Most Popular Secret Jardin Grow Tent Review

Feeling worried for the poor lighting system of your grow tent? From now on all of your worries will vanish in a second while you read this Secret Jardin grow Tent review. A fluorescent grow lighting system enhances the flexible advantages of every grower for using this tent.

The easy to use features with lots of standard supportive system provide strong reasons to use it randomly. To minimize your options of  best grow tent choosing fact, I am there for you with this unbiased review. Reading this article, you can determine the absolute value of using a tent.

About Secret Jardin grow Tent Company:

Secret Jardin is an innovative grow Tent Company that is internationally recognized from the year of 2006. Grow tents with hydroponic equipment’s of their manufacturers are well-developed and aesthetically designed.

The expert teams of Secret Jardin inspect each and every indoor culture of their products crucially. They ensure the product design and various kinds of usability tests in the ultimate products.
A complete range is being developed with optimal quality to ensure the satisfactory level of them. So any grower can buy this reliable grow tent for long-term use.

DarkRoom DR90 Secret Jardin Grow Tent Review

DarkRoom DR90 Secret Jardin II Pro
  • Backed by manufacturer's warranty
  • Strong, easy to use roof support system capable of supporting up to 30kg
  • Stronger, highly reflective, light proof and washable Mylar lining
  • New engineered corner pieces that are three times stronger than before
  • Two sealable and removable 30cm x 30cm ventilation flaps

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If you are looking for absolute self-contained indoor gardening, this grow tent will provide that ultimate facility for you. A complete washable reflective lining with solid frame support adds a special value towards your systematic gardening.

The DR90 Secret Jardin tent is exceptionally well in ensuring a better ventilation system. Thankfully, it lasts for a long time due to having the sturdy materials used in production. Let’s learn about its other spectacular features.

Features and specification:

Roof support system

This is one of the best features appears most probably unique for you to know, right?

The DR90 Secret Jardin tent features with a roof support system. This excellent addition promotes good value in support. Almost 30 Kg of weight it can hold under any situation.
Furthermore, this is very easy to use. For its rigidity information, it is durable enough for long-term usage.

Ventilation flaps
There are useful ventilation flaps with the 30×30 dimension. This is flexible to use and easily removable too. Consequently, this sealable feature ensures natural ventilation and safe for the entire use. Moreover, it provides an ideal controlled environment inside the grow room

Reflective Mylar Lining
This excellent grow tent comes with a washable interior reflective Mylar lining mechanism. It ultimately produces more light inside the grow room that is required for the plants.

Again, for the strong value of it, you can use it for an extended period of time. This highly reflective Mylar lining offers a lightproof lighting system for the complete growth of the plants.

Solid frame
The solid frame is another great feature to meet your expectation. The durability grows for a long time for appreciable construction and design. However, about 65 pounds of lighting it can highly permit according to the manufacturer’s design and constructions.

Sturdy corner joints
The updated corner pieces are efficiently structured for adding their value to the customer’s satisfaction. Eventually, this latest quality makes it smooth to use and increases its stronger level three times more.

Easy to understand instructions
For any beginner level growers, it must be too difficult to put the tent together. Thankfully, DR90 Secret Jardin tent offers a good assemble guide for anyone to read and learn the instructions.


  • Highly reflective light tightness prevails inside the grow room.
  • Adjustable vent ducts are there with adequate ducting holes.
  • Thick materials used in the tent to add sufficient durability.
  • This is lightproof and easy to use.
  • Quickly you can assemble it with the right instruction.


  • Zippers are a bit tough to use.


Why Jardin Grow Tents Are Best to Use

Earlier I have mentioned about the positive aspects of this excellent grow tent. This innovative product is internationally recognized as well as popular too for the best facts in it.

It is more acceptable and praiseworthy for perfect use. Again the expectation of using a grow tent will definitely exceed. Now, let’s have look at those key factors that made Secret Jardin superior to use.

Perfect hydroponic materials
The manufacturers carefully observe each and every indoor culture of their products. To ensure maximum effectiveness in every feature, they go it through different usability tests.

Ventilation system
The air vents allow flowing fresh air inside the tents along with excellent Velcro lining. Furthermore impressive air intake ports are effectively used to make the grow room completely satisfied by the growers.

Reflective Mylar Lining
One of the reasons for using this grow tent for random usage is the highly reflective Mylar lighting system because they used high quality reflective materials. It ensures maximum reflectivity with no doubt. The improved amount of light significantly brings many benefits to the plants effective growth.

Nevertheless, the air makes the weeds or plants dry and prevents any bacterial harm or mold attack on it.

Available sizes
This prestigious grow tent is available in different size based on your requirement. Whatever the condition of your growing space, definitely it suits the area what you intend to use for indoor gardening. we also reviewed best 2×2 size, 2×4, 3×3, 4×4, 4×8, 5×5, 8×8, and 10×10 size grow tent.

Set up the process
A set of instruction usefully comes with the Secret Jardin grow tent. Of course, other helping hands should be there to make it easier to assemble. With this dynamic inclusion, it proves to be good enough for the easy use for everyone, especially for beginners.

How to set up Jardin Grow Tent


The Secret Jardin tents are absolutely worth mentioning to add more value for the money. This is exceptionally popular and gets reviews with spontaneous customers saying positive remarks.

From this Secret Jardin grow tent review; lots of noticeable features are now in your knowledge. Vent ports, sturdy corners, Light tightness, solid frame, etc. puts strong reasons to use it at least for once a time. Hope, this won’t disappoint you at all.

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