Vivosun 1200w Cob LED Grow Light – Great Output

(Last Updated On: August 19, 2022)

When choosing a LED grow light, there is no one specific thing to look for. It’s advisable to balance between PAR output, wattage, capability of high yield, lighting intensity, and the LED’s overall look and design.

Well, that perfect balance in different features is what the Vivosun 1200w COB LED is offering. The LED is not only made of high quality, highly efficient Cree COB LED pieces, but it also has an amazing design that’s easy to install and hang in a grow tent.

With regards to lighting coverage and output, the Vivosun 1200w is the most affordable cob led grow light for 4×4 grow tents. Its full spectrum values guarantee effectiveness in terms of mimicking the sun’s natural rays.

Better yet, and quite an important aspect to look for, the Vivosun 1200w is a great energy saver. So, if you’re always worrying about electric bill skyrocketing whenever you use grow tent LEDs, then it’s time to change your brand, and go with the Vivosun Cree COB 1200w. It will save up to 80 percent of your electric energy. Just give it a try.

But, if you aren’t satisfied yet with the brief info on Vivosun 1200w, then continue reading to learn more about its pros and cons, and what other user reviews are saying about the grow tentLED.

Vivosun 1200w Cob Full Spectrum Led Grow Light

VIVOSUN 1200W Led Grow Light

Even design and energy-saving features are great in a grow light LED panel it’s also imperative to consider its lighting spectrum, which is a more valuable aspect to examine. How much yield should you expect? How fast will the plants grow? Is the LED great for flowering and vegetative stages? These are some of the questions an LED’s spectrum will answer.

Full Spectrum and Great Output

Now, the Vivosun 1200w has been scientifically designed to make sure it mimics the natural lighting of the sunlight, which makes sure to provide plants with everything they need. It doesn’t matter at which growth stage(s) the plants are, the wavelengths produced by the Vivosun 1200w is amazingly effective.

If you are replacing a different brand to work with the Vivosun 1200w Grow Light LED, you’ll notice changes almost immediately. This is because the wavelengths it produces are specific to the plants.

The lighting hits the plants’ canopies at the right time, thanks to the Vivosun guidelines on distances from the plants.

The Vovosun CreeCOB LED panel is such a powerful product that it offers a full spectrum values between 410nm and 730 nm, which makes sure the lighting coverage is effectual to the plants’ quick growth.

Quiet and Stealth Fans

Once again, a great LED grow light ought to be silent and stealth. The last thing you want is to spook your neighbors and let them wonder what the buzzing sounds (due to fans running) are all about in your house. You need something silent and really quiet.

The Vivosun 1200w comes as one of the most stealth LED grow lights in the market. It has been designed with two fans, which are located at the panel’s top region. This way, the excessive heat produced by the lighting get absorbed and directed outside the grow tent.

At the same time, the two in-built fans have aluminum heat sinks, which help with further absorption of excess heat coming from the Vivosun LED panel.

Basically, with the Vivosun 1200w Cree COB LED, you don’t have to worry about either paying too much bills, or spooking your neighbors with a noisy fan. To keep the marijuana smell from neighbors, it’s best to get a smell-absorbing carbon filter, which is available on Amazon at an affordable price.

Energy Efficient

It saves up to 80 percent of energy, meaning you don’t have to worry about electric bills. This is particularly advantageous if you’re a simple, non-commercial home grower.

That is, you don’t need to incur lots of electric bills yet you don’t plan to sell the plants for commercial purposes. Perhaps you’re growing marijuana for recreational purposes, which should be expense-free other than its maintenance and initial investment on seeds.

Anyways, sorry for digressing. The Vivosun 1200w COB LED light offers up to 90 percent of absorption effect. This translates to mean that whenever the Vivosun LED grow light is running, it absorbs any heat energy emitted into the grow tent, and transfer it outside. This further helps you save on electric bills.

Lighting Intensity and Coverage

The Vivosun Cree COB LEDs have been engineered toproduce a perfect mix of LED lighting intensity that’s perfect for the plants’ growth. Specifically, the Vivosun 1200w Cree LED lighting panel boasts of consisting of six (6) high lux, 3 watt LED chips, which are responsible for the highly effective lighting intensity.


The high lux LED chipsproduce the sun-like effects on the plants, which then makes sure the plants are fed with all the necessary wavelengths for high yields. In addition, thehigh lux LED chips are not only helpful with their intensity, but are also energy efficient since they emit very minimal amount of energy.

For lighting coverage, the Vivosun 1200w COB LED has been designed to work best in a 4 by 4 grow tent.

Amazing Design & Easy to Install

When it comes to a well-designed, great looking LED grow lights, no brand beats the Vivosun 1200w – but that’s a subjective opinion. Nonetheless, the design is not only beautifully made, but it’s effective because it’s easier to install. It doesn’t take much time to hang it over the grow tent.

The 1200w COB LED panel comes with firm hangers already hooked onto it. This means you don’t necessarily need extra toolsto hang the LED; however, and just for emergency, it’s always important to add the ratchet clips to your cart when buying the Vivosun grow light LED.

It might come in handy someday in the future even if you don’t need it when installing the panel for the first time.


  • It has the best ratio of color temperatures – a great mixture of six (6) high lux LED chips
  • Offers full spectrum of values between 410nm and 730nm
  • Its wavelengths mimic the sun’s natural lighting
  • The Vivosun 1200w is a great energy saver, and you don’t have to worry about skyrocketing electric bills
  • It operates silently and thus a stealth LED product, thanks to its amazing fans
  • The Vivosun 1200w LED fans come in two, are in-built and located at the top of the panel to dissipate heat emissions
  • The LED panel has been designed with an aluminum body, and a heat sink of the same material. This helps further dissipate any excessive heat emitted by the panel 
  • It has an amazing design, and it’s easy to install. The design also feels sturdy and can last many years without any damage


There are complaints of humming sounds when using the Vivosun 1200w LED panel, which doesn’t make it so much of a stealth grow light LED, especially when compared to other brands like the Mars Hydro 2000w and the ViparSpectra PAR 1200w, which seem to have quieter fans. Nonetheless, the humming isn’t as noisy as the user reviews seem to claim.

What Other Users are Saying

It’s obvious that you’ll need to know what users reviews are saying about the Vivosun 1200w COB LED lighting, which is filled with lots of positive feedbacks, and sadly, a few complaints.

For starters, if there is one thing that’s impressed most users is the LED’s scalability in quick plant growth. If you are a seasoned indoors gardener, and perhaps looking to preplace your indoor grow tent lighting, you’ll notice a quick change in effectiveness if you decide to go with the Vivosun 1200w Cree LED panel.

For instance, one of the users admits to seeing change within 5 days after replacing her old LED grow lights with the Vivosun 1200w. This is quite impressive given that plants take longer to grow. But this user noticed leaves already pointing out within those five days. Well, that’s very effective.

Other users are complaining of the LED’s lack in specifying how much wattage it emits. This isn’t much of a complaint, but lack of digging into research to find out what the Vivosun 1200w has to offer in terms of wattage.

From the descriptions and Vivisun 1200w LED instructions, the manufacturers specified the LED panel to have six (6) high lux, 3 watt LED chips. These are responsible for the sun-like wavelength. Also, the product’s full spectrum values are at 410nm and 730nm.

Although the panel doesn’t have wattage specifications somewhere on its body, it doesn’t eat much of your electric energy. Instead, and compared to other HPS grow light, the Vivosun 1200W saves up to 80 percent of your electric bills.

Another aspect that has impressed other users as noticed on Vovosun 1200w reviews is the 3-year warranty. It’s a rare thing for a grow light LED company to offer a three-year warranty, and then top it off with a 30-day return policy. It means the Vivosun manufacturers are very confident of their product’s longevity and effectiveness.

Without a doubt, the 1200w Vivosun COD LED isn’t a knock off LED panel as some products are on Amazon. The LED is not only well and beautifully designed, but also offers full lighting spectrumfor the plants’ high yields.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Vivosun 1200w and the Viparspectra 1200w?

Obviously, they come from different manufacturing companies, which means their respective technologies on LED pieces is different. While the Vivosun uses Cree COD LEDs, the Viparspectra utilizes the daisy chain functionality, which helps put multiple lighting LEDs together with the intention of saving as much energy as possible.

On the other hand, the Vivosun 1200w is more effectiveness with its sun-like mimicking compared to the Viparspectra 1200w, thanks to the COB LED technology.

Nonetheless, both brands have more or less similar effects on plants yields. The only different is that the Viparspectra requires changing the lighting spectrum for different growth stages, while the Vivosun 1200w is perfectly designed to deal with all stages from seeding to blooming.

Why doesn’t the Vivosum 1200w have dimmable capabilities?

Well, the vivosun still doesn’t have a dimmable series to its collection, but am sure that’s not gonna be the same in the coming months. This is because the dimmer control is the latest tech that LED panels ought to have, and the Vivosun brand wouldn’t wanna miss on that, would they?

Still, the dimmable capability isn’t something that should drive you away from getting the 1200w Vivosun COD LED lighting. It is very effect to the plants, and that’s all you need to look out for. I mean, you need to ask yourself, “Does the lighting affect my plants? How so, positively or otherwise?”

How heavy is the Vivosun 1200w LED lighting panel?

Although its weight hasn’t been specified, the Vivosun LED isn’t as heavy as other brand (e.g. Viparspectra).

The Vivosun 1200 COD LED is not only lightweight, but it has an amazing design. Its body is made of a mixture of aluminum and other heat dissipating materials. This helps get rid of excessive heat from the grow tent.

The LED panel is also easy to install and takes literary minutes to set it up. And that’s because it comes with hanging straps already hooked on it.

Final Thoughts

This is the kind of LED grow light you need if you’re looking for something that’s not only well- designed, but also offers effective lighting coverage under an impressive lighting spectrum. When you get the Vivosun 1200w cob led grow light, you’re guaranteed of quick results once installed.

Many reviewers of the Vivosun 1200w are fascinated by its quick response to changes. And it’s a great energy saver, which is attributed to product’s heat absorption using the two in-built fans. Just get the Vivosun 1200w Cree LED grow light and save up to 80 percent of energy. 

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