Idaodan Grow Tent Review 2022 – Should You Buy ?

(Last Updated On: January 6, 2022)
Idaodan Grow Tent Review

If you are searching for the high qulaity grow tent that’s light tight and doesn’t allow leakage, the IDAODAN is your best option.

It is the perfect grow tent for the plants you’re cultivating indoors. Most Idaodan grow tent are appreciative of its effectiveness in holding light out, thus giving you enough control over the plants.

Idaodan Grow Tent Review

Idaodan Grow Tent

Built to Last

The tent’s canvas is 100% light-proof and comes as a thick material such that it doesn’t rip. Its frames are constructed out of poles made of pure steel, meaning that the Idaodan grow tent is sturdy and lasting.

Better yet, the canvas material is made of tear-resistant 600D material. It comes double-stitched for better blocking of light. As a result, it keeps your plants within the required lighting and temperatures.

I particularly love that the Idaodan tent has been designed to keep pests at bay whilst preventing odor from leaking out.

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Super Reflective Interiors

Super Reflective Interiors

The interior walls of the grow tent are made of a 95% reflective mylar lining. This guarantees smooth photosynthesis. It won’t matter which LED lighting you’ll use, the highly reflective mylar doesn’t allow for ‘hotspots usually formed by irregular interior materials.

Good Zippers

The zippers for the grow tents are of high quality, whereby they are heavy-duty and seem to zip without a hassle.

Good Zippers

Easy Setup

The grow tent comes with its own instructions’ booklet, which is easy to follow, as long as you don’t jump any steps. It takes an average of 20 minutes to complete the Idaodan grow tent assembling and setup.

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Environmentally Friendly

The interior material is made of PE material, which is non-toxic to the plants and environmentally friendly. While most grow tents use PVC, the IDAODAN grow tent shies away from the plastic toxicity, which may cause some kind of smell after months of usage.

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Good Price

For its amazing features and usability, you’re getting more than what you ought to pay. One particular Idaodan grow tent review claims to love the fact that it doesn’t cost and an arm and a leg.

No Observation Window

Now, this is a downer. The tent doesn’t have a window for peeking into tent. This is intentional by the company, whose objective is to limit as much light leakage as possible.

However, this doesn’t go well with most folks who have used the Idaodan tent. Most reviews show unhappiness with the lack of a window. Still, this is a useful feature because grow tents are all about increasing your plants’ yields, hence the lack of windows. You get to have full control over your grow tent.

Good Stitching

Double stitching of the canvas material helps limit light leakage into the grow tent. The zippers and the edges of the canvas have been double-stitched to make sure the tent is durable. Even the openings (for attaching fans) have some decent stitching, thus guaranteeing light proof.

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  • The tent features a mylar lining that offers 95% reflectiveness
  • The tent’s housing canvas is made of 600D material, which makes it tear-proof
  • Since it doesn’t have windows for peeking, the grow tent improves on light tightness
  • The canvas is also double-stitched for durability
  • Speaking of durability, the grow tent has zippers that are heavy-duty, which don’t jam up
  • The grow tent’s frames are made of steel, hence a great way of guaranteeing sturdiness
  • The interior surfaces are made of the PE material, which makes the tent environmentally friendly
  • users have praises over its ease to assemble and install
  • It comes with a mylar spill tray
  • It has a two-year warranty
  • Its packaging is all about discreteness. Before unboxing, the grow tent seems like any other bag.
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  • You’ll need two people to set it up. But this is mostly necessary if you’re short in height. Taller guys might find it easy to install the grow tent.
  • They could do better with the Zippers. The fabrics around the zippers are falling apart)
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FAQs on Idaodan Grow Tent

Let’s go through a few commonly asked questions regarding the Idaodan grow tent.

a) I have a 10-inch inline fan, can I use it on this grow tent?

Of course, you can. The grow tent has been designed to allow for flexibility with the inline fans and the carbon filters. However, you’ll need a reducer(e.g., HG Power Reducer) to help in calculating fan requirements.

b) For the 60 by 60 grow tent, how many 5-gallon buckets can I fit?

You can comfortably fit about five buckets, which is befitting to offer enough space for the plants’ growth.

c) How do you hang the LED lighting on the Idaodan grow tent?

The LED components are hanged at the top; on the bars. You then slide it to an appropriate level where the plants get enough lighting.

Final Thoughts

Although it doesn’t come with required accessories like the Hydrobuilder High Rise Grow Tents, the Idaodan grow tent is much more affordable.

It features strong zippers that do not jam up easily. The only downside is that you’ll have to overuse the zippers because the IDAODAN tent doesn’t have a peeking window. Nonetheless, this makes the grow tent light proof.

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The Idaodan is a fantastic grow tent that lets your miracle plants to thrive and produce higher yields.The installation procedure isn’t much of rocket science. Everything fits right in, and it takes less than 20 minutes to assemble the tent.

The best thing, though, the IDAODAN grow tent doesn’t need much handling to stay closed.

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