Best Air-Cooled Reflector For 400w, 600w, and 1000w

(Last Updated On: October 5, 2021)

We have seen people get confused while buying any gardening or plant growing product, especially air-cooled reflectors. Why does this happen? Because the market is full of similar and identical products. Without the proper knowledge, it is impossible to pick the right one for your work.

To make your work easier, we assemble some Best air-cooled reflectors here. How can we say these are best? We do that because we filter the product depending on all important aspects such as material, quality, power, service standard, and price. Honestly, not all products are all-rounder and can do everything. Among them, Some are best non-air-cooled reflectors; some are the best air-cooled reflectors for a 1000w kit. If you want to see more specifically, then we have the best air-cooled 1000w reflector hood for a 5 x 5 area. By analyzing every aspect, you can choose anyone from here. 

7 Best Air-Cooled Reflector

Image Product Details   Price
Sun-System-HGC904425-Grow-Lights Sun System Air-Cooled Reflector ☞ It cools well
☞ 6″ Duct Fittings
☞ Light is changeable
Check Price
VIVOSUN Hydroponics 6 Air Cooled Grow Light VIVOSUN air-cooled Reflector ☞ Easy to set up
☞ 6″ Air Cooled Reflector
☞ Great Built quality
Check Price
iPower-GLARCL6-6-Inch  iPower Air-Cooled Reflector  ☞ 6-inch air duct
☞ High-reflectivity
☞ 4’ x 4’ light coverage
Check Price
VIVOSUN-Hydroponic-600-Watt-HPS-Grow-Light VIVOSUN air-cooled Reflector Kit ☞ Easy to Set up
☞ 6″ Air Cooled Reflector
☞ Dimmable Digital Ballast
Check Price
iPower-1000-Watt-HPS iPower Grow Light System Kits  ☞ 6-inch hood reflector
☞ 4′ x 4′ light coverage
☞ 10’ heavy duty lamp cord
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Radiant-8--Air-Cooled-Reflector-with-Lens Radiant air-cooled Reflector ☞ Made from premium
☞ 8″ Air Cooled Reflector
Check Price
Sun-System-HGC904904-AC-DE  Sun System Air-Cooled Reflector ☞ 8 Inch HPS Lamps
☞ German made
☞ Double-ended construction
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1. Sun System HGC904425 Grow Lights

 Sun System HGC904425 Grow Lights

Product description:

First look: This has been made up of good materials. When the product arrives, you get a completely sealed product. This product was originally made in China.

Color and weight: The product will be white in color and not more than 20 pounds. Unfortunately, there is no other color available, but maybe some color will come soon.

Main part: Inside the air-cooled machine, you would see a 15-inch lamplight. The whole inside is wrapped with high reflector paper. Unfortunately, this product provides a single-ended reflector, but that also works well. The aluminum used here is a highly reflective capability which increases the power heavily.

Built quality: Lastly, the housing or the cover thing is steel made so it will last for a long time. As this is coated with powder so it won’t damage so on. The manufacturer provides an installing guide. If you are new to this, then that book will help you to install it perfectly. So far, the best air-cooled reflector is single-ended.

General info:

Brand  Sun System / Sunlight Supply Inc. (Manufacturer)
Dimension  23.8 x 9.3 x 23.6 inches
Weight  20 pounds/ 9Kg
Color  White
Power type  Electric powered
Type  Plant Growing Light Fixtures
Origin  China


  • Light spreading tremendously – The developer made the product superbly. The tube and reflector paper is awesome. Because of that, when you plug the light, you see how the light spreads all over.
  • It cools well – As there is an inbuilt fan attached with the product. The fan is called blue through. It will always help you to cool down the system.
  • Light is changeable – If you are not happy with the bulb or light, you can change it to your preferred one. The changing system is also not very hard at all. Just plug and play type.
  • You don’t need to change the light for different plants – People think they need to change the light for different plants, but that is not true. The green light can be used for flower or fruit plants at the same time for vegetables if you wish.


  • The machine gets hot too soon.- People often complain about the machine because it gets hot. For this problem, the solution would be to attach an external fan. You can find different types of fans in the market; get one.
  • Bulb issue – Sometimes, the bulb gets damaged too early. It seems that after using it for a couple of hours, it went too early.

2. VIVOSUN 6″ air-cooled Grow Light Reflector

VIVOSUN 6" air-cooled Grow Light Reflector

For 400/600 and 1000 w, this one is another best hydroponic air-cooled grow light reflector. If you just started your hydrometer farm, then you can order this blindly because this one is probably the best in this price range. Other than that, people say this one best air-cooled reflector for 1000w.  You would see a minimalistic design with awesome feature products at your farm. The materials used here are completely incredible. The main material here is ceramics, polypropylene, and aluminum. The company ensured that the reflective would be more or less 90%. That means it can spread the light very highly. Setting a high reflective vega hood can be the reason for that.

First impression: It looks very cool because of its minimalistic design. Other than a very comfortable size, you get the advantage of adding extra tools like fans and stuff.

Color and weight: The product is white in color. That’s very strong. The product is almost 15.5 pounds which is not more than 7 Kg. That means the product is lightweight.

Main part: Inside, the inner part is totally covered with a high reflective VEGA hood which is obviously aluminum. The manufacturer already said this could be reflected 90% which is more than any other product near it. Most importantly, you can use 250,400,600 or 1000w bulbs here, which is a great feature.

Built quality: They use very good material here, which is aluminum, polyproline, and ceramic. So the machines quote string, the inbuilt bulb was great and aluminum reflector also high standard so that a great deal. Even the customer service is very punctual.

General info:

Dimension24.09 x 18.35 x 9.45 inches
Weight15.5 pounds or 7 Kg
Power typeElectric powered
TypePlant Growing Light Fixtures, Italianate (style)


  • Customer service is great – If you get the broken product accidentally, the product will be replaced in 3/4  days. That’s a cool service. Other than that, the customer service will help with any sort of problem.
  • Quality and design are incredible – Besides tins of features, it also increased some other features by its cool design. The fan set up the place, the hanger site, the bulb placement, everything is organized perfectly.
  • Thick metal – Though that’s not a big advantage, yes, most users take that seriously. Fortunately, VIVOSUN did a great job here. They use the best material to ensure good quality.


  • Reflector hanger issue – some people complain that the reflector hanger site does not seem okay; it is not where it is supposed to be.

3. iPower GLARCL6 6 Inch Air-Cooled Reflector

 iPower GLARCL6 6 Inch Air-Cooled Reflector

This is another great Air-cooled reflector for 250, 400, 600, 1000W HPS bulbs. Here HPS indicates high-pressure sodium, which helps the plant to create more food in a short time. This is better than other bulb technology. The brand offers to buy different packs where more products come at a low cost. If you are a hydroponic user then it must be greater than others in terms of quality and lightweight.

Apart from that, this air-cooled reflector hood bulb and fan placement are very cool. You can change the bulb and attach the fan indeed.

First impression: The look is not much different than other air-cooled reflectors. The build and fans placements are in the right position. The installation is way easier than others.

Color and weight: Like other air-cooled reflectors, this one also is an off-white color. Simple design with great features. This one is recommended for its lightweight, that would be very easy to carry. The weight is only 13 pounds which is not more than 6 Kg.

Main part: It can easily run a 1000w bulb. Apart from that, the main feature would be the 92% reflective power. This is not normal to get a total of 92 reflective rates compared to other similar products. However, they use german aluminum, which is very powerful to spread light.

Built quality: As usual, they use very solid materials to ensure better quality. German aluminum is an example of that. Where the air-cooled reflector uses a plastic body, here they reusing aluminum. Don’t need to worry about fan filters and other stuff. You will get an individual placement for those things.

General info:

Dimension24 x 17 x 8.5 inches
Weight12.9 pounds or 5.5 Kg
Power typeElectric powered
TypePlant Growing Light Bulbs


  • Reasonable in terms of price – This product is no wonder one of the best quality holders at the time at a very affordable price. So this can be a great choice for the hydrophobic user who has quite a tight budget but badly needs an Air-cooled reflector.
  • Great hood – If you use a 5×5 place for plants, it can help perfectly for those positions. Other than that, people are very happy with this cool hood
  • Lightweight – Indeed, lightweight or heavy does not affect the plant much. But it can be a great advantage for some people out there who regularly change their location. The lightweight of the product really help them to carry


  • False advertising – Some customers complained that it doesn’t provide the gasket and airtight feature where they are advertising these lately.

4. VIVOSUN 600 Watt air-cooled Reflector Kit

VIVOSUN 600 Watt air-cooled Reflector Kit

I have already tried a lot of air-cooled reflectors and didn’t get the expected result till now! Please give this one a try. This is a famous product on e-commerce sites. It is famous because of its lighting quality and reflective light power. Considering the price VIVOSUN delivers some cool products and fills up the customer expectation. This time their product really did a great job with the bulb. You are allowed to use both HPS & MH Bulbs. Apart from that, this one has digital ballast and a mechanical clock.

Even the rope hanger is in a great placement. Total 8 places to hang upon selling. So it best grows a light reflector hood.

First impression: Honestly, the design and look are not very exceptional. But the features and quality make the difference. You wouldn’t believe their high reflective VEGA  hood can reflect light by 98%. That’s the highest we believe.

Color and weight: The color is in between bluish-white, which is gorgeous. Design is of a very high standard and cool. Weight is a little higher, which is a little less than 22 pounds.

Main part: As we mentioned earlier, the VEGA hood is very special here. 98% reflective rate is the main power of this product. You Can use a 600w bulb, but we didn’t see any option to use 1000w. The machine will turn heat so quickly, so an external fan can be good for this.

Built quality: The main body is created of Aluminum and polypropylene. You know how important this stuff is. The hanging rope, bulb holder, side tray, everything seems cool and great. So overall built quality would be suitable.

General info:

Dimension24.02 x 18.35 x 9.21 inches
Weight21.8 pounds or 9Kg
ColorBluish white
Power typeElectric powered
TypePlant Growing Light Fixtures


  • No bulb changing option – Where other products have bulb changing options, VIVOSUN should have the option but unfortunately, they don’t have that. Most people complain about that.
  • Easy assemble – You will get an easy setup guide with the product. However, this is really easy to install in place.
  • Cool air cool fixture – Those who use it talked about how the overall experience is joyful. The air-cooled is great. Good stuff for beginners.


  • The product doesn’t match with advertising – People often talk about this, the features are not always the same, or sometimes features are absent on the main product. But advertising says the future will be there. That’s annoying.
  • Customer service is not cool – If anybody gets a broken part with the product, it is really hard to reach the brand.

5. iPower 1000 Watt Grow Light System Kits

The iPower brand has numerous variations in products. This product especially has some cool features, and one of them is a dimmable switch. Most of the product doesn’t have this feature but iPower provides this option. Basically, the plant needs high power light but sometimes, in more precise situations, they need deem light, and you have that option, so that’s cool.

Apart from that, you are able to switch the bulb along with the wing reflector. Unfortunately, the body is built with no material rather than plastic. Some users don’t love plastic. The most important thing is the 95% light reflective rate. In any situation, you can use this 120 volt to 240 volts. It would be another best air-cooled reflector for 1000w.

First impression: Off-white 6 inch hood will be the first impression after opening the product. Regular design but not much identical with other iPower products. Two bulbs will come with the product.

Color and weight: Simple white color but it is beautiful and good looking. The weight is 24 pounds which is huge. In Kg it will be 10 Kg or more than that. Specifically, the hood will be 15lbs. Other things will be very regular weight.

Main part: Surprisingly this product can spread more light as it has a 95% light reflective rate. A dimmable switch will be great for plants and is a really unique option. Two 1000w bulbs will come. One will be HPS type another will be MH. it will easily cover 4’x4’ light. As this is a heavy-duty product, it will get hot too soon.

Built quality: Though this one is made of plastic material overall built quality is impressive. Because they use high-quality plastic which can absorb more heat like metals. You should.

General info:

Dimension23 x 8 x 17 inches
Weight24 pounds or 10 Kg
ColorBluish white
Power typeElectric powered
TypePlant Growing Light Fixtures


  • Ballast sound – The ballast creates annoying noise. Though it totally depends where you are setting up that thing but still a problem. Make sure you do not sleep near that.
  • Quality of light – Most people show their feedback by saying the quality of light is tremendous. Where most of the expensive products fail to provide better lite quality, iPower did a great job.
  • Dimmable option – This is a unique option they are providing. The dimmable switch is really helpful. You can deem the environment by 25%, 50%, and 75%. This is incredible.


  • Not long-lasting – Some users questioned their quality and how long they last. Though they provide good features, they do not go much further. The parts like the fan filter, hanger, and ballast are not the best.

6. Radiant 8″ air-cooled Reflector with Lens

If you are looking for something not classic but trendy then this product would make you satisfied in all aspects.  First of all the design, You didn’t see this design with other regular classic air-cooled reflectors before. A double-wall design makes it more durable and fine-looking.

It comes in two different sizes of Vartiainen, one is 6” and the other is 8”. On the 8” variation there you can find three more options. The body is made up of full material, no plastics here.  Another good news is the product is made of 99.85% pure European material. According to the brand radiant, they ensure that the light reflective rate is 95%, which is impressive. With the 8” variation, I hope you can cover a 5’x5’ grow tent easily.

First impression: This is a unique design than other products so we’re pretty sure you like it. The hanger, holder, and opener every little detail tool is materials. So it seems very premium.  Unfortunately, the bulb will not come with the product but you can set the bulb up to 1000 HPS.

Color and weight: Seems sky blue color. But off white vibe on the look. The weight is more than 24.5 pounds so in Kg it will be 11 or more. The weight is acceptable as it’s made of imported materials.

Main part: Remarkably, this product can spread more light as it has a 95% light reflective rate. Bulb-changing options will be there. Starting from 400, you can go up to 600 even 1000 HPS. So you just have to get a suitable bulb for the product after purchase. You can hydrofarm but there is no cable for that. Get one from any shop.

Built quality: That’s the most important site of the product as it has a full metal body. In the body, the manufacturer uses Aluminum materials. However for shade material they use Alloy steel. They ensure that 99.85% pure metal is used. So it’s very tough.

General info:

Dimension27.5 x 22.25 x 12.75 inches
Weight24.5 pounds or 11 Kg
ColorSky blue
Power typeElectric powered
TypeGardening Hand Tools


  • Metallic body – The metal body is most the customer preferences. However, the hydrofarm did that. Though it gets heavier, that’s considerable. It will be a tough product that will last for a long time.
  • The bulb is changeable – you can install 400,600 or even 1000 HPS bulbs on this tool. Make sure you set up a fan when using a high-power of-white bulb.
  • Design – Though that does not do any work for the plants it has some value. The minimalistic design is liked by everyone. The color it has is exceptional. So overall this is a great design as a reflector.


  • Cost is an issue – Though it has a cool feature and metallic body, you can get this type at a very low cost. So pricing is a problem.

7. Sun System AC/DE Air-Cooled Reflector

Hope you guys are aware of the single-ended air-cooled reflector, did you use a double-ended optic?      Sunlight Supply Inc. has developed a reflector that has double-ended optics, though the price is a little higher, it’s very essential. Apart from that, you will see the sealed optic technology in this product. This special technology, without cooling the lamb, can remove heat.

The light reflective rate is high as usual, which is 95% besides that on the corner insert you get a 99% rate. The product is heavy in size and weight. It has a minimalistic and cool color. If you are professionals and a heavy plant grower, then this is a suitable product for your job.

First impression: It won’t disappoint you on its first appearance. You will see a classic design double-ended construction heavy tool. All basic features will be there, so you will get a good machine.

Color and weight: It seems the color is more like gray. Specifically light gray, which looks so cool. Weight is an issue as the product is high-dimensional. It means the size is heavier than other similar products. It is 23 pounds so on average it can be 9 kilograms.

Main part: The main thing about this product is the double-ended construction feature. Because of this feature the user can get maximum optical capacity and consistency. As this machine has multiple variations so you are allowed to use 350w to 1000w HPS bulbs. The voltage should not exceed 240 volts anyway

Built quality: For reflective material, they use german aluminum. That’s pretty cool because German aluminum is a little expensive. On the body,off-white they might use metal but that is not declared by the brand. Overall it is a great deal for professionals.

General info:

BrandSun System
Dimension23.07 x 13.39 x 34.09 inches
Weight23.5 pounds or 10 Kg
ColorLight gray
Power typeElectric powered
TypePlant Growing Light Fixtures


  • Double-ended construction – Double-ended construction is beneficial in terms of getting high efficiency and consistent performance. So people liked it.
  • Heavy-duty performance – It can be used for a long time without any trouble. It lasts long at the same time, it works consistently. No servicing will be needed any time soon after buying.


  • Bad packaging – Some people complained that the packaging was not expected, even some products were damaged.

Buying Guide

Buying an air-cooled reflector is easy. But picking the right one is not as easy as it seems. There are a lot of aspects you need to evaluate before purchase for your plants. If you are old in this sector that’s fine but if you are new then you need to follow this part. Otherwise, your product will not last more than a week.

  • Reflective rate: The main job of any air-cooled reflector is to provide a higher rate of reflection from the light. Different brands use different materials for that reflection. Whatever they use, make sure your machine is providing the rate of at least 92% to 97%. If it is less than that then don’t buy.

If it’s possible then check whether the aluminum is german made or not. Because German aluminum is best among all other aluminum. It can share even more light than others. If you manage to purchase an even bigger reflector, that can cover more plant tents in one bulb.

  • Single or double-ended: Another important part of the tool is the construction type. Is IT single or double construction? Double construction helps to get good efficiency but that is a little costly. If you have a good budget then try the double-ended one.
  • Bulb changing option: Most tools don’t have that option that is needed. Some only can only use one type of bulb that’s backdated. Make sure your tool has the option to use different bulbs like 350 watts, 600 watts, or 1000 watts.

Besides that option, make sure your tool can work at more voltage like 240. If you can’t control it, you will face many troubles in the future.

  • Materials: Well, when you are talking about material, we mean overall body materials. There are some different preferences among all other users. Some prefer plastic because plastic is cheaper and lightweight. On the other hand, some like pure metal because metal lasts a long time. It can absorb the heat, and it’s tough. But which one is best?

Metal is best. Why? Because of the heat absorbing. Plastic can’t absorb much heat and ends up creating fire, which is dangerous. So metal is safe. Though budget is an issue, safety is more important.

  • More features don’t mean best: Some people think that many features mean that’s a great product. That’s not always true, though sometimes great brands provide many features that don’t indicate anything. Before checking the feature, check the main work. Analyze whether this can provide a higher reflective rate or how long it can last. They are more important than having hundreds of features.
  • Pricing is an issue: Though most people don’t have any problem with the budget, there are a lot of people who are struggling with that. To get the best budget product you have to remember some points. First of all, avoid metal bodies because that’s costly. The plastic body is not that bad, just add an extra fan. Single-ended construction is okay. For saving money, you can skip double-ended construction.

Final Thoughts

We are not saying to pick up one from this blindly, rather trying to say make your own decision by yourself. The reflector you see here is the best interim of quality, material, price, and customer service. One thing we can ensure is that the product will provide great service and it will last longer than any other similar product.

Before selecting the best one, think which one is preferable depending on your work. If you are new at this and your farm is small then choose that way. However, these are some of the best air-cooled reflectors that have been used by people and have countless feedback. So without any worry, you can pick your favorite one.

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