Best Butane for BHO Extraction | Ultimate Guide 2022

(Last Updated On: January 6, 2022)

In the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, researchers have confirmed the practice of “Dabbing” is increasing in popularity as this method is more potent than taking marijuana in its traditional form.

And so, many dabbers are putting an effort in making bho at home to reduce the cost and get it in the color or flavor they want.

Butane might be an open blasting method,  if you don’t care much about it. However  to experience the pleasing end result, you must pick the Best Butane For BHO Extraction. So that is why we are here to help you with all its details. 

What is Butane & Butane Extraction?

Butane (C4H10) or n-Butane is a colorless gas that has the fragrance of faint petroleum. has powerful explosive compounds both at room temperature and atmospheric pressure. The forming compounds make it a light hydrocarbon. The most significant butane source is crude oil and natural gas, where the amount of butane is about 1%.

This has similar molecular compounds like ethane, methane and propane. However, after professional extraction, butane becomes a highly flammable gas.

Anyway, how does it help in extracting? Well, it has a particular boiling point when it moves through the cannabis plant and strips the terpenes and other cannabinoids on the way.

Typically, butane extracts live as a resin that has THC elements and makes wax, butane hash oil, shatters that are widely taken to get high, which we call dabbing.

How To Make Weed Wax With Butane?

First of all, gather all the butane extraction equipment you would need to finish the process successfully. You surely wouldn’t want to run for the missing tool during the process because your solution  will turn into something unexpected in the meantime.

Butane Extraction Equipment

Things you would need-

  • The desired amount of pot
  • A grinder
  •  Adequate Butane gas (2 cans at least)
  • Pyrex glass dish
  • BHO extractor
  •  Razor blades
  •  Double boiler
  •  Parchment paper

Steps to Follow:


Now that you have all the extraction equipment near at hand start the BHO extraction process by grinding the pot. Too much grinding might turn it into a powdery substance. Here the motive is to only turn the pot into crushed material.

If you are performing it for the first time, we recommend you not to take up more than a quarter ounce to avoid the waste of pot.


Then insert the finely crushed cannabis inside the BHO extractor. Now don’t try to overload the tube with an excessive amount of weed than it can actually hold. Instead, shake the extractor tube to spread the plant materials if needed and let it have enough area to move.

So the crushed materials can settle inside, as a result you will experience the best out of this process. Because in this way, butane can reach and saturate every bit of cannabis.  


After placing the cannabis inside, look for the hole on the top of the extractor tube. That is where you need to enter the nozzle of the canister and start spraying the solvent. 

Soon you will notice a green-brownish flow of resin or concentrate on the insider wall. Place the glass dish under the other hole to collect this liquid compound.


When you have collected enough resin, then start the double boiling. Fill the bigger bowl with adequate water and boil. When the water is ready, put the Pyrex dish with resin in the previous bowl.

Let the water keep boiling till you can find no bubbles and solvent smell in the liquid butane. It can take nearly an hour of boiling to get rid of all the bubbles.


The last step is to wait for the extracted product to dry after the purge.Then the sticky resin needs to be scraped off with the help of a razor blade.

Finally, you can find the butane hash oil. To preserve the oil, transfer it into parchment paper and fold the small pieces of paper with oil inside it. Wait till the final extract completely cools down and is moveable in another non-sticky container.

Why Do We Need To Choose The Best Butane For BHO Extraction?

There are 2 extraction methods to extract hash oil, shatter or wax; one is with solvents, and the other is without solvent. The solventless method uses hydrocarbon extractor, which is expensive and only preferable while planning large-scale production.

In the solvent cannabis extraction, the yielding amount, quality and potency of the hash oil has a direct connection to the solvents that are being used in the whole extracting method.

That being said, Butane and Propane are pretty common for their ability of stripping some high-quality hash oil.

Again, making bho is more popular than applying other solvents as it is cheaper, and the wax made of it is less sticky than PHO extraction.

Other than that, butane is odorless and has zero toxicity , so it doesn’t cause any adverse effects in the long term.

Also, it burns the plant material cleaner and is at least 12% more energy-efficient than propane.

That is why butane is widely used during solvent extraction. So that, only butane or a combination of both of these ingredients can be an effective solution. 

Best Butane For BHO Extraction

During the solvent extraction, we have found that choosing the best butane is an important factor as it can heavily affect the entire process turning into a good or bad experience for dabbers.

That is why we decided to go through 4 main testing points of color, yield, time to purge and lastly, better flavor and assembled a few incredible Butane for BHO extraction.

Here are the butanes we have found to be the most effective for BHO extraction- 

1. Whip It Premium Butane BHO

Highlighted Features:

  • Virtually zero impurities
  • 5 different sized tip adapters
  • Originated from the North Sea
  • Ensures massive yield
  • Butane Quantity- 420 ml (12 cans)

Simply put, Whip it Butane and Butane Hash Oil extraction is a pair made by heaven. The 12 cans of 420 ml butane contain the purest gas that makes sure of the cleanest burn.

This premium quality butane is straight from 200 miles away from the Scottish coast, the North Sea, where the availability of naturally found butane is 87%-99%.

So the quality of this top-notch butane is never a concern.

Among all the options for butane, whip it premium serves you the maximum yield of nearly 19%, that too in the shortest possible purge time of 11 minutes. Amazing, right?

And not only that, the final wax compounds seem as the yellow lighter color which makes Whip it the best butane for making wax.

As they excellently preserve the terpenes during extraction, often the consumers get used to the great flavor of this butane purge.

So it becomes hard for them to settle with any other extraction methods or products for this purpose.

However, suppose you have managed to buy a costly butane, but the tip adapter has a poor mechanical connection with your extraction tube, torch or lighter. As a result, the refill will not work and that would make you question the advantage of having a costly butane.

But with Whip it, making the proper connection with the fuel refilling container is actually simpler. Because each can of this pack has 5 different sized tip adapters. That allows you to use your favorite product anywhere you want.

2. Ultra Pure Plus Butane For BHO

Highlighted Features:

  • Purity level- 99.995%
  • Multiple nozzle adapters
  • Produces crystal clear BHO
  • Lesser impurities due to cold filtration
  • Butane Quantity- 420 ml (each can)

Ultra Pure Plus Butane is a limited edition of British European manufactures, and it satisfies both ISO and TUV regulations.

This is the reason why it is declared to have a higher purity cannabis concentrates where the impurity is somewhat less than 5ppm. Plus, it gets so many recommendations for being a superb lighter and torch re-filler.

On a different note, are you frustrated with low-quality extracted wax or oil? It clearly indicates you need to apply the butane, which claims to provide crystal clear bho of your precious crushed cannabis. And Ultra Pure Plus does that for you.

These butane cans come with various nozzle adapters to ensure all activities can be done with ease. Not much, but this 1 can contains 420 ml while most other packaging prefers dividing the quantity into multiple cans.

Now, this one-stop for the entire butane can be an advantage or a hassle, according to your perception.

Additionally, it is sold with a lifetime warranty. So if you value quality, you can undoubtedly go for Ultra Pure Plus butane for bho instead of the cheaper ones in local stores.

3. Ronson Butane For BHO

Highlighted Features:

  • Universally adjustable tip
  • Fewer non-volatile pollutants
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Contains Butane that fuels up 40 lighters
  • Butane Quantity- 135 ml (3 packs)

The 4 times refined Ronson Butane works well if you intend to collect a moderate amount of wax/oil after extraction. To be honest, it is not an up to the mark product, but a few vigorous features make it stand out among the rest.

Ronson Butane cans arrive with a universal tip that is adjustable with a wide range of mechanical connections, even with the odd ones. 

If you are stuck with any irregular sized hole in a lighter, torch or extractor tube, at least you are not out of options with Ronson Butane can.

Besides, Ronson contains a minimal amount of non-volatile contaminants. So that, while extracting, you do not have to worry about the valves being clogged. Also, it keeps the burner valve from getting affected by high flame or other possible malfunctions.

However, Ronson provides a 6×7 inches microfiber cleaning cloth with the packaging. Wondering how that helps?

Well, as we all know, butane is highly explosive and can cause destruction if ignored risk. If you spill the butane accidentally, you must clean the mess properly to ensure safety.

For that, microfiber is a suitable material as it is hugely absorbent and attached with the negative charges almost immediately thus, reducing the risk of any danger.

As this product supplies comparatively less butane in one packaging, some of you might get confused about how long you can use this one. However, the manufacturer has assured this quantity is enough to refill at least 40 disposal lighters fully.

4. Colibri Butane BHO

Highlighted Features:

  • Cleanest butane (99.9994%)
  • High-quality wax
  • Refines 5x times in world-class refineries
  • 167g fuel refillable
  • Butane Quantity- 300 ml (3 packs)

With Colibri vacuum purge, your search for the cleanest butane for bho is over. Because Colibri uses a high-performancing jet-flame technology to produce butane for more than 35 years now. 

That is how it managed to develop the cleanest butane where the impurity level is less than 6ppm. As a result, you don’t require filtering over and over to remove unwanted particles.

Also, the butane bought by Colibri is processed in some world-class refineries. That explains why it doesn’t degrade the flavor of cigars or tobacco while preparing the premium butane gas.

After the final purge, you can expect a simple yellowish end product. The yield is nearly 14% which is moderate and adequate for some. To produce this much, Colibri only takes about 12 minutes.

Whatsoever, the flavor of bho won’t disappoint you at all; besides, it doesn’t seem to hold any lingering taste of the butane. The wax made out of it is premium quality. 

The only drawback is, it fails to retain the terpenes entirely. But it preserves a fair amount which is actually satisfactory if you analyze the smoothness of the whole process you are getting with this decent butane.

It strongly disallows the contaminants and reduces the risk of clogging, misfiring, and malfunctions in the burner valves.

Additionally, this canister comes with 5 different removable nozzle adapters so that you can refill both the present and old models of extract tubes and lighters. How convenient!

5. Vector Butane BHO

Highlighted Features:

  • 14 steps processed cold filtered
  • Finish the extraction process quicker
  • No taste or smell
  • Clog free and average yield
  • Butane Quantity- 320 ml (each can)

The Vector Butane is cold filtered 14 times in order to achieve maximum purity. On top of that, it doesn’t have a different taste or scent, so that after the purge, you don’t have to worry about the butane gas smell spoiling the original flavor of your bho.

The extracted wax from this butane is dark yellow and forms a honeycomb wax. Apart from being a cheaper option, this is another reason why people tend to pick Vector butane among so many options.

Because along with the taste and terp amount, the honeycomb- hexagon prismatic wax is soothing to watch and a treat to the eye.

In addition, the yield is pretty good, judging by the approximate duration it takes to show the result. For example, vector butane takes 13 minutes to extract more or less 13% above average bho.

Each can of Vector butane has 320 ml gas, and to make the most out of this gas, you can detect 5 different nozzles inside the metal cap. So it allows you to apply this thing to various sectors by making a proper fit without any leak.

6. Puretane N-Butane Food-grade

Highlighted Features:

  • American sourced gas
  • 3 times refined
  • Maximum purity achieved by 11 filtration
  • Food grade cans
  • Butane Quantity- 300 ml (each can)

Puretane n butane is 11 times filtered, an American sourced gas that doesn’t settle with anything less than the maximum achievable purity. On top of that, this butane is refined 3 times through fractional distillation to make sure of that.

Now producing this premium butane is one thing, and preserving it in a way that doesn’t hinder the quality of the gas till you could use it is another. Puretane uses food-grade cans to contain the gas, which keeps this material safe and ready to work with full force.

This Medical Grade Butane is a bit expensive, but it introduces the consumers to one pure butane with 99.998% purity as they aim to produce the best butane for BHO extraction.

And so, while purchasing butane for a fixed purpose like bho, maybe you would prefer something that is specially made for running the extraction procedure easily.

As this stuff is odorless, you won’t need to get rid of lingering butane smell from the wax, bho shatter or oil, one less annoying task to deal with in the post-extraction process.

Presently, you can get these cans without the shipping cost. If you are about to purchase butane for bho, grab the opportunity while you can.

7. Zippo Butane Fuel

Highlighted Features:

  • Universal fuel tip
  • Refined with T-40 rating
  • Causes no aftertaste
  • Doesn’t clog valves
  • Butane Quantity- 150 ml (2 packs)

Zippo products have been available since the early 20th century. Somehow it builds trust and ensures the products have higher-performing capability; otherwise, it wouldn’t be possible to last this long.

The Zippo butane each comes in a 75 ml can that fuel up at least 20 disposable lighters. These butane cans are 6 inches long and easily portable if needed though we do not encourage anyone to travel with it for safety purposes.

It is refined with a T-40 rating and applies to various lighters, including candle lighters and outdoor utility lighters. In the case of refilling, it shows praiseworthy workability with butane curling irons, Ronson disposable lighters and butane candles.

Again, Zippo packaging includes a universal tip that pretty much works with any container to be refilled. Without this brilliant tip, it would be hard to refuel these lighters and supply butane to the extractor tubes.

However, Zippo butane doesn’t clog the burner valve during BHO extraction, and also, it doesn’t affect the functionality and flame; thus, it runs a smooth extraction. 

How to Maintain Proper Butane Safety During Butane Extraction?

The tragic incidents caused by butane open blasting is no joke. But, unfortunately, every year, many people fall victim to this, and we certainly don’t want you to be one of them.

We understand how attracted are dabbers towards the final product after extraction but be sure to maintain these safety cautions while working with butane.

  • Make sure to wear a PPE and safety goggles. You may not see the debris in the air, but it leaves an after-effect on your body that you can’t see with bear eyes.
  • Invest in premium, non-slip gloves that can ensure safety from risky chemicals.
  • Manage all the extraction equipment safely.
  • A flammable gas detector will actively help you to know gas leaks or the existence of dangerous gas instantly.
  • Always keep a fire extinguisher close to hand.
  • Try to run the extraction or anything with butane in an open area where the gas will not be in a closed loop; instead can easily move. If you must deal with butane in a closed loop, then make sure the room has proper ventilation and airflow.
  • Never stay around the fire while you have butane with you. Stay away from stoves, kitchen and do not light fires even out of curiosity which may cost you a lot. Again another reason to not perform this extraction in a closed loop.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.    How much butane for BHO?

Ans. The amount of butane for bho is determined by the quantity of plant material you intend to use. A 300 ml can of butane or a bit more is needed to complete the initial stage. So, in order to complete the extraction, you might have to apply 2 to 3 cans of butane in regular cases.

2.    What is vacuum purge?

Ans. Cannabis butane extraction is performed inside a vacuum oven to volatilize the residual solvent from the final BHO products. So that the dabbers will not find any lingering taste of butane from the wax, oil or shatter; instead, enjoy the flavorful extraction that comes out of the vacuum oven.This method is known as vacuum purge.


Butane marijuana extraction is simple; the only complication is the additional risk while working with butane. Still, we guess, it will not stop the dabbers from getting enough of it. 

It is annoying when you don’t get the best wax; even after dealing with life-risk, all the efforts seem worthless. But, truth be told, it can frequently happen if you don’t get  the Best Butane For BHO Extraction.

So, let’s not make that mistake.

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