5 Best CO2 Controller for Grow Room (Top CO2 Regulator)

(Last Updated On: July 11, 2021)

Deciding how to control the CO2 level in your grow room – is a pretty tricky choice, none will argue! You want to supply higher amount of CO2 PPM for your plants, but also you don’t want them to get choked-off.

You know the plants need more of CO2 for accelerated photosynthesis. But at the same time, you can’t let the overflowing CO2 from that little grow space to be diffused into your living space! Then there’s this issue, how much flow of CO2 to set in which plantation stage?

In this jam-packed schedule of clock-wise life routine, surely we all strive for a better yield with increased harvest. Still we wish,we didn’t have to check on the CO2 concentration in grow tent air, now and then, every three-four hours!

Well… Now what’s going to amaze you is, all your problems have a pretty simple solution – using a CO2 Controller or Regulator! If and only if you’re into better harvesting with lesser troubles, this onesurely tops the smartest solution available on market.

Let’s have a quick sneak peek over the top choices of 2020 – The five best CO2 controllers for grow room, just suitable for your fruitful indoor adventures – whether a indoor grow tent or, grow room!

5 Best CO2 Controller for Grow Room

our top pick
1.58″ high pressure gauge: 0-4000 PSI
Flowmeter: 0-15 SCFH
Inlet connection: cga-320
45 PSI pressure safety
Easy-to-adjust large knob
Conveniently Readable Dual-Gauge
budget friendly
0 – 4000 PSI Gauge
Main Power Voltage : 110 Volts
Maximum Amperage : 15 amps
Pressure level of HP 2000 PSI and LP 150 PSI
Solenoid 110V-Mini Dual Gauge
Universal CGA320 inlet connection
premium choice
Pressure adjusted from 0-60 psi.
Paintball tank and CGA320 threaded cylinder,
Stable CO2 Output Pressure & Flowrate


VIVOSUN Hydroponics CO2 Regulator

One of the most reputed brands with hydroponics – Vivosun launches its iconic CO2 controller for grow room, claiming maximum plant growth! Its metallic construction of heavy-duty Brass material vouches for non-rusting issues, out of the way from trouble.

An electromechanically operated- premium quality Solenoid valve regulates the flow of CO2 in hydroponic grow tent, grow room, as well as in aquarium or, green house. More to it, this valve is easily attachable and also, contributes a long way in reducing power consumption.

The large-diameter pressure gauge of 1.58” measures the amount of CO2 being pushed into system from tank. This lifts half of your burden as prevents the CO2 tank from going all empty. Conveniently furthermore operational within 4000 PSI.

Inclusive components which help to control the CO2 density are: a flow gauge, a precise regulator, 5 meter of dispensable Plastic tube and 3-prong plug.

Beneficial for hydroponics, grow tents, green houses and indoor grow rooms, this efficient regulator functions at 110 V. A wiser choice would be to limit the CO2 concentration within 800 – 2500 PPM.


  • Easy to Set-up
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Precise Readings
  • Convenient Monitoring System
  • Boosted Growth Rate and Yields up to 40%
  • Rightly Adjustable with Standard CO2 Tanks
  • Accurate Solenoid Valve Compatible with Timer
  • Durable Brass Construction Fit for Heavy-Duty


  • Not so efficient for Aquarium Environment


MRbrew Keg CO2 Regulator

With the newly popular CO2 Kegerator – MRbrew adds another stellar collection to its stock. Made of forged premium Brass, it ensures to withstand harmful elements and rusting. Integrated tank connection washers are Nylon-material and periodically replaced, for smoother sustainability in the longer run.

Rush during the service hours in restaurants, bars certainly makes it so tougher to regulate the CO2 level! This Kegerator is exactly built for that comfort-working with its easily-adjustable large knob and accurate-readable dual gauge. Adding to the brownie points, both a safety-relief valve and a gas shut-off valve have also been attached for work safety!

In this brewery-grade regulator, you can instantly control the pressure of CO2 just by rotating a big lock ring. And a simple adjustable wrench is all you are gonna need while installing- eliminating the risk of possible leakage.

Inclusive components which help to control the CO2 density are: a hose clamp, two washers and detailed instruction manual.

Worthwhile for restaurants, bars, tasting rooms and beverage industry, this efficient regulator functions better at 10-30 PSI, with the pressure relief valve releasing at approximate 45 PSI.


  • Affordable Price
  • Conveniently Readable Dual-Gauge
  • Leakage Prevented due to Sealing Washers
  • Free-of-Contamination makes CO2 gas Purer
  • Swiftly Adjustable Pressure by Hand-movement
  • Easier Installation Process with mere Spanner/ Wrench
  • No-Denting & No-Rusting due to Heavy Forged Brass Body


  • Not so suitable for Smaller Capacity CO2 Tanks
  • Not applicable for Nitrogen gas or, Gas Blender


MANATEE CO2 Regulator Emitter System

Significance of CO2 level in plant environment – is the determiner which drove Manatee to launch this controller. Exactly when you hear it’s constructed of 100% solid Brass, you know you can rely on it in the longer run!

The precise instruments make the reading more accurate for a cultivator. Through electronic timers or controllers, you can always program the solenoid in it. Which ensures plants’ natural exposure to CO2 during the light hours. And also, timely shutting off CO2 inhale during the dark hours of photosynthesis. Surely this is one smart way to feed your plants enough of CO2 without over-feeding them!

One rule has been forever applicable for CO2 regulators – Maximize the exposure, minimize the waste, and you yield the greatest. Well, turns out Manatee follows the same agenda for ideal CO2 level and optimum plant growth… (yes, surprising for us too!)

Inclusive components which help to control the CO2 level are: a precision regulator, flow gauge, solenoid valve, 10 foot-long air hose, power cord and detailed instruction manual.

Suitable for green house, grow room and indoor gardening, this efficient regulator functions at 110 V. A wiser choice would be to limit the pressure level of CO2 within 4000 PSI.


  • Budget-Friendly
  • Elimination of Harmful Pests
  • Accelerated Growth Rates & Yields up to 40%
  • Dependable Operational Life of 100,000 Electrical
  • Long-terminal Durability due to Solid Brass Construction
  • Opportunity to Control Humidity Range within (20 – 80)% level
  • Production of Bigger Plants due to constantly Increasing Growth Rate


  • Not applicable for Aquarium
  • Not the finest quality of Grommet used


DoubleSun Aquarium CO2 Regulator

The working principle of DoubleSun regulator is- to stabilize the air pressure and adjust the air volume. Decompressing the air source’s pressure, the machine makes it stabilized to a fixed value so that air source’s stable power can be achieved.

Constructed with premium quality materials, this machine has been designed for durability and dependability. Most of those high density tubing, CO2 atomizers and diffusers are a perfect match when paired with DoubleSun’s controller – for the swift and smooth filling of CO2 into aquarium air.

A mini dual-gauge display exhibits the accurate reading, which results into setting the optimal atmosphere for plants, eventually creating the best growing parameters. This dual gauge displays not only the pressure inside bottle, but also the output pressure.

Inclusive components to enhance the CO2 quality in grow room environment are: tightening tool, hex wrench, additional seal ring, bubble counter and detailed instruction manual.

Apt for an aquarium or plants environment, this efficient CO2 regulator of DoubleSun functions better within the pressure level of HP 2000 PSI and LP 150 PSI.


  • Reasonable Price
  • Safe for Living Plants Health
  • Longer-Sustaining due to Strong-Built
  • Stable Output due to Micro-Adjust Valve
  • Prevention of Air Leakage due to Super-Seal
  • Suitable Color and Size with Plant Environment
  • Intuitive Control of Air Volume due to Bubble-Controller
  • Exact Working Status due to Precise Dual-Gauge Display
  • Higher Efficiency & Lower Temperature of Solenoid Valve
  • Boosted Metabolic Rate for Faster Growth, Thicker Leaves


  • Generates noise in few cases
  • Generate vibration in some cases


FZONETriple Stage Aquarium CO2 Regulator

Multi-staged controller of Fzone is one of the most recommended CO2 maximizers in marketplace. Its triple staged design helps you escape from the sudden end of tank dump by stabilizing output pressure. Made of Stainless Steel diaphragm and Aluminum body, assures you on the longer run. Plus the Copper-made needle valve multiplies your adjusting comfort!

The OTS Mini DC 12V solenoid valve ensures higher performance, at the same time maintaining cooler functional temperature. Compatible with a timer, it allows you to control the switch on-off at preferable hours, in sync with lights. LED indicators are also added for system’s confirmation. With a minimal 0.4 Watt power consumption, the solenoid remains calm and cool!

Featuring a precise 360° rotatable swivel needle valve, you can set up it with ease on not only horizontal cylinder, but also vertical cylinders (for example, CGA320 cylinder or, paintball tank).

Inclusive components to better regulate CO2 in environment are: bubble-counter, needle valve, solenoid valve, detailed manual.

Compatible with 5/8” UNF threaded disposable CO2 cartridge, paintball tank and CGA320 threaded cylinder, this effective CO2 regulator’s output pressure can be adjusted at 0-45 PSI.


  • Easier Set-Up
  • Working Safety ensured
  • Lower Power Consumption
  • Triple-Staged Decompression
  • Reduced Internal Pressure of Cylinder
  • Stable CO2 Output Pressure & Flowrate
  • Adjustable Pressure-Knob & Fine-Tuning
  • Durable Construction of Aluminum & Stainless Steel


  • The Seal quality is not so satisfactory

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why does a grow room require CO2?

While breathing, humans inhale Oxygen and exhale Carbon dioxide. On the other hand, trees and plants inhale Carbon dioxide and exhale Oxygen. Which is why along with water and light, Carbon dioxide is an equally vital component for photosynthesis during plant growth.

In higher-intensity light (such as LED grow lights, MH, HPS) environments, plants can increase the rate of photosynthesis – if and only if a higher amount of CO2 is supplied too! The increased photosynthesis results into producing more energy, eventually faster growth and bigger yields (up to 20% on an average).

Adding to the brownie points, greater CO2 supplementation makes the plants heat-resistant and stress-resistant.

What amount of CO2 should I give to the growing plants?

There used to exist a much higher level of CO2 in the atmosphere when plants were evolving, thousands of years before from today. That elevated density was nearly 1500 PPM. As a consequence, plants could process more photosynthesis reaction and evolve more, grow more.

Compared to that, in this 21st century, the CO2 concentration in air is not any higher than 400 PPM. But surprisingly, plants have still not lost that potential of using use more CO2 to produce more energy!

Implies that, given the right type of circumstance with brighter light and increased CO2 provision, these present era plants can still reach that maximum effective stage of photosynthesis→maximum energy production →maximum possible growth.

To achieve this efficient optimal growth level, plants can conveniently use 1200 – 1500 PPM of CO2 concentration, without exerting themselves.

But words of caution, anything beyond 5000 PPM of CO2 level will prove to be lethal for your plants!

Why do I need to control the CO2 level in my grow room?

Certainly adding CO2 to your grow room will boost up yields and generate manifold healthier plants. Insufficient CO2 can even cause the plants to die!

But more concentration than the optimal CO2 level will also start to suffocate your plants…
If the amount of CO2 in grow room environment reaches above 1500 PPM, slowly it will have an adverse effect on the plants growth. And if this CO2 density crosses the limit of 5000 PPM, unfortunate to say – your plants will be on the death verge.

This is precisely why, in order to protect your crops from the toxicity of accidental over-CO2-supplementation – your grow room needs a CO2 controller.

How do I maximize the CO2 level using a regulator?

To maximize your efficient output, first you have to pick a CO2 regulator with just right characteristics!

Step- 1: Choose one with a high-quality construction material and easy-to-use. 

Step- 2: Calculate the size of your grow room and check whether it needs one or, more than one CO2 regulators.

Step- 3: Make sure the display and sensor works properly.

Step- 4: Do not forget about the warranty period and enquire whether the customer care will co-operate with further defects and replacement issues.

These are some major crucial factors you should keep on mind while purchasing an ideal CO2 regulator for the grow room you love.

Thoughts of the Final Hour

Isn’t it quite natural to feel a little lost amidst the marketplace’s over-tempting choices? And trust when we’re going to say, HAPPENED TO US ALSO in our early days!! How else would it take this ___ Research Team days of toiling work?

We know the hassle, we know the stress. That’s when we sorted out those above CO2 Regulators – best suited to your grow room. Hopefully you will make the right call to action.

Take a bit of time, judge the reviews and compare the products you want. Here’s to your plentiful plant harvesting!

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