Mars Hydro TSW 2000W LED Grow Light Review – Full Spectrum Light

(Last Updated On: September 4, 2021)

If you are looking for an LED grow light that’s sun-like and has effects closer to the real sunrays, then the Mars Hydro TS 2000w led grow light is exactly what you need. The brand has gone through all odds to top the list of grow light LEDs, and even topped over the likes of Viparspectre grow light.

Customer reviews are also raving about its effectiveness in producing the highest yields, especially for marijuana growers. Other indoor growers are also reporting positive reviews. All this is thanks to its Quantum Boards technology, which is the latest tech guaranteeing high yields while using least energy. Meaning you don’t have to worry about high electric bills.

More to that, the Mars Hydro TS 2000 is an ETL listed product, which basically means it’s been accepted for use in North America as a safe LED lighting source. It also had to go through the right certification process (CE/ROHS) for use in the European countries.

With a perfect light PAR emission, the Mars Hydro tsw 2000w led grow light is incomparable to other rival brands. And I personally recommend it for anyone looking to improve on their indoor gardening yields. Let’s dive a little deeper into this LED product and find out what the rave is all about. Is it true or just hype?

Mars Hydro TSW 2000W LED Grow Light Review

Mars Hydro TSW 2000W LED Grow Light Review

Sun-Like Spectrum

Now, if you are a seasoned indoors gardener, you know by now that led grow lights are meant to mimic something closer to the natural sun. So far, the Mars Hydro LED TS 2000 is way ahead of the rest.

Its full light spectrum for plants is unparalleled. This is attributed to its SMD chip technology, which delivers just the right PAR/Lumen output. The chip tech is responsible for the sun-like feature in the Hydro TSW 2000.

The dominating lighting color is yellow-white, but with the right mix of light, both red and blue light. This doesn’t stop with provision of quality LED grow lights for the plants, but the chip technology also helps harvest highest yields with the least power input. 

Supports All Growth Stages – Seeding, Flowering, and Veg  

 As an indoor gardener, the last thing you need is an LED panel that’s great for seeding but doesn’t reflect similar effectiveness when the plants reach the veg or the flowering stages. You need something that works all round, throughout the growing period, and that’s exactly what the Mars Hydro is offering. 

The TWS 2000w full spectrum led grow light has been engineered to support rapid growth from seeding to flowering stage of plant. All this is attributed to its dimmable capability, which allows you to change the lighting intensity. Other than that, the it offers color balancing the white, red and blue light, coupled with the infrared. 

The red color helps improve your plants’ photosynthesis, especially during the flowering stages. The lightings blue color is useful in this LED because it enables an acceleration of the plant’s growth. Similarly, the infrared is a great stimulant during the blossoming stage, which is something marijuana growers have noticed and are appreciative of.

Lighting Uniformity and the Right Coverage is Guaranteed

The Mars Hydro TSW 2000w led grow light has been designed to provide a core cover of 3.5 X 3.5 feet on average, and a max coverage of 4X4 ft. Most of indoor gardener said that it is the best led grow light for 4X4 tent. This offers a lighting uniformity along with a wide-beam distribution for the plants’ optimal growth.

It means that 90 percent of light energy is absorbed by the plants and that none of the usable lighting for photosynthesis (PAR) is lost. With a perfect balance between power input and lighting output, the Mars Hydro 2000w grow light is a great option if you’re looking to harvest high yields.

For better lighting coverage, the TSW 2000w features a reflective aluminum, which ensures lighting intensity is spread evenly on the grow tent. Basically, the aluminum’s job is to guarantee an optimal balance your LED’s lighting coverage and the PAR output, which results in an effectual lighting uniformity.

Moreover, the LED’s broad spectrum offers full coverage that comes with an irrefutable power efficiency that’s incomparable to other rival LED brands. Simply put, the Mars Hydro TSW 2000w led grow light doesn’t lose any of its lighting, because the plants get to absorb 90 percent of the emitted light, all of which is useful in photosynthesis.

Cost Effective on Energy Consumption

We all know how expensive it can be to run an indoor grow tent, whose cost all comes from the electric bill. This is particularly damning if you’re growing your plants for non-commercial purposes. And that’s why an LED panel that’s cost effective in energy consumption is paramount.

The Mars Hydro Tsw 2000w led grow light consumes about 300 watts of true output with only 684 of its LEDs, which helps save up to 50 percent of energy. Once again, this is incomparable to other grow lights. To make things even better, the TSW 2000 has been designed with a heat dispersing aluminum, which not only warranties high lighting intensity, but also disperses any lighting that’s lost to the grow tent’s walls and aisles.

The aluminum also enables the Mars 2000w grow light to operate comfortably between temperatures -20 and 35 degrees Celsius. The aluminum heat sink actually increases the LED’s lighting intensity by 20 percent, which isn’t bad for an LED panel that already offers balanced lighting spectrum.

It’s worth noting that such low energy consumption is the main reason for Mars Hydro’s longevity, whereby it can last up to 50,000 hours of operation. BTW, that translates to about 5-6 years of operation! 

Noiseless Fan

For those growing marijuana in countries or states where it’s illegal, the last thing you want is a noisy grow tent. Well, the Mars Hydro TSW 2000w led grow light boasts of its Quantum Board technology, which not only boost the panel’s spectrum, but also makes sure the LEDs are cooled without the need of a noisy fan.

Because of this, you get to grow your plants in a quiet environment such that even your neighbors won’t have any idea of whatever it is you’re growing.

Better yet, if you’re working from home, then you’ll be working at a peaceful environment, with no distractions.

SMD Chip Technology

Its sun-like effectiveness and high yields are attributed to the SMD chip technology, which is aids in improving your plants’ quality of harvest. The SMD chips make sure the Mars Hydro TSW 2000w grow light uses the least power input.

The LED panel provides 50,909 lm at 120 volts, which translates into 1122 umol @ 18 inches, which is the highest PAR per Lumen output. This gives you a 30 percent higher yield compared to other LED grow lights.

Dimmable Drivers

It’s the year 2021, and the last thing you want is a grow tent LED panel that doesn’t offer dimmable capabilities. Oh yes, that sounds so simple, but not many LEDs offer this feature. Only the likes of Mars Hydro and Spider farmer LED brands have this option.

The TSW 2000w has dimmable drivers, which are removable btw! You can actually remove the dimmable drivers and place outside for heat dissipation so your grow tent isn’t as overheated.

The dimmable feature enables you to adjust the LED panel’s brightness, which in turn regulates the lighting intensity. This is an important feature because it helps maximize the plants’ growth. The dimmable brightness is dependent on time of day, as well as the growth stages.

The best thing about the dimmable feature is that the Mars Hydro led grow light comes with precise settings for each growth stage. Which means you don’t have to worry about when and at what settings to adjust the brightness.

The dimmable setting is also easy to use and operate. The LED light has a silicon plug at the top, which requires a flat-heat screwdriver (comes with it) to adjust the dimmable options from veg to light during bloom stages.

Lightweight and Easy to Install

With the Mars TSW 2000w, it’s no rocket science installing the LED grow light for its first-time use. It comes in a simple design where you don’t need any extra tools and paraphernalia to install. For instance, the Mars Hydro comes with both the ratchet clasps and the braided cables for hanging.

Most importantly though, the TSW 2000w grow light is not only easy to install, but is lightweight, meaning it won’t be hassle hanging it at the top of the tent. And it doesn’t get hot either. Just make sure the distance from the plants is appropriate for high yields.


  • Has the most effective lighting spectrum, with perfect balance of red, white light, and blue light colors
  • The Mars Hydro TSW 2000w boasts of a fan-less design, hence operates quietly and noise-free 
  • The LED grow light comes with energy saving features – aluminum reflector cup design, fan that doesn’t dissipate heat, and LEDs that consume less energy
  • The LED panel offers a spread out lighting intensity 
  • The aluminum feature also guarantees uniformity in light coverage
  • The Mars 2000w uses the latest SMD LED chip
  • Uses the latest SMD LED chip technology that hence guarantees maximum yield
  • You don’t have to worry about its installation, because it’s not only simple, but lightweight too
  • It comes with dimmable settings for adjustable lighting between different growth stages and time of day

Cons (and remedy)

  • With the Mars Hydro TSW, the lighting is too bright, so don’t look directly into the LEDs. Anyways, this is n’t a con per se, because it means the LED panel is doing its job (providing the right lighting intensity). Still, it’s best to get protective eyeglasses.
  • The other con is that it lacks a switch. But this shouldn’t be a problem because you won’t be needing it much.

What Users Are Saying

When it comes to Mars Hydro TSW 2000w reviews fro real users, the feedback is nothing but positive, with a 4.6 rating on Amazon. Most users are impressed by its high yields, which is what marijuana growers are raving about the Mars Hydro. Even other plants growers are happy using the LED panel because of its effectiveness.

While some users are grumbling upon its lack of switch, it isn’t an issue for most users. Nonetheless, most users love its effectiveness on the plants, which seem to love its lighting intensity, and eventual harvest, which is impressive compared to rival grow light LEDs.

Other Amazon user reviews show that some folks were impressed by its easy setup. There is no need of buying anything for its installation process. This is because it comes with everything you need, which include the braided cables and ratchet clasps for hanging.

Oh yes, a faction of the users were mostly impressed by its lightweight, and the fact that it doesn’t get hot.

Mars Hydro TSW 2000 LED Grow Light Unboxing, Review, PAR Testing


Is Viparspectra better than Mars Hydro?

While both the Viparspectra and the Mars Hydro are equally effective in terms of lighting spectrum, the Mars Hydro has an extra edge over its counterpart due to its sun-like feature. This makes it efficient LED light in all grow stages. Which is unlike the Viparspectra that relies majorly on purple color and the infrared.

In a layman’s term, the Mars Hydro is a great option if you’re looking for something that’s gonna be helpful throughout the plants’ growth stages. On the other hand, Viparspectra LED grow light edges out the Mars Hydro with its 100,000 hours of lifespan compared to Mar Hydro’s 50,000 hours.

What is the best Mars Hydro light?

Since the Mars Hydro LED lights come in three main series of lights – Mars Hydro TS 1000, TSL 2000 and the TSW 2000w, the best option depends on your grow tent’s size. 

The only difference in the three options is their coverage and power supply, all of which have been designed for specific grow tent sizes. Otherwise, they are more or less the same in most aspects – quantum board and SMD tech, sun-like capabilities, and high yields.

Specifically, the Mars Hydro TSW 2000w is different because both TSL 2000 and the TS 1000 come in rectangular coverage shapes while the TSW 2000w is square in shape thus offers coverage for 4×4 grow tents. 

What LEDs does Mars hydro use?  

The Mars Hydro uses the SMD chip technology as its LEDs, which is backed up with the Quantum Board technology for a better, larger spectrum coverage.

How does Mars Hydro hang?

The LED panel is simple to install and doesn’t require much of your energy or thought to go about putting it up. You just have to make sure the Mars Hydro TSW 2000 distance is appropriate between the plants’ foliage and the LEDs.

What size LED light for 4×4 grow tent?

The Mars Hydro TSW 2000w is great led grow light for the 3×3 grow tent at bloom stage and 4×4 grow tent at Veg stage. mainly because of its lighting spectrum and intensity of light, which releases the best PAR per Lumen output – at 1122 umol @ 18 inches with lights. This provides a 30 percent higher yield than its competitor LED brands.

Final Thoughts of Mars Hydro TSW 2000W LED Grow Light Review

Although the Mars Hydro LED panel is a China-manufactured product, it has gone all nine yards to make sure it sells in both North America and Europe. That’s why the brand boasts of the ETL and ROHS certification, which proves its genuineness on both markets.

For its cost, the Mars Hydro 2000w offers more than you’d expect of a grow tent quality LED light. It not only offers high yields of plants, but it also uses the least energy. Which makes it a perfect option for noncommercial home users, most of whom don’t want high electric bills.

The fact that the Mars Hydro is the closest thing to sun’s natural lighting makes it the go-to LED lighting panel for indoor gardening. The light also features a dimmable capability that lets you adjust different lightings for various stage of growth, this enabling better harvests. 

Finally, the most notable feature of the Mars Hydro, and one feature beloved by most user reviews, is the noiseless fan. This allows you to operate your grow tent quietly, without spooking your neighbors or anything like that.

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