Black Orchid Grow Tent Review From Real Users

(Last Updated On: October 25, 2021)

If you want to make the best use of the space of your apartment to grow crops, grow tent is a must to have gardening tool for you. But confusion naturally comes to identify the best one, right? In this Black orchid grow tent review, we aim at exploring the ideal one with our unbiased discussion.

Apparently, black orchid grow tent come with the perfect material based hydroponic equipment’s. Any grower can make the best use of the lifespan of the product for its expanding durability.

However, our intention is to introduce you to one of the best hydroponic grow tents. Without any further ado, let’s dive into the key discussion.

About Black Orchid Manufacturer

Black Orchid earns the maximum popularity for the premium grades grow tents, ventilation kits. This manufacturing company expands its indoor gardening products across the UK and Europe. The head-quarter of this company is situated in Munich, Germany.

In the ventilation market industry, they step their footprints and achieve immense success in the progression of their business. The founder of Black Orchid Company launched it with his deepest passion for the horticulture industry.

The expert team of Black Orchid always thrives to use the advancement of technology. They keep continuing for the latest upgrade of technology and features.

To meet out your full requirements at indoor gardening, they strive to bring out the best innovation and test the product’s feature more than once with their latest technology.

Customer service constantly provides you reliable feedback and advantages. The ongoing journey already archives the valuable reviews of the customers.

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Black Orchid Grow Tent Review

Black Orchid Grow Tent Review

Black orchid grow tents are now roaring on the indoor grow tent’s industry for the unprecedented features to use. In terms of the interior designed part, it ideally combines the best materials.

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The 40×40×100 cm dimension allows for using the open space of your apartment for efficient cultivation. For the maximum light saving value, this grow tent is comparatively better than others.

Moreover, the PVC free Mylar is another unique addition to this grow tent unit. Let’s highlight other features to know in detail.

Construction and Design

This Black Orchid Hydroponic Grow tent features with 40×40×100 cm cm dimension. Due to the black color material, it is highly beneficial for the cultivation of the crop for the ultimate given privacy.

Apparently, the interior design is black in color; light retention gets its necessary advantages for it. In fact, this excellent grow tent holds the dignity of one of the greatest lightproof tents ever for the 8% light radiation.

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Sturdy Metal Poles

This hydroponic grow tent incorporates metal poles. Due to the exterior attached features, it excludes the possibility of the tent from sagging.

That’s how; the crops or plants will get massive protection. This red reflective heavy-duty paint coated pole enhances the ultimate beauty of the exterior design.

Hanging Bar

The hanging bar of this grow tent is comparatively strong than other tent options. Exclusively it is good enough for supporting any hanging types of equipment inside the grow tent. You will get a minimum of 4 hanging bars in it.

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PVC Free Mylar

Black orchid hydroponic grow tent comes with a unique feature of PVC free Mylar. That’s why it is perfect for ideal light reflection. For adequate light supplication, the plants get supportive advantages for healthy growth.

Easy Usage of Metal Corners

It features metal corners oriented with easy handling. It aids the growers with a flexible set up. To decrease the erection time, it is ideally safe to use.

Heavy-Duty Zippers

Black orchid hydroponic tent comes with heavy-duty zippers. It permits lifespan durability to use for the gardeners. In addition, the zippers are very smooth to operate in each pulling.

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Others Material

Keeping the cleaning issue in knowledge, the manufacturers add a spill tray in the unit for washing the dirt. As the tray is removable, you can change it often flooded with spills, and wash it again and again. This handy use ultimately brings great value to it.

Again there are adjustable ducting’s available in it. Vent holes are reliable and good for the structure you can easily add carbon filter, grow tent fan.


  • Metal corner joints are durable to use.
  • The reliable structural form allows easy access to the tent.
  • The zipper is user-friendly and safe to use.
  • PVC Mylar removes the misuse of energy.
  • The design is pretty much good.
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  • No major issues found to complain as drawbacks. Some technical problems can occur but easy to fix by yourself.

Why Black Orchid Grow Tents Are Best

Strong Metal Framework

Black orchid grow tents comes with a reliable and solid framework made of quality material. This is completely great for the long-term usage of the tent. The push-lock corners are stable and secure.

The Plant’s growth is greatly supported by the eco-friendly materials used in the construction. Again it is highly protective for odor control. But for optimal humidity level, you would add humidifier/dehumidifier according to your grow tent inside the environment, of course, it help healthy plant growth.

Reflective Mylar Lining

The lightproof qualities of the reflective Mylar lining improve the effective distribution of light. Again grow tent Mylar Lining reflective materials doesn’t allow any light leakage.

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To make your own indoor gardening, this is essential to identify the best grow tent ever. To minimize your options for choice, this Black Orchid grow tent review is our spontaneous effort to highlight the key features and usage.

However, compared to the other grow tents in the market; this one is attractive in design, durable in structure, ideally safe in light protection, and others. Hope, this will be a great investment of yours in both pleasant gardening and money range too. Enjoy your gardening.

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