Fusion Hut Grow Tent – Key Features pros and Cons

(Last Updated On: August 19, 2022)

If we consider indoor gardening a craft, by all means, grow tents will be the best tool (a breakthrough indeed) for every craftsman (grower, I mean). Beyond a mere hobby, indoor gardening has been comprehended as an industry in itself. Regardless of whether for fun or profession, Fusion Hut Grow Tents can be the port of call for any grower.

The Fusion Hut manufacturers may not be the best but have one of the best lines of grow tents to facilitate indoor farming. This particular Fusion Hut Grow Tent Review is schemed to get you in touch with the most popular grow tent models to feed your farming hunger.

Fusion Hut Grow Tent

Fusion Hut Grow Tent
Fusion Hut Grow Tent

Dimension and Operation Space

One or two extra inches never harm anyone and regarding grow tents, extra inches always add extra flexibility in the cultivation process. Fusion Hut gives the ultimate size options to the customers as it has the tiniest and the largest models available in the market.

The height-adjustable tents can be extended to 10 feet in height which is the largest in the business. A great catch if you need extra space for your plants.

Again, 2’x 2 ‘is one of the smallest grow tents, meets your expectations of having a quality small tent. If you have ever been on search of a first-rate small grow tent, you must know how the small tents tend to lack quality. Here Fusion Hut cracks the deal; smallest tents with optimal quality!

These tents are spacious enough to cultivate different plants all together even the dual-chamber tents enable us to grow different stages of plants in a single tent altogether.

Varieties: Explore Your Options

The best part of this Fusion Hut Grow Tent is, it enables you to go into a diverse range of models. Fusion Hut never chains your growing dreams with your budget as it has tents available at every price point.

To meet your every need, this brand has a wide range of models divided into different categories that come in different quality, size, and price limits. You just need to find the best deal for you.

Ultra-Premium Line

It is the luxurious line more into the high-end price point with great quality fabric and some of the best features. The ultra-premium line comes with 1680D fabric material, this is where the models raise their value. Moreover, with the thickest poles in the market and having the largest tents, the ultra-premium line is the ultimate quality series in the Fusion Hut brand.

Premium Line

More into the budget-friendly zone, the premium line reduces (yet has one of the best fabrics) the fabric quality to 600D. Though no 1680D but 600D fabric quality is still a great choice for grow tents. Besides, this line has Mylar reflective material; the most effective reflective material in the market.

Adjustable Grow Tents

These tents provide the freedom to add extra height to the grow tents, sturdy frame and light-proof fabric material enroll this line to the luxurious sector. So, the buyers can cultivate multiple types of plants regardless of the height requirements as one can always add extra height to the tents.

Multichamber Grow Tents

Fusion Hut has these tents to cover every stage of growth within a single tent. Multi-chamber grow tents have two different chambers; one can use the small chamber for propagation and seedlings and the large chamber can be used for the further stage of the plants. A one-stop solution for growing.

Fabric Material

Exterior: 1680D Oxford Cloth (100% reflective) and Interior: Diamond Film

The 1680D oxford cloth intakes the odor and noise into the tent; no complaints from your neighbors anymore! 1680D is the thickest fabric material so far used in grow tents.

This is the most effective combination for a grow tent. The diamond film in the inner side prevents any hotspot as it distributes the lights evenly into the tent thus great for hydroponic growing. As the light is distributed evenly, all the plants get the same amount of life and remain healthy.

Exterior: 600d Oxford Cloth (99.9% reflective) and Interior: Mylar/ Diamond Mylar

600D oxford cloth is quite a big deal for average priced grow tents. The oxford material locks smell and sound and is highly reflective. The best part comes with the diamond Mylar interior. Diamond Mylar is the best possible reflective material for a grow tent. No hotspots, even distribution of light, intense reflectivity, no pests, and no bugs, the best deal you can ever imagine.

Infrastructure and Strength

Fusion Hut grows tents give you options for poles and frames as well. The hobbyist never needs the sturdiest grow tents thus you can always save your money having the standard D19 x 0.8mm thick poles. And for the professional growers, Fusion Hut has the thickest 1-inch x 1mm thick poles(thickest pole dimension).

The frame is made of steel, sturdy and durable. Frames are strong enough to ensure up to 60 lbs.

Ease of Cultivation

Allright, all right; this is the fundamental basis of grow tent vents. Fusion Hut Grow tent have Velcro airtight vents for proper ventilation and light proofing. The vents are rectangular in size for better ventilation and can adapt a filter with 4in, 6in, or 8in for a fan.

Large doors and double view windows ensure comfortable access into the tents. The doors come with zipper seals for light proof and pest proof farming.


Extra hanging bar is extremely beneficial if you want to hang heavier plants or equipment into the tent. The hanging bars come in two different sizes and each set has a low and a high hanging bar.

  • 25mm x 0.8mm pole hanging bar for 1680D grow tents
  • 16mm x 0.8mm pole hanging bar for 600D grow tents


The tents unzip option at the bottom section and it unzips from three sides. Thus one won’t need extra hands as it slips easily over the frame. It may hardly take 30 minutes to assemble the whole set. for full installation or setup of this grow tent, you should have inline fan, and carbon filter.

Pros: Yes! It worth your Money

  • Great fabric material and sturdy frame for durability
  • Easy installation
  • waterproof floor
  • Diversity in sizes

Cons that never cut the good name

  • Some of the models claim a high price amount. But Fusion Hut also has budget-friendly tents.


Composed of firsthand experience and intensive research of available reviews, Fusion Hut Grow Tent is to serve you with the best information. Give it a scan and make your purchase reasonable.

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