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(Last Updated On: September 19, 2021)

Using the wrong BHO extraction tube can ruin your path to extract oils from your plant material safely and in the best way. So, to take full advantage of the BHO process, you must choose the tools and equipment wisely.

Don’t fret if you’re a beginner, this ‘5 best BHO extraction tube’ piece will serve you with the most relevant information. 

Even if you’re a master extracting oils from plant materials, you must use a quality BHO extractor to get the best result. However, we also compiled some must-considered things here, so you have a crystal clear idea about wax extraction tubes.

Let’s dive deep! 

5 Best BHO Extraction Tube- Which One Do You Need?

To save you from being confused with a huge number of options, here’s the best 5-list. Let’s check out!

1. ABLAZE Closed Column 90 Gram Tube

Tell me first, are you looking for a dual-purpose BHO extractor that offers both open blasts and closed column systems? If yes, ABLAZE closed column 90-gram tube, one of the highest-quality BHO extractors, should be your concern.   

There are hundreds of reasons why ABLAZE is staying on top of the list. 

For example, it comes at a reasonable price, yet is made of high-quality materials and parts. Users are pretty happy with the super-functional closed circuit. 

The material is stainless steel so the extractor can’t explode on you. Therefore, you can pack it tight, and as long as you clamp it down, you’re totally safe. Also, the 150-micron gaskets will give you 2-micron filters to put over the tube.

Another feature that we liked is, the tube has a heavy-duty silicone mat so you don’t have to worry about keeping the tripod in its place.  

However, since it’s made of stainless steel, you can’t see what you’re doing as you pack/blast. Still, stainless steel-made extractors let you be rougher than a glass-made one does. 

Now, if you ask whether you need a pump vac and vacuum chamber for the 90-gram closed column, the answer is ‘it’s up to you’. Basically, it depends on how you normally purge the butane out of the concentrate. 

It’s okay to use a vacuum pump with a chamber or you can simply filter it further with ethanol then distill it. So, it’s up to you man.

Another thing that made us a bit unhappy is, the bottom clamp of the tube is fixed to the tripod. So, you can’t just disassemble the parts as you want and use another bottom clamp with the tripod.

However, the tube or top clamp isn’t attached so you can use them with a different tripod.

Overall, it’s a great product but not so beginner-friendly. Advanced stoners can benefit from it more than others because of its usability. 

2. ABLAZE Closed Column Tube 45 Gram

This is almost the same as the previous one but a better option for smaller yields. Although it comes in a pretty simple design, the parts are well-made. 

However, the ball valves should have been of better quality but then, you couldn’t get the product at such an affordable price. So, it’s okay, it’s a great product for the price. 

ABLAZE closed column 45-gram tube is basically modular, so you can upgrade and add on. Still, it’s even better to spend a few extra dollars if you want to get a more sophisticated one than replacing the parts now and then. 

Overall, it’s easy to clean, safe and you’ll find no issue with sealing. But some users claim that it doesn’t hold 45g and let me explain why. 

As it comes with 6-inches stainless steel, it holds a 45g amount. But you need to make sure that you’re dealing with finely dried, ground, and packed buds. Because wet or whole bud doesn’t fit properly.  

Another issue that some users face is, it doesn’t hold a vacuum. Chances are, the reason for this issue can be a lack of experience. Wait, I’ll take responsibility for what I’m saying.

The fact is, ABLAZE comes with standard inlet/outlet junctions (¼” NPT) so you can add your own dual vacuum /pressure gauge to the inlet valve pretty easily. Adding a gauge to monitor your vacuum and filling process is a great idea indeed. 

Still, things like these require experience so be careful while working with these.

Sturdiness is important for filling. So, don’t want to miss sharing a piece of information, the welds on the base clamp are robust and square so the whole unit sits very sturdy (you’ll love this!).

3. Extraction Proz 50-EXT-30 Glass Extractor

If you prefer using glass BHO extractors because they allow you to see what you’re doing, Extraction Proz 50-EXT glass tube comes first. 

It’s more preferable for beginners I guess because they’re still learning. So, if you’re on the same page, you can see how well you’ve packed the extractor and also can see the butane flowing through. 

The tube comes with a nice, flat-walled glass and exactly as they state, the correct size and length. It can easily hold up to 300g of material so you can go for large batches without hesitation. 

Moreover, it helps spread the butane across the material so evenly that results in a way better extraction compared to other glass extractors. You’ll find it easy to use and clean as well. The pump is detachable which makes it easy to store.

Item weight is only 2 pounds so it’s easy to carry this here and there. But be careful as the glass can break anytime. And, the glass tube doesn’t allow you to tighten a clamp around it so be very careful while using it lest you deal with broken pieces of glass.

4. ABLAZE Glass Extractor Tube 5mm Thickness Kit

Another great BHO wax-making kit for people who prefer using glass extractors for health reasons is the ABLAZE glass extractor 5mm thickness kit

Since glass is purely chemically innate, you don’t have to worry about creating pollutants through the process. Still, glass tends to break more than stainless steel so we would like you to be more careful.

Overall, the tube is safe and provides a clean, final product any stoner will love after using it once. A bonus tip I would like to add here, try to wrap the butane tip in tape if you don’t want to break it though. 

Make sure you follow safety precautions carefully because you don’t want a glass explosion on your face. 

Overall, it’s a can’t-miss product for the price and for beginners. But what people don’t like about the product is, you can use a screwdriver and tighten the clamps as you can do with stainless steel extractors. 

However, being made of 5mm thick glass, this tube can handle the pressure of BHO extraction better than other glass extractors. Also, it’s customizable to fit filters, vacuums, and gaskets.

5. CNCEST Stainless Steel Plant Oil Extractor

The last recommendation for you is CNCEST Stainless Steel Plant Oil Extractor. No, we’re back with a quality stainless steel BHO extraction tube that comes with some unique features.

At first sight, you may think about why the tube comes without a tripod. Well, the thing is, not only is a tripod effective but also other options work pretty well. This product is on this list because of its great stability and satisfactory yields.

However, it doesn’t come with a mat so keep this in your mind before making a purchase. Although it comes without a tripod, the non-slip grip is handy enough. 

It’s easy to use and clean, and guess what? You’ll get the product at such a low price! Overall, most people love this product, and we recommend it to both beginner and experienced users.

Things to Consider While Buying a BHO Extraction Tube

Since there are numerous options when it comes to purchasing wax extraction tubes, a handy guide should help you make the right decision. Fo this, think about the factors below before you click the buy button. 

Ease of Use

As you already know, the BHO extraction process is risky and it’s always best if you leave the job to a professional if you aren’t experienced enough. 

And, even if you are not a beginner, having years of experience in dealing with wax extraction kits, you must use a quality tube to get the best result. The extraction tube you use must be easy to operate. 

Set your mind about whether you want to use a stainless steel or glass tube for the job. Make sure how easy it is to hold the grip, how easy it is to clean the tubes, and things like this. 


Are you planning for small batches or large runs? This is a crucial factor before buying an extraction tube. As you’ve already seen, there are different sizes available on the market so it’s easy for you to pick one according to your needs.

So, don’t just make a choice without thinking enough. You won’t want a 45-gram tube to fill 90-gram of material, right?


Product quality is another can’t-skip factor before purchasing anything. When you use a quality product and do follow the oil-extraction process correctly, the extraction should be light in color, smell better, and have a wider terpene profile.

If the tube isn’t durable enough, it can’t cope up with such an intense process. You must control temperatures just as needed. It’s always best to extract at lower temperatures because it creates even a purer product. 

Speaking of quality BHO extractors, take two more factors into consideration- cooling power & cooling consistency. It’s more important for live resin since it’s incredibly sensitive to temperature fluctuations.  


I should have talked about safety in the first place. Whatever, you’re not unaware of how dangerous the BHO extraction process is, are you?  

It’s because this extraction uses a flammable gas called butane. And, since a big part of the extraction procedure occurs over a stove, the risk is always high. 

So, you must make sure that the extraction tube you’re going to use is safe. It shouldn’t break or exploit and the materials should fit in it properly.   

Tips to Maximize BHO Yields

The key to getting successful yields is being conscious throughout the process. Be careful and use an accurate amount of materials and you shouldn’t face anything unwanted.

And, these additional tips may help you maximize your BHO yield.

  • Make sure the size and quality of the BHO tools (BHO extractor, butane canister, etc) are perfect. Because these will determine how fast and how much you produce your concentrates. 
  • If you’re handling home projects, it’s always best to go through small-batch productions. This is how you’ll be able to reduce the amount of explosive gas used.
  • Make sure you have enough knowledge about purging the residual solvent from the extract. Manage temperatures throughout the process.
  • Do not overpack your bud.
  • Try to grind your weed wisely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why does BHO turn to wax?

Answer: This is normal. It happens usually when the room is very arid. The humidity and temperature levels change the oil into the wax. 

Question: Why does my BHO taste like rubber?

Answer: Chances are, you’ve done dabbing at a high temperature. 

Question: Can I vape BHO?

Answer: Well, there are some types you can vape but others such as shatter, are hard to vape.

Question: Can I consume BHO raw?

Answer: What? NO! The butane must be extracted completely otherwise it’s incredibly dangerous to consume.

Final Words

Thanks if you are still there with us! Hopefully, you made a decent choice after reading about the 5 best BHO extraction tubes.

BHO extraction can be full of fun if you just do it the right way. Stay away from choosing inappropriate extraction tubes, following wrong steps, and falling liquids on the floor. By these, you’ll be happy with the outcome.

Happy blasting!  

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