Yield Lab Grow Tent Review 2022- Everything You need to know

(Last Updated On: January 6, 2022)
Yield Lab Grow Tent Review

As a grower, nothing can surpass the pleasure of having a small piece of nature into your own house. Keeping that in mind our research team has formulated Yield Lab Grow Tent Review to introduce you to your customized piece of the indoor garden.

Over the years, Yield lab has maintained its craze among the indoor gardeners for manufacturing a versatile line indoor grow tents.

Cutting off the usage of plastic and low profile reflective components, these tents ensure eco-friendly ambiance. Partaking the aim to protect and revive Mother Nature, this brand puts forward an initiative to let the enthusiasts get an opportunity to cultivate indoors.

Let’s put first things first, best grade fabric material, heavy-duty poles, and framework, high-end features, great reflective lining, these grow rooms are every gardener’s fantasy space.

They are built to prevent the growers from compromising any of their needs and engineered with the best of the attributes to guarantee an appropriate environment for the plants. Without further ado, let’s jump to the next section of the content and explore the soothing features of Yield Lab Grow tents.

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Yield Lab Grow Tent Review- Everything You need to know

Yield Lab Grow Tent

Oxford Fabric Material

The fabric material is a crucial part of any of the grow tent as it keeps a certain atmosphere intact. Oxford fabric material is known for its thickness and strength. It runs long, tear-resistant, and easily washable.

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This fabric shuts temperature inconsistency; maintains a certain temperature level all the time. Oxford cloth is also a very effective seal light and odor. So, no more odor leakage from your grow tents and even distribution of light among the plants are guaranteed.

Considering the fabric thickness, I think Yield Lab has scope to improve as there is thicker fabric material available in the market. These tents have 210D fabric which is satisfactory thick and does a great job. Though thicker fabric materials are available why opt for extra when 210D is well capable.

Silver Mylar Reflective Lining

Silver Mylar Reflective Lining

Pay attention to this feature as reflective materials can change your cultivation game. Mylar reflective liner is the best among all reflective sheets for its utmost even light distribution.

Being incorporated with 100% reflective Mylar lining, these tents alleviate any sort of hotspot. All you have to do is, switch the grow lights on, and the Mylar sheet lined into the ceiling, walls, and floors of your grow tents provide up to 360 degrees light exposure.

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Keeping ventilation to be an important aspect, this brand offers proper air filtration, air exhaust, and air intake with circular duct ports. Moreover, there are air vents with Velcro sealed covers for a supreme level of ventilation.

The two-way ventilation process enhances the necessary airflow within the grow tents. Velcro sealed covers to prevent humidity or moisture leakage and maintains a desired temperature throughout the process.

Steel poles and Connectors for Strength

Steel poles and Connectors for Strength

Say goodbye to those tacky plastic poles and connectors that won’t even last for days, Yield Lab grow tents are made of metal poles. Sturdy steel frames can hold up to 176 lbs. and promise ultimate strength. Poles are strong enough to hold exhaust fans, LED grow lights, and carbon filters.

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The connectors being made of steel are super stable and connects with security. Even the duct ports are secured with drawstrings to prevent temperature fluctuations. Safeguarded in every manner, the framework is robust enough to endure years of usage.

Size and Maneuver Space

Every grower has their individual needs when size is concerned. And also considering the space one can spare, grow tents must be available in different sizes. These particular grow tents are fairly flexible regarding the size and maneuver space.

You can find one of the smallest grow tents in this line of tents which is hardly 2 feet tall and can also find one of the tallest sizes grow tents. Wise in size and space management, they come in a wide range of shapes and sizes; users can also get quite tall tents with compact space so that it can be adjusted anywhere.

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There is a tool pouch that makes it convenient to store and organize all the tools. One can keep the tools in the pouch and place them in the grow tents so there won’t be any need of carrying contaminated tools from outside. For greater plant safety and for organizing purposes this tool pouch is handy.

There is also a removable floor tray that keeps the tent flood resistance and keeps your grow equipment and plants safe from water leakage.

See-Through Window and Doors

See-Through Window and Doors

Two see-through windows that have Velcro sealed covers. These windows help you to keep an eye on the grow tent and on your plants. Due to the windows, one does not have to get into the grow rooms now and then. See-through windows are highly effective to prevent frequent entering into grow tents and disturbing the plants.

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There are also two doors in these grow tents which are relatively new in the market.

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  • Great cultivation options; dual-chamber separate grow tents for growing different phases of plant cycle in a single grow tent.
  • Easy installation and no need for additional tools.
  • Easy to clean
  • Mylar reflective material makes the tents eco friendly
  • Even distribution of light and air. Keeps odor intact.
  • No hotspots, no bugs, and no temperature fluctuations.
  • Sturdy Zip doesn’t let the light leak
  • Waterproof walls


  • The fabric could be denser. Still, 210D is more than perfect for any sort of intense growth.
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The core of the whole Yield Lab Grow Tent Review is to illustrate that these tents worth a try. All the essential features are there to support every level of growers, the grow tents are super comfy to use, and most importantly this small nature inside your house does not hamper the nature outside your house. Our research must suggest opting for this premium line of grow tents and ace indoor gardening.

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