Best Bud Sweetener | Review And Buying Guide 2022

(Last Updated On: January 6, 2022)

Any cannabis grower would desire their marijuana plants to have bigger buds, pleasing flavor, and the irresistible fragrance to travel in the entire grow space.

Some believe genetics determines taste and smell, and there is nothing else you can do. But there is an alternative approach.  You may try a few natural elements which certainly help the soil or plant but bring no change to the core qualities. That’s where bud sweetener comes in.

If you have heard of it before, then you must know applying even small amounts of this external nutrient can make all your expectations come true.

But finding the best bud sweetener is a little bit tricky because there are a lot of products available on the market.

 For you, we have done extensive research and listed the 8 most used bud sweeteners which will be a great gift for your plants.

What is Bud Sweetener?

For those hearing it for the first time, bud sweetener combines essential nutrients that make the buds taste sweeter. Also, it encourages the growth, aroma, and flavors of the crops.

It provides a massive amount of nutrition when the plant is in transition, low in energy, and needs an instant boost. Besides, the ingredients of the sweeteners are often a rich food source for beneficial soil organisms.

What is Bud Hardener?

Bud hardeners are applied during the final 3 weeks of the plant’s grow cycle. It is an additive and is used to increase the mass and tighten up the flowers. Bud hardeners raise the CO2 level in your grow space which encourages photosynthesis and results in denser big buds with a higher yield.

Best Bud Sweetener

You would come across many bud sweeteners in your local gardening shop and online markets. However, you only need the right one for your precious cannabis. They are somewhat costly, but it becomes acceptable when you see the benefits of it in your buds.

We have arranged a range of different products thinking of the plant’s needs in several situations. So hopefully you will find your desired product within this list of the 8 best bud sweeteners and save money from wasting on other enhancers.

Let’s hop in.

1. General Hydroponics FloraNectar

Core Ingredients:
• Raw cane sugar
• Natural molasses
• Several minerals
• Amino acids

Item size: 946 ml (1 Quart)

FloraNecter General Hydroponics bud sweetener aims to increase the sugary taste and enhance the aroma of the final crops. Sugar cane, a completely natural ingredient, is the main reason for its unique sweetness. It doesn’t change the original flavour or aroma, only amplifies those characteristics a bit, making it hard for consumers to forget its taste or smell easily.

Sometimes in plants, the rate of photosynthesis exceeds respiration; FloraNecter sweetener creates a balance between them. All the ingredients combined in this product regulate the enzymes and ensure supplying optimal metabolism to the cannabis.

The combination of Magnesium Sulfate, potassium sulfate, and molasses encourages the veg and flowering stage, leading to a satisfactory harvest. This formula provides enough nitrogen in the veg stage, improving the plant’s overall structure and ensuring immense energy for the crops to develop entirely.

While the cannabis are in the vegetative phase, mix 5 ml or 1 tsp formula in 3.79L, which is 1 gallon in the US. But during the blooming or fruiting stage, the formula should be doubled in the same amount of water. This means 2 tsp or 10 ml of FloraNectar into 3.79L water.

For the general hydroponics growing system, the expert suggests stirring the FloraNectar formula in the hydroponic mineral and keeping it as aerated as possible for the best outcome.


• Good for the microbes
• Supplies nutrition
• Additional nitrogen encourages better yield
• Works well on hydroponics
• Satisfactory end result
• Affordable


No disadvantage or side effect has been witnessed if the formula is preserved and used accurately.

2. Humboldts Sweet & Sticky Secret Enhancer

Core Ingredients:
• Carbohydrates
• Saccharide sugar

Item size: 32 ounces (946 ml)

Humboldt’s sweet & sticky is a massive source of carbohydrates which directly helps the plants to increase their photosynthesis ability. It also includes energy and food for the microbes to thrive and encourage both indoor and outdoor plant’s activity.

This formula is compatible and equally effective in various growing mediums—for instance, organic soil, hydroponics, aquaponic systems, and coco cultivation. So if you have different growing mediums for several plants, this one solution will be applicable for almost all kinds. Other than that, this nutrient can be a helpful addition as a brewing compost tea for your soil.

You are allowed to apply Humboldts sweet & sticky from the first week of the flowering stage. The preferable quantity should be something between 5 ml to 15 ml for each gallon. There are no hard and fast rules for the sequence of watering the plants with this formula, so you can use this solution for every watering, or taking a break one after another day is fine too.

It ensures the plants have all the vitamins and minerals they need to thrive at the roots to provide a quality harvest. Besides, it greatly enhances the taste, essential oils, and smell of the final crop.

However, this concentrate visibly increases the production with a better quality crop. Not only that, during the flowering stage, Humboldts raise the formation of resin in plants, so those plants are comparatively more vigorous. They can have protective ingredients against insects and pathogens.


• Increases plant’s natural ability
• Contains microbe’s food
• Affordable
• Assures better yield
• Suitable for different grow media


• Can grow molds inside the bottle because of carbohydrates

3. Emerald Harvest Honey Chome

Core Ingredients:
Carbohydrates derived from
• palm sugar &
• Agave nectar

Item size: 3.8 Liter

The carbohydrate metabolism in Emerald Harvest Honey Chome is entirely natural as it is extracted from cane (2.0%), palm sugar (1.0%) and agave nectar (2.0%). It also supplies the energy for friendly microbes, which assure proper nourishments and maturation of crops.

If you are thinking of denser flowers, this formula helps in producing the resin which thickens the flower. In addition, this solution boosts the fragrance, color, and taste of the plants while not compromising higher yields or crop quality. The odour in flowers is noticeable quickly as it goes from no smell to a detectable smell real soon.

This formula causes the reinforcement of three primary microelements- Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. All these elements are extremely needed for the plant’s strong development, leading to the production of abundant, potent buds and higher yield possibilities.

Also, the extra amount of magnesium in it vividly assists in prolapsing natural sugars and photosynthesis capabilities. You can add this formula during both the vegetative and flowering stage.


• Creates pleasing sprout smell
• Enhances the taste
• Great combination of nutrients
• Raises resin level in plant
• Ensures abundant buds & flowering plants


• Some users don’t like the packaging

4. Signal Terpene Support

Core Ingredients:
• Electrolyte solution
• Exceptional compounds extracted from 17 plant’s species
• Sugar glycoside
• Phenolic acid

Item size: Available from 32 oz – 320 oz (2.5 gallons)

As we know, terpenes are the active reason behind the strong and low-key smell. Signal Terpene Support highly promotes terpene production from lycopene to alpha-pinene in multiple ways to boost the crop’s smell and the hardness and density of the plant.

This formula breaks down mono-terpenes with the help of Potassium to form sesqui-terpenes. As sesqui-terpenes are capable of erasing or reprogramming the miswritten codes in the plant’s DNA, with this agent, you can witness fresh and uncommon aroma of the plant, including several expressions of a new character.

This product fastens the cannabis growing cycle and encourages its metabolism. It helps the crop produce yield one week earlier. There is no need to apply this concentration in the veg stage; instead, it is applicable from the 2nd week of the blooming stage and lasts till the 8th week.

To ensure a positive outcome, the quantity of this solution should be increased with continuous use. This being said, the preferable amount is 1 ml in the 1st week, and it increases gradually and reaches 4ml in the last week.

However, Signal Terpene Support has a sustainable design that goes with lots of growing mediums such as soil, hydroponics and aquaponics systems, coco, and peat. Another praiseworthy objective of this product is, the ingredients and methods used in manufacturing this formula are mostly renewable materials.


• Increment of terpenes
• Makes the flower denser
• Can be used as an additive
• Speeds up the plant’s life cycle
• Increases resin production
• Inexpensive


• Cannot use any bloom enhancer at the same time as it might burn the leaves.

5. kelp4less Bud Hardener

Core ingredients:
• Leonardite 1%
• Ascophyllum Nodosum (microbe feed) 1%
• Hydrolysate (plant protein)
• Mono-potassium phosphate

Item size: 1 pound

Kelp4less bud hardener is a hybrid supplement that fortifies the plant’s development with a mixture of other essential nutrients to raise the overall size and increase the mass of the final crop. This product comes as a dry powder that is effortlessly water-soluble.

It has 45.0% Phosphate and 25.0% soluble Potash available in it. Also, it has a significant impact on a plant during photosynthesis and involves transforming natural sugars and starches. These elements are vital in a crop’s life cycle and genetic characteristics.

Along with it, kelp4less has the ingredients or food for non-plant, known as beneficial microbes. As long as these microbes are healthy, they send energy to crops and boost the ground’s quality.
This supplement is effective during the flowering stage and works pretty well with a few grow media like hydroponics, both soil and soil-less. For the best result, you can consider this
best flower hardener combined with another fertilizer.

For the given growing mediums, take ½ tsp kelp4less bud hardener to make 1 gallon of water compost and for a reservoir water approximately 50 gallons composition, mix ½ lb of this hardener.

You have to be careful if you want to store this material for longer. The storage bag should be air-tight and kept in a cool and dry place where no lighting is available.


• Fuels up the microbes
• Inexpensive
• Easy application
• Works with different grow mediums
• Source of Phosphate & Potassium


• Products can be spoiled due to improper storing

6. Botanicare Sweet Carbo

Core ingredients:
• Over 20 types of Amino acids
• Carbohydrates
• Vitamins
• Minerals

Item size: 960 ml (1 Quart/ 0.95 kg)

Botanicare Sweet raw Carbo helps the plants by providing a bunch of essential elements they need during the transition. These elements ensure sturdy leaves, robust and thick stems of the cannabis plant. Along with building a healthy structure, it also amplifies the buds original sweet smell and flavors.

You can apply this formula from the earlier bloom transition to the ripening of flowers/fruits. Throughout all the stages, the quantity of this raw carbo is advised to keep unchanged every week. For this, the safe amount instructed by the manufacturer is 8 ml for each week.

According to the measurements, ½ teaspoon equals 2.5 ml, and 1 teaspoon is as much as 5 ml. Make sure to mix Botanicare with every watering. After making the solution check the PH level if possible and shake thoroughly to have an even distribution in the water.

This solution works finely with hydroponics. Combining complex carbohydrates, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals is a significant encouragement of a plant’s optimum metabolism. So go for it.

If you are aiming for organic materials, then it might not be the correct choice. But of course, using this by following the user’s instruction before applying will introduce the growers to better-scented plants, including a long-lasting flavor.


• Increases terpene production
• Superior taste with raw sweet smell
• Provides optimum metabolism
• Ideal for the hydro growers
• Source of complex carbohydrates & organic acids


• Expensive
• Not for novice growers

7. Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy

Core ingredients:
• Ascorbic acid
• Esters
• Cranberry and yeast extracts
• Glucose and galactose
• 72 trace minerals
• Vitamins and grape extracts

Item size: 500 ml

Advanced Nutrients bud candy has lots of significant ingredients that enhance the taste and fragrance of flowering plants. This stimulator ensures 29% better yield while increasing the flavoring upto 67%.

This commercial product is designed to supply fuel for some beneficial bacteria that inspire the plant’s productivity thus, causing higher yields. It also works as a protector of the crops and activates enzymes while increasing the taste, scent, resin, and overall quality.

The bacteria and fungi together enhance the absorption of nutrients, which expands the roots mass and protects it effectively. The surviving rate for plants in every stage is higher with this product.

This product has a huge source of carbohydrates, trace minerals and glucose, xylose, and a few other vitamins. These elements strengthen the root zone and speed up the flower maturation. Altogether this sweet enhancer by advanced nutrients undoubtedly can be one of the market’s best by providing expanded floral size and potency.

If your crops are growing fast,there is a huge chance that sometimes it fails to produce the necessary minerals and magnesium. Involving this type of plant sweetener at a time like this can let you avoid having dull and yellow leaves.

In the first week, begin with 2 ml of the bud candy solution and 1 L water. As 1 tbs counts as 5 ml of the product, consider applying a bit less than half tbs. From the 1st week of bloom phase to the 7th week, there is no change or raise in the amount of the product. Before pouring the solution, shake the container and then stir it with the water thoroughly.


• Doesn’t burn the leaves
• Requires less maintenance
• Resist diseases from microbes
• Boost plant’s energy
• Beginner-friendly


• Raises the PH level of the soil

8. FoxFarm Big Bloom Liquid Concentrate

Core ingredients:
• Bat & seabird guano
• Earthworm castings
• Norwegian kelp
• Rock phosphate

Item size: 946 ml (32 ounces)

Fox farm is an established and trusted family business that has provided the farmers with the best quality nutrients and organic elements for so long. Continuing their dedication, FoxFarm introduced Big Bloom Liquid Concentration to the growers. It is a safe choice for plants in any growing stages, whether developing indoor or outdoor.

Ensuring Big Boom from the early stages of the plant’s life will help the crops into proper conversion and distribute the nutrients evenly throughout the plant. Unlike a few other additives on the market, FoxFarm only launches products that are not harmful to humans or nature.

That being said, this solution is edible and doesn’t risk the quality of the crops. This organic compound is odor-free and will not burn the leaves under any circumstance. Plus, the plastic bottle containing the product is also recyclable.

The Norwegian kelp strengthens the plant’s root system, and the Rock Phosphate works on passing by the energy from one point to another. Other beneficial microbes, earthworm castings, and organic compounds increase oil production, including enhancing the taste.

Never apply the quantity without following the instructions. 1-quart of Foxfarm Liquid Concentration is enough for 16-64 gallons of water, and a 1-pint packaging gives coverage for 8 to 32 gallons of water.


• Balanced range of nutrients
• Increase the yields
• Grows denser buds
• Enhance the crop’s flavor
• Edible
• Environment friendly


• controlling the PH level separately

Buying Guide

There are thousands of options available for the buds sweetener where a few growers prefer natural bud hardener or sweetener. The truth is, natural supplements, in this case, don’t help the plants noticeably. The most you can do is go for 100% organic materials. 

Not to mention, many non-organic ingredients have also evidently helped the plants thrive and provided support and nutrition without causing any side-effects.

Before selecting any additive for your plants, make what you want from that specific product.

As bud sweeter covers a bunch of beneficial sectors for the plants, here are a few tips on which ingredients you should look for to ensure your expected outcome-

For Buds Sweetening  

If you want your  fruits to be sweeter, you should analyze the simple sugars carb in use for the bud sweetener you are targeting to purchase.

You would come across lots of processed natural sugar in the bud sweetener. Among them, the most popular names are- raw cane sugar, palm sugar, molasses, blackstrap molasses, agave nectar, grape, and cranberry extract.

Follow the instructions at the packaging or labeling to know the schedule of applying the product. Otherwise, no good will come out of ignoring the schedule and the quantity that should be applied.  

For Flower Hardening (To Extend the Size & Mass)

Growers find buds hardening effective for increasing the bud’s size and weight. To find out the best bud hardener, see if the product has a premium amount of Phosphorus and Potassium.

Phosphorus is crucial for plant  growth. It increases photosynthesis, transformation, nutrition movement, and many other things that directly help extend the size and weight of the big buds.

A good source of phosphorus for plants can be found in Bat guano or feces.

Potassium is found mainly in food crops. It is another vital element for plants and soil. It controls the stomata and CO2 uptake, which directly leads to productive photosynthesis.

Potassium is applied in the crop field in mineral form as a soluble content. Mined rock powder and wood ashes are familiar sources of Potassium.

To Enhance the Scent/Aroma

In all cannabis buds, the terpene is responsible for creating a strong, irresistible scent. Terpene is made from a combination of carbon dioxide and hydrogen. There are a few nutrients that boost the terpene level and enhance the aroma.

To boost the fragrance, the supplement you would use needs to have a considerable amount of carbohydrates. At different stages of cannabis plants, it requires various levels of carbohydrates.  

But you need to provide the highest carbohydrate level during the mid-blooming stage, as that is when this element is the most influential on plants.

Another thing to note is that when you aim to increase the aroma, avoid supplying nitrogen or providing the least amount because nitrogen decreases the terpene molecules.

To Increase the Flavor & Color

The overall flavor of the buds changes when any bud sweetener effectively works on them. They increase the delightful taste and augment the fruit’s color. 

Though the cannabis strain mainly determines the color, still sugar and a few acidic agents like amino acids in the bud sweeteners have evidently enhanced the flavor and color of the plants.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Botanicare Sweet vs. bud candy?

Ans. Botanicare and Bud Candy, both of these carbs assist the plants during transition and mid-flowering when they need more energy boost to develop the structure and flavor. 

The elements in these solutions are highly effective in increasing the flavor and aroma. But if you are a commercial grower and looking for something more like an extended size and weight of the final crops, then Bud Candy will be the right choice. 

Otherwise, for personal growers, who only aim to experience a sweeter and better-flavored fruit, Botanicare sweet is enough.

2. Bembe vs. molasses?

Ans. Bembe. Because it has a bunch of natural sugars brewed into it. Start using it when the first bud comes at sight. Bembe from FoxFarm is one of the best nutrients for flavor and a significant food source for microbes.

On the contrary, molasses is one homemade bud sweetener, easy to use, but this is not what you should be applying to achieve the sweetness, flavor, or aroma because the molecules of the molasses are too thick for the plants to use directly. It is indeed beneficial for the soil but doesn’t help the plants in any practical way.

Also, if you are growing hydro, molasses are not compatible with this growing medium.

3. What is Botanicare sweet feeding schedule in the flowering stage?

Ans. Botanicare sweet feeding schedule starts at the 1st week of blooming transition. And it continues till the ripening. During the whole period, the quantity of Botanicare sweet supplements doesn’t change at all. According to the instructions, it stays 8 ml of the product each week from start to end.

4. What is the Best bud sweetener after harvest ?

Ans. No bud sweetener guarantees the sweetening of the bud after harvest. But if you are still hopeful, choose anything with essential oil; it seemed to enhance the flavor to some extent. 

End Note

Adding sugary supplements in the root zone covers the deficiency of taste, aroma, and flavor in your plants. Besides, it ensures better plant growth and higher yield. Most marijuana plants grower stress these qualities in their cannabis plants. 

By choosing the best bud sweetener, you will introduce the plants to the precise component that they need to produce the premium quality yield. So choose wisely. 

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