Best hair straightener for rosin | Review And Guide 2022

(Last Updated On: January 6, 2022)

During rosin exploration, the NCBI has published an article about ‘Rosin tech marijuana concentrate.‘ It states that, the solventless dabs are the purest form of terpenes and THC, and also the ongoing popularity kept rosin tech trending on Twitter.

Rosin tech is a simple procedure of applying pressure continuously with moderate heat on cannabis flowers in order to gain high-end rosin.

For that purpose, a hair straightener has been the perfect tool to apply pressure and heat and bring out the final substance.

So, we have listed here the Best Hair Straightener For Rosin tech and a few other valuable details that will keep you ahead in extracting even if you are trying it for the first time. 

What is Rosin?

Rosin, also known as Colophony, is a solid form of extracted resin. It is produced by providing a different range of heating to turn into vaporizable liquid terpene material.

Rosin doesn’t have any hint of butane like most other extraction, carbon dioxide, or even any other petrochemicals. The only theory to achieve this pure form of cannabis is by providing extreme pressure with versatile heating ranges.

The final product or rosin is similar to a wax or shatter. It seems to stay semi-transparent, and the color can change into different shades of yellow and black.

Benefits of Rosin

There are actually many reasons behind people appreciating rosin production at home. Some of the benefits are-

  • Rosin is a 100% solventless concentrate
  • Most resin final products have 75% THC
  • It is an essential element in adhesive, soap, sealing wax, photocopying, and ink printing.
  • This is used in medicine as a glazing agent.
  • It works as an emulsifier in processed food and soft drinks.

How to make rosin with hair straightener at home?

Making rosin at home is an inexpensive and exciting process. And also, when the homemade rosin comes out as a perfect extraction of how you expected it to be, there is hardly any dabber who can resist the exciting journey of making rosin with hair straightener at home.

Gather these tools before starting the extraction

  • A best quality hair straightener
  • Parchment paper
  •  Cannabis flowers
  • Metal spoon 

Follow the Steps:

Step 1. Prepare the Package of Weeds

Take enough pieces of square-sized parchment paper; 10×10 inches will work finely. Mainly the paper should be able to fold the elements tightly and securely to keep the cannabis inside on the silicon-coated side.

Put a one-gram nug inside the blades and then fold it accurately. In the case of using a hash or knife, the package might need more than one fold and additional preparation separately with a mesh bag.

Some creative stoners take time to give the envelope an origami shape, but it is not necessary as long as the package doesn’t spill oil outside during the process.

Step 2. Heat the Machine and Start Pressing

Start heating the hair straightener, and after a while, when the temperature reaches about 200F, place the package between the heated iron blades.

After placing the package, raise the temperature to 300 to 325F and keep adjusting it as much as you need.

Press with 70% of your body strength at the first attempt and keep it in that position for a few seconds. For the next shot, you would need to provide the highest pressure you can by using your whole body strength.

For that, some take the help of a few heavy things like a heavyweight book or hold the straightener underfoot while applying body weight to pressurize the machine for 6/7 seconds or before when you notice a sizzle sound coming out of it.

Step3. Monitor the current placement and Redecorate

After every press, the elements inside the package misplaces, so open the blades and check if anything is falling outside. Re-organize the elements and keep pressuring till you get the waxy, appealing product.

Smell it every time to detect the pleasing scent. When you notice a bitter or burnt smell, stop the procedure immediately. It is a good indicator to know when you need to finish the extraction.

We suggest not to repeat this step unless you must because putting it under high pressure, again and again, lowers its quality.

Step 4. Collect It with Metal Spoon

Now scrape off the wax or shatter and collect it. At this step, the final product is ready for the dabbers to get into dabbing. The fully pressed package might seem like a small ball if given a round shape.

Step 5. Clean the Hair Iron to Finish the Process

After collecting all the extracted components, wipe the straightener clean to ensure the same performance in the next extracting. Otherwise, the sticky materials will stay on the blades and spoil the machine sooner.

Is it safe to make Rosin at home?

If you had researched thoroughly, assuming you are well aware of other extraction methods of resin. It involves several components that are capable of open blasting as they are highly flammable.

Butane and Propane are the most used components for extracting. Apart from these, Carbon-hydrogen and a few other petrochemicals are also applicable. But all of these elements have the record of causing a risky atmosphere once in a while.

So in comparison, extracting rosin with straighteners is a much safer process to enjoy solvent-free THC. The only complication is choosing the best hair straightener for rosin among a lot of options.

Helpful hacks for perfect weed extraction

Extracting rosin is already a quick process compared to other extraction methods. Still, to boost the yield and achieve high-quality THC, you should-

  • Invest in a premium hair straightener with multiple temperature settings and a DIGITAL display because a cheaper iron within budget will not help you get the expected result and has less durability.
  • To ensure maximum yield, keep the fresh buds in the freezer at least for 24 hours before pressing.

5 Best Hair Straightener For Rosin

As we have promised, here is a list of the best hair straighteners you can find for rosin-

1. HSI Professional Glider Hair Straightener

HSI Professional Glider Hair Straightener

Highlighted Features:

  • Temperature Range: 140-450F
  • Ceramic & Tourmaline Crystal Plate
  •  Even distribution of heat
  • Lightweight & perfect for traveling
  • Gloves & pouch included in the packaging
  • 1 year warranty

HSI has gained immense popularity worldwide because of its tremendous workability, and guess what? This device is also a top pick when it comes to extracting rosin from cannabis.

The HSI hair straightener heats up and reaches the maximum temperature within a few minutes. You can adjust the temperature between 140-450F, which gives you control over the entire extraction process.

The surface of this flat iron is made with ceramic and tourmaline crystal, so the smoothness of your final product is never a disappointment. Also, the usage of 8-micro sensors by HeatBalance technology assures the weed on the experiment will get balanced heat on every point.

Missing the exciting feeling of dabbing during traveling is such a loss for the stoners, and it has been our concern too. For that, HSI again proves to be one of the best flat iron for rosin.

Because most regular-sized hair irons are 11 to 12 inches, HSI prefers to come in only a 6-inches travel size with 110/220 dual voltage that supports worldwide travel. Besides, it is lightweight (1 pound), so you do not have to compromise the quality with portability while traveling.

While making rosin, adjusting the cord size and flexibility with the power source becomes a real struggle. But with HSI, you are getting an extra-long cord that boasts 360 degrees swiveling, a perfect combination that eases the process to a great extent.

Lastly, it offers a 1 year warranty if you face any unwanted trouble running this. Also, gloves and a pouch comes with packaging that saves you from spending extra bucks on safety tools while pressing.

2. CHI Ceramic Flat Hair Iron

Highlighted Features:

  • Temperature Range: 392F (maximum) Ceramic plates- 1 inch
  • Heats up in seconds
  • 11ft swivel cord
  • Dual adjustable voltage
  • 2 years warranty

After preparing everything to make rosin, the few minutes of heating the hair iron before pressing seems like years have passed. Don’t worry because we understand you, and so we decided to introduce you to the CHI Ceramic Flat Iron that heats up in seconds.

CHI flat iron ensures it flashes quick heating within the shortest time with a moderate temperature of 392F. Primarily the temperature range may seem unappealing after judging the versatile temperature ranges of the competitor products.

But as you gain experience of pressing rosin, you would know this temperature works on cannabinoids pretty well too. Besides, the 1-inch ceramic plate is quite adequate to achieve a moderate amount of pressed rosin in one go.

On top of that, you don’t have to take a pause after extracting each batch. This device is absolutely user-friendly and lets you control the heat with ease so that you can press several batches of rosin.

Also, it has an 11ft swivel cord that allows you a free range of motion while extracting. This black top-graded hair iron has a sturdy construction that makes it durable without any additional attention. It supports dual voltage, so you don’t have to look for another savior in case of an emergency.

We encourage dabbers to go for this hair iron without thinking the heating range is an issue, but at the same time, if you mainly deal with sensitive strain, you would need to lower and higher the heating frequently where this device cannot be proved much effective.

Otherwise, it is one of the best straightener for rosin available on an affordable budget that is also beginner-friendly.

3. Conair Double Ceramic Flat Iron

Conair Double Ceramic Flat Iron

Highlighted Features:

  • Temperature Range: 266-410F
  • Double ceramic coating
  • Lightweight – 13.8 ounces
  • Auto shutdown
  • Handlock
  • 3 years warranty

Conair has been delivering some premium hair care devices since 1959, and the Conair Double Ceramic Iron is another commendable device. So that like any other high-end flat iron, Conair will too live up to your expectations for making rosin.

It has 5 different temperature settings ranging from 250-400F. That means you can apply this one device to extract multiple strains by simply adjusting the temperature. On top of that, the digital display adds more ease to its performance.

This model has double ceramic coating; thus, the rosin out of it will undoubtedly be super smooth. Also, it is a better option when you have to work with a flat iron for a longer time. It is lightweight and provides a hand lock; besides, it holds the heat comparatively for an extended period than other competitor devices. So there are fewer chances of an accident while extracting.

Conair only takes 30 seconds to get to work; in addition, it shuts down automatically after a limited time of idle period. It is an essential feature for the forgetful stoners should look for so that they will have one less thing to worry about.

However, you have to consider the cord’s size while choosing this product. It runs on single volts. So, If you are constantly on the move, the superb quality will not be enough to satisfy your overall experience of working with it.

Apart from that, Conair provides a 3-year warranty to fix any problem regarding this device for you. This longer duration is another rare option you would confront with other hair irons.

Unless you travel frequently or fail to manage the power source within a short distance, we recommend you not to miss this fantastic device.

4. ZAXOP Mat Pouch

ZAXOP Mat Pouch

Highlighted Features:

  • Non-toxic heat resistant
  • Designed for travel
  • Non-slip silicone material
  • Ensures safety
  • Multiple colors to choose from
  • Durable

In the meantime of providing hair iron choices, we thought of introducing another important tool regarding hair straighteners. While handling a heated straightener for the first time, it is inevitable to cause a few troubles, like burning anything near or even yourself with the hair iron if you are not careful enough.

ZAXOP mat pouch doesn’t guarantee 100% safety from the troubles, but it certainly reduces the number you are supposed to face without it. You can use this tool as a pouch to carry the straightener and also as a mat while working with the iron.

It is a heat-resistant tool and works for any temperature range till 460 degrees, so whenever you feel the machine gets unbearable heated, let the pouch handle it instead of throwing or keeping it here and there, which can ruin the things next to it. Also, it makes traveling easier without getting scratches on the straightener.

The silicon material is tough, and the construction method of ZAXOP is durable and is not slippery, so no extra tension while using it roughly. Providing this little care of ZAXOP toyour hair iron might help you eliminate so many unwanted accidents without making you aware of them.

Additionally, it comes in multiple colors, including hot pink, grey, black and purple, so you can choose the color that matches or is a good contrast with your travel bag.

5. BabylissPRO Straightening Iron

Highlighted Features:

  • Temperature Range: 450F
  • Nano Titanium plates
  • Ultra-lightweight
  •  50 heat settings
  • 4 years warranty

BabylissPRO is titanium-made straightening iron that makes it different from traditional hair irons you have confronted till now. The good thing is, this advanced technology applied in hair care brings additional advantages in extracting rosin.

Titanium plates evidently improve the consistency of the rosin by ensuring even heat distribution. Not only that, if you often deal with unique strains, then this item will guarantee the perfectly extracted rosin every time.

Anyway, it has 50 separate heat settings that go beyond 450F. With this, you can go for any strain of weed extraction. Besides, this device is ultra-thin and ultra-lightweight, together with its color BabylissPRO gives aesthetic pleasure to the user.

Not to mention the construction is made by prioritizing the comfortness of the users while working, which is a plus point for the dabbers. Also, the swivel cord of BabylissPRO ensures proper flexibility while working.

It provides a 4 years warranty; if devices spoil quickly by your hand, what more would you want other than this long warranty period. 

Moreover, BabylissPRO has a considerable satisfaction rate from the users, and so there is a high chance it will turn out to be your favorite hair straightener for making shatter too.

Buying Guide: How to get your hand on the Best Hair Straightener for making Rosin?

Since making rosin at home became easier, a wider crowd is going crazy over purchasing hair straighteners to make themselves a rosin treat. But unfortunately, not everyone has detailed knowledge about hair irons except it provides heat to straighten hair.

To ensure perfect wax, you must aim for the best hair straightener that brings out high-quality rosin. Here are a few tips on what you should look for while buying hair iron for weed extraction.

  • Better Grip

If you have any experience of pressing rosin, you must know the most challenging thing during the process is keeping the holder’s grip for a long time. If the holding section is slippery or easily becomes slippery with mere contact of any liquid, you are in real trouble.

Before you go through the same unpleasant experience, check the grip if it is comfortable to hold for a long time. Also, choose the texture that supports the grip while pressing hard to make the shatter.

  • Customizable Temperature

Temperature is one of the 2 crucial factors directly related to the quality, consistency, and amount of rosin. You would need to apply a versatile temperature range for different marijuana strains, and also temperature can vary when dealing with regular strains and sensitive strains.

To give a little knowledge of the relation between temperature and cannabinoids, the heating range of 200-300F is for sensitive cannabinoids, 300-380 is for mid-range or average options, and from 380 to 445F is specifically for high-end cannabinoids.

Before going for any exact temperature hair straightener, make sure the hair iron has the consistent temperature needed for the final product you want. Also, try to go for the digital dialing temperature gauge to put the exact heat you need.

  • Surface Material

As we have said earlier, another factor related to the final product other than temperature is surface material. When the heating starts, the surface may burn and stick with anything lying in between the bars.

That being said, a coated, even better double-coated surface won’t stick parchment paper while pressing. Besides, a larger surface enhances your work efficiency as you can extract more rosin in one go instead of dividing it for several extractions.

  • Long & Flexible Cord

It is natural for the newbie dabbers to think that as long as the cord works finely, there is no other thing to analyze before purchasing.

Wrong! Because we are neither robots or machines, while we are in charge of pressing cannabis, anyone might have to move as the process takes a long time. Other than that, not everyone is lucky enough to have a power source near the workstation.

That is when the long and flexible cords make things easier for you. It doesn’t directly impact the final shatter, but it can be another comfort having these features.

  • Heating Speed

Most new buyers of hair straighteners will skip the importance of this feature at first sight. But as you start working, you would know the few minutes of heating the machine before getting to work feels like ages.

You surely would want to have it as quickly as possible. So, prefer the straightener that claims to heat up within a few minutes or seconds.

  • Durability & Warranty

When you buy a straightener for rosin, to press cannabis, the hair iron needs to be solid and durable. Otherwise, because of constant pressure, the device might break or spoil. That’s why choosing a high-rated option is safer than anything cheaper.

Also, the manufacturers who provide a long-time warranty for the straightener are another thing you should search for to ensure the product’s durability.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.   What is the best temp to press rosin with a hair straightener?

Ans. 200F. This temperature is not ideal for rosin extraction as the method requires a different temperature range while pressing various strains. But it is safe to start with 200F and then keep adjusting for what we need.

2.  How long should I press rosin?

Ans. 5 to 30 seconds. The duration of pressing mainly depends on which strain and bud quality you are pressing. The good quality buds take less time to bring out the oil than the poor quality buds.

End Note

Rosin has excellent potency and an easy DIY method to make it at home. Additionally, it doesn’t need loads of extravagant tools, so anyone anywhere can satisfy their need for rosin. Also, the purity of not having any solvent adds more to the quality of terpenes and THC and makes the dabbers fond of it.

So it is already time for you to pick the Best Hair Straightener For Rosin and experience the whole journey of making and dabbing rosin.

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