Best Hygrometer For Curing Bud | Review And Buying Guide 2022

(Last Updated On: January 6, 2022)

Do you know that 20° to 24°C temperature and 60 to 65% humidity is a substantial condition for bud plants? Humidity plays a crucial role in terms of curing. For instance, high humidity causes rotting, and low causes stomatal opening problems. Therefore, you can understand how vital it is to maintain the optimal temperature and humidity. 

Now a question for you, suddenly in one night, you found that your plant is indisposed. What do you do? What is the solution around you? Hygrometer. 

The hygrometer is made to measure the humidity level in the air. Eventually, if you purchase a good quality hygrometer, you can take the necessary steps in any weather or situation.

Hold on! Before you decide to buy one, you need to look into the battery life, remote range, display, and, most importantly, internal function.

That being said, we brought the best hygrometer for curing bud you can find in the market. We’ll go in-depth to help you choose the right one for you. Without further ado, let’s dive right in. 

1. ThermoPro TP60S Digital Hygrometer

If you live in colder places like Minnesota, Michigan, or Alaska, then ThermoPro TP60S is the best hygrometer for curing bud that you can have in your garden.   

It comes in a small size, around 2×3 inches. So you can place it anywhere in the garden. However, as this hygrometer is small in size and well-shaped, you are allowed to make a curing jar with  hygrometer. Besides, you’ll get a sleek and fine easy readable display. Even if you have bad eyesight, you won’t need to wear glasses. 

You’ll get a kickstand as well. In one package, you’ll get 3 types of sensors. One you can use in your bedroom, another one for storage room. Third and the last one for the garden. The amount of CH3 curing bud releases is displayed on the screen. 

The best part is it can pair automatically. Simply use the settings and connect the two devices; that’s it. You can read the dial easily. if you have any lingering doubts that these two devices provide you accurate readings or not. Then let me tell you one thing, We ran a test by placing two devices in the bedroom and in the garden. Amazingly, they gave similar results, e.g., temperature one-tenth of one degree and humidity reading about one percent. 

Design: Smart designed and 3 different temperature sensors.  

Display: Small, 2×3 inch display.

Readability: Easily readable the highest and lowest temperature.

Remote range: This wireless hygrometer can track records from 60m or 200ft distance perfectly. 


  • Three different sensors help you to get an accurate result of the curing bud. You can also order additional sensors if you want.
  • Small in size, so you can place it anywhere in the garden.
  • Shows the highest and lowest temperature of the environment accurately. 


  • There is no push-button for the backlight. Thus you might face some trouble while reading in the low ambient light. 
  • Also, in order to check the high and low temperatures, you need to use the back button. So, if you are planning to set it on the fence of the garden, it’d be difficult to take on and off. 

2. AcuRite Digital Hygrometer

If you are worried that molds will destroy your curing buds, this little hygrometer is your lifesaver. It displays temperature and humidity levels at the same time. 

Sometimes, you need to use a de-humidifier to maintain the moisture and humidity of the curing buds. Then simply use the AcuRite hygrometer. It shows high and low temperatures. At the same time, the humidity home icon helps to detect the exact humidity. Besides, It has easy to read display. Where you can get a precise idea about the garden’s condition by monitoring, it has a magnetic mount on the back. So you can easily place it on the electric pole of the lawn. 

Design: Smooth edge, polished design with magnet mountable backside. 

Display: Simple, easy reading and digital LED display. Shows both celsius and Fahrenheit. 

Readability: Humidity level icon to detect indoor humidity conditions. The maximum and minimum temperatures are clearly identifiable.

Temperature range: 

  • In Fahrenheit: 32 to 122 degree
  • Celsius 0 to 50 degrees


  • Easily synced with humidifiers and humidors.
  • Highly efficient batteries. It has LR6 batteries, which can last over 12 years. 
  • It can record the indoor temperature and relative humidity with high and low peaks as well. 
  • Reliable, affordable, and cheap. Besides, very lightweight, 0.2 pounds. 


  • If you drop it accidentally, your screen will no longer work perfectly.

3. Dr.meter Moisture Meter

Do you always have to predict the time of watering the plants by putting your hands on the soil? This may disrupt your daily life and plant’s growth stage. If that is the case, Dr.meter will be the best aid for curing bud because it will tell you how moist the soil is. So you will understand the right time to water your lawn or garden.

This test comes with a meter display and a 7.7-inch testing probe. To get the moisture result, you have to put that probe straight under the soil. Because of its single probe design,  you don’t have to dig up a lot to get the perfect result. Just put it in the soil normally.  The display will show the result out of 10 on the scale. The interesting thing about this kit is you don’t need any batteries for power; a lithium-ion battery is already attached inside. 

Unfortunately, this tool is designed to use only in the soil, so avoid using it in water or any hard surface. Apart from that, you can use that in both indoor and outdoor flawlessly. Don’t need to use any external pressure while placing in soil.

Design: Single probe minimalistic design.

Display: 2×1 inch clear display

Readability: Easy to read, no experience required.

Remote range: No remote range


  • Minimal design and easy to use. 
  • No need for any eternal battery; a lithium-ion battery is already attached.
  • The single probe is easy to set in soil. 
  • Suitable for all places. No problem with indoor-outdoor location. 
  • Easily transferable


  • Sometimes it takes a long time to show results. 

4. Taylor Precision Wireless Digital Thermometer

If you have a greenhouse farm and always need a thermometer to measure temperature, this tool will clearly solve your problem. Most importantly, this tool can show the current indoor and outdoor space results with minimum/maximum results.

This Chinese wireless thermometer comes with a big bright and clear LCD display. Besides, the display is divided into three parts to show three different data at the same time. It can show both Fahrenheit and celsius readings. Additionally, a clock comes with a built-in system for more convenience. However, it can cover almost 200 ft of space, and in addition, a wireless remote will help you stay close to check the weather.

This lightweight 4.5 ounces kit was brought up with a 1-year full warranty. The temperature range is also very impressive compared to other similar products. Additionally, you will get an easy-to-read guide for more expediency.

Design: Simple, smart design with a large monitor.

Display: Big bright LCD display with a large number. The display is not illuminated.

Readability: Easy to read.

Temperature range: Approx. 200 ft.

  • Indoor temp range: 32°F/122°F & 0°C/50°C
  • Outdoor temp range: -4°F/140°F & -20°C/60°C


  • The battery life is satisfactory. The battery lasts for so long, and there is no issue with this section. 
  • Error-free result. 
  • Big bright LCD display. 


  • Average built quality. The body is not strong enough

5. ThermoPro TP65 Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

The most interesting part about this tool is that you can increase the reading number by adding a new sensor. So here, you are allowed to get 3 different data from 3 different remote sensors. But this all will come from 4 different locations, isn’t it cool? This will be especially good if you have a bud plant in a different location and you are looking for aid in curing those buds.

Here you can see both minimum and maximum results in one screen. The remote range is not bad; it’s approximately 200 ft or 50/60 meters. Additionally, the touch screen display will make using it easier. Though the weight is a little higher compared to other temperature kits, it’s still a good product in terms of quality and design. 2 batteries are required; remote and sensor will come additionally.

Design: Well built, clever design with backlight. 

Display: LCD, 4 inches large display (Bigger than the TP60)

Readability: Reads temperature and humidity level in percentage. Besides, Humidity trend arrows help to identify warmer or cooler near to the sensor.

Remote range: Covers up to 60m/200f 


  • You’ll get the low battery signal as soon as your battery level is about to finish.
  • Wireless 4 different sensors help to monitor 4 different places at the same time.
  • The touch screen display has a blue backlight. You can easily use the hydrometer in low light.


  • There is no mounting option in this product. You’ll get only a hanging slot at a bare minimum.

Buying guide: Things to consider when buying Hygrometer

Of course, there are multiple factors you need to consider before buying your desired hygrometer for curing buds. We’ll help you with the process of what to look for when you are buying a hygrometer. 

Design: The first thing you should look for is the design. It should be sleek, minimal, digital, and eye-catchy. At the same time, plastic material offering several colors is like the cherry on top. There should be a magnetic mount back or maybe a kickstand. Besides, hard button at the side for the backlight, you won’t believe how much it’ll serve you. 

Display: It is wise to spend money on LCD or LED digital touch screen display. A large display may help to read from a distance. But it should also be lightweight. Moreover, it should display the highest and lowest temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. 

So that, at a single glance, you will get all the temperature insights easily. Besides, if there are multiple sensors, they all should be displayed at the same time. 

Readability: You are using a hygrometer to know the humidity and temperature level around your environment. So, it should be easily readable. Moreover, it should display temperatures clearly. A humidity identifier icon will serve you the best. 

If you are using two or three sensors, all should be displayed at the same time. Especially the one you are placing in the garden. 

Remote range: While buying a hygrometer, always look for a wireless one that can easily cover both indoor and outdoor. It should spread 50 to 60 meters at least. This way, you can use all three sensors at ease. 

If we talk about the temperature range, usually 18 to 23 degrees Celsius (60 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit) shows the green icon. However, your hygrometer should have the capability to measure from 32 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 to 50 degrees celsius. 

How to use a hygrometer 

If you buy a hygrometer, you should also know how to use it in the proper manner. Below we are sharing the whole process step-by-step. 

Step 1: First, you need to install the batteries of the hygrometer. 

Step 2: Then, set the expected measurement to celsius or Fahrenheit. 

Step 3: You should record the readings after 24 hours as it changes the increments. 

Step 4: Now, place your hygrometer in a safe and secured place, far from sunlight or cold. 

Step 5: At this point, you need to record at least three times within 24 hours. This way, you can easily determine your average humidity and relative humidity easily.


If you have experience of cultivating bud (Cannabis cultivation), you know the importance of a good hygrometer, just like an aid. You know bud plants are very sensitive and fragile; they won’t last without good care. Considering that, we have disclosed some best hygrometer for curing bud. 

These kits are extraordinary in terms of humidity testing, temperature testing, and wide remote range. They’ll help you to nourish your buds from great proximity.  So buy the one that suits you the best and enjoy gardening. 

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