  • Thick canvas material to intact light, air, and temperature.
  • Highly reflective lining to ensure even distribution of light.
  • Great Maneuver space and different size options to choose from.
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Great ventilation and double-stitched zippers
  • Available see through a window
  • Heavy-duty metal frames and sturdy infrastructure
  • Excellent customer care. Ohuhu is great to handle its customers and offers a friendly customer care service along with warranties.
  • Extremely cost-effective


  • It is reported that sometimes the zippers may leak lights but in a tolerable ratio that will never create hindrance to plant health.

Concluding Words

Ohuhu Grow Tent Review mainly focuses to assist you in making an investment that will pay you back a great grow tent to ornament your indoor gardening efforts. Thus I have put all the aspects of this amazing grow tent brand that deserves a single try at least and neither you will be disappointed nor it will hurt your pocket (the most cost-effective grow tents in the market after all).

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