Do Grow Tents Keep The Smell In?

(Last Updated On: September 18, 2021)

The strong weed smell is the beginning of many problematic situations. Many American botanists are trying to analyze the smell of fresh and stored cannabis. One such research is done by  Jacek A Koziel and Somchai Rice where they tried to characterize the compounds of marijuana compounds.

That being said, growing cannabis at the grow tent initiates the curiosity- Do Grow Tents Keep The Smell In? If not, how to smell proof a grow room so that the skunk smell from your hobby doesn’t bother others.

Even though growing marijuana has been legalized in certain areas, still a majority of the people could not overcome this social stigma. This is why we are here to answer your confusion and provide favorable solutions to this freakishly strong weed smell.

Do Grow Tents Keep The Smell In?

Do Grow Tents Keep The Smell In

To be honest, you already know the answer. Let me put it in logical perspective-

This time we will approach this question in another way. Do you know what materials have been used to make a grow tent?

Generally, the outer fabric is heavy-duty canvas, and the inside is mostly nylon or polyester with a bond of a highly reflective layer of Mylar. Both the materials have so many plus points, except these fabrics are not capable of keeping the odor in.

Even if they could, the chances are that the odor might escape while you would have to keep the tent open.

Because the most common way to seal a grow tent is the zipper, although you are not allowed to keep it closed all the time. Ventilation is extremely necessary; thus, from time to time, you must open a mini portion of it and let the air inside replace it with the outside’s fresh air.

So you cannot depend much on the grow tent to keep the smell in; instead, you have to accept the fact like any other growers and analyze effective ways to deal with the odor.

Why Does Weed Smell So Strong?

Why Does Weed Smell So Strong

While cannabis plants progressively move forward to its growing-cycle, it emits a strong and funky noticeable smell.

This foul smell is initiated by marijuana’s terpene chemical compound- Myrcene. You can find Myrcene in other aromatic plants too. For example-mangoes, hops, bay leaves because they have Myrcene compounds in them.

Different plants contain more or less Myrcene which ultimately decides if the weed strain is potent or not. Both the weed growers and buyers invest in it by analyzing its specific scent quality because of a terpene.

However, some growers might find the bad smell intolerable, but ironically the scent is the main content of marijuana. Since we are on the subject, here are a few benefits of terpene-

  • The therapeutic properties of terpene enhance its medicinal quality.
  • Some terpene contains anti-inflammatory properties and helps to block the substances that cause inflammation.
  • A few have pain-relieving properties that are widely used in treatment.
  • Some have the properties for anti-anxiety, nausea, and weight loss.
  • Terpene counteracts the bugs and insects thus, decreasing the risk of infestation in a grow tent.

When does the bad smell become noticeable?

When does the bad smell become noticeable

Some may think weed smell becomes noticeable when it is dried or when someone is around smoking it. However, the truth is, the scent starts becoming detectable after a few weeks of its initial growing stage.

In the vegetative phase, marijuana smells like other greeneries, so it doesn’t attract attention from people. In the flowering stage, as soon as the buds start to grow, the cannabis plants smell the most disgusting at that time.

Knowing the time frame of the ‘most smelly period’ of cannabis is crucial. Because while you will be taking the necessary steps against the weed smell, applying numerous methods from the start or initial phases will be nothing but wastage.

Instead, save it for the flowering stage to ensure an effective result.

How To Smell Proof A Grow Tent?

By now, it is pretty much clear that a grow tent is not a smell-proof item, but it shouldn’t be an obstacle in growing cannabis and having the thrilling experience of the process.

Here are full-proof techniques to smell proof grow tent –

1. The best way to neutralize odor- Carbon Filter

Carbon filters are so far the best method to remove weed smell from a large amount of air. It works even better when connected with an inline fan. The more air sucked inside through an inline fan, the more air gets purified by the carbon filter and then sent outside.

Carbon filters have crushed charcoal which traps the smelly particles, VOC (Volatile Organic Compound), and weed debris. After locking these negative charges, the carbon filter releases the smell-free air so no one can detect the scent of weed when it comes via the filter.

To get the best carbon filter service, strictly maintain the proper spigot size with a robust inline fan. Because these factors directly relate to how much clean air is achievable within a given time.

Generally, the carbon filter size ranges more or less 4 inches to 13 inches in diameter, where the most popular sizes are 4 inches and 6 inches. However, carbon filters are long-lasting if properly managed and can be used for several growing seasons.

Still, it is undeniable that the carbon filter doesn’t clear out 100% of the weed smell. Compared to the other odor cleaning options, a carbon filter takes out the most amount of bad smell, but add a few different choices with it and you will get your ultimate solution for a smell-proof to grow tent.

If your primary target is to hide or remove the weed smell entirely, consider the VIVOSUN 4-Inch Carbon filter, as many marijuana growers have already appreciated its performance. And Tag along with another effective product we have discussed further to ensure there is no weed smell inside or outside the cannabis grow area.

2. Odor/Smoke Absorbing Gel

Odor absorbing gel counteracts the smell and decreases the scent of aromatic plants from the air. Its working process is a bit similar to air freshener, even though the absorbing gel is more potent in its act. This gel fills the room with an intense fragrance to ensure that the weed smell is less noticeable.

Here again, absorbing gel alone is not effective enough to remove the weed smell entirely. Combining some air freshener with it can bring a better outcome.

Using an odor-absorbing gel for large grow areas with abundant cannabis plants is pretty expensive; instead, this gel gives better coverage for small-scale tents at a reasonable cost. But again, give it a second thought if you are producing too many smelly plants in a small grow space as it may not reach your expectations.

For a quick recommendation, applying the Cannabolish Odor Removing Gel outside the room might let you experience an effective result. Many growers already heard of Cannabolish as it is a high-rated odor controller.

For the record, California’s Cannabis café uses Cannabolish products to decrease the odor where customers are actively smoking weeds.

3. Air Fresheners

Air fresheners are everyday household products and provide easy and quick solutions to weed smell. The fresheners don’t neutralize the odor like a carbon filter. It simply replaces the bad smell with a fragrance of your choice.

Sadly, there are 2 unavoidable drawbacks.

  • The first one is, the effect of air freshener is short-term. That means it could only hide the weed smell for a limited time. As soon as the scented smell fades away, again, the strong weed smell rules the space.
  • Another downfall is, even if you decide to spray frequently to get rid of the smell, the cost of this many fresheners will mess up your budget.

Air fresheners are a temporary solution but effective in order to get a quick response. Keeping that in mind, Ozium is a classic odor eliminator that has a vanilla-lemon scent. This air freshener is pretty good to remove the weed smell from the air.

Moreover, air fresheners are better to keep around as a prompt resolution and consider using a few other strong options to remove the weed smell for an extended period.

4. Ozone Generator

The working mechanism of the Ozone generator is a lot like a carbon filter. It neutralizes the smelly particles instead of masking them. Combining a carbon filter with an ozone generator provides almost a 100% smell-proof grow room.

The Ozone generator produces Ozone gas which is a natural air purifier. Ozone gas has 3 Oxygen molecules, whereas the breathable Oxygen atom has 2 molecules. In the Oxidation process, Ozone releases that 1-oxygen molecule and turns itself into pure oxygen.

Since all the smelly particles are negative and the free oxygen molecule released by Ozone is positive, these charges attract each other. After bonding, the compound makes the smell go away.

You can either use the ozone generator as a standalone device or connect it with the carbon filter, which has considerably better performance. In both ways, do not ignore the need for a finely working carbon filter to reduce the weed smell entirely.

However, if you are looking for the best ozone generator that experienced growers recommend as one must-have equipment, go for Enerzen Ozone Generator without any doubt.

5. Odor Neutralizing Sprays/Candles

Odor neutralizing spray has active ingredients that invite the VOC, smelly compounds into it and bond permanently. So the smelly particle became unable to break out of the trap and held inside; therefore, the outer area is free from weed smell.

Odor neutralizing sprays are mainly for use outside the grow area. Another reason for using it outside in the final stage is because it can hamper the authentic taste and smell of the plants.

However, if you are totally new to this, check out the odor removing sprays by Cannabolish or maybe a lavender odor eliminator spray by Fresh Wave.

6. Temperature & Humidity Control

Have you noticed, the trash bin outside stinks more during the summer than in the winter? Because the hotter temperature and higher humidity keep the smelly particles alive for a longer time. That being said, the weed smell in grow tents is no different.

When the growing area is too hot and the growers are neglecting the proper management of humidity levels, the cannabis breeders are about to face some significant problems, including a long-lasting weed smell.

Cannabis doesn’t emit any noticeable smell during the vegetative phase, but the flowering stage is more crucial. Maintaining accurate temperature and specific humidity according to the phase’s demand will help you prevent mold and bud rot and also reduce the smell instead of storing it for a long time.

Sometimes, grow lights instigate the heating issues in the grow tent. For that, try using cooler grow lights for a certain period. Besides, running an air circulation fan will make sure the temperature cannot rise too much while at the same time drying the damp spots around the cannabis.

7. Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are also applicable to reduce the strong weed smell. Mainly when your living area is near the cannabis growing space, you might not like the smell lingering around your house all the time. The air purifiers keep the air clean from the particles that are causing odor.

These purifiers are compact-sized and affordable, but of course, they cannot take over the smell controlling responsibility all by themselves. You must combine it with a carbon filter to achieve the best outcome.

However, you might have come across many confusing options while purchasing; take a look at LEVOIT Air Purifier; it has a perfect build and performance for a cannabis growing space.

8. Exhaust Fan Ventilation

By installing an exhaust fan, you can replace the grow room’s air entirely with the fresh air outside. Before sending the air outside, ensure that the weed smell is gone or hard to predict.

Otherwise, the people outside the room could instantly tell the presence of cannabis plants as they have a unique but widely known scent. The exhaust fan should be mounted at the top of the carbon filter, generally where the weed smell is most pungent.

This method aims to confine the smelly air than clean it before releasing it to the outside via the exhaust fan. So both indoors and outdoors are free from the weed smell.

Even though sealing up the grow tent is not an ideal solution, make sure to have an airtight seal in your grow tent. Look for small holes in the tent and shut them up with duct tape so the smelly weed air cannot escape through it.

A few experts suggest only filling the room with 80% air; if not, the grow tent will be overloaded with smelly air or negative charges, and look for corners, joints, or zippers to seep out.

 ‘Grow tent maximizers’ assist in case the tent walls are struggling while managing the negative forces.

Pro Tips to Deal with the Weed Smell

Following the techniques of experienced growers dealing with the reeking smell of weed in the flowering might make your harvesting easier.

Those are-

  • Consider the carbon filter as the central defense against weed smell and add another smell neutralizer along with it to remove the odor entirely.
  • According to some, smaller cannabis plants or autoflowers emit less odor than larger ones.
  • Go for a less smelly marijuana strain. To help you in this sector, we have broadly discussed this matter below.
  • Plant a few other solid aromatic plants that can cover up the smell of marijuana or at least reduce its intensity.

What Escalates the Odor Inside or Outside the Grow Tent?

Marijuana has a recognizable scent that is unbearable for a few people. While growing weed, inevitable mistakes can maximize this odor. To avoid empowering the smell, make sure to be careful of these points down below-

  • We have already mentioned why controlling the temperature and humidity is essential for neutralizing the weed smell. Higher temperature and humidity maximize the scent and prolong the period of its existence.

So keep the temperature under control by adding an exhaust fan. Also, consider using a dehumidifier to manage the humidity level while applying high humidity as it is unavoidable for the plant’s different phases and requirements.

  • Sometimes the ducting or tent walls might have tiny holes that are not easy to catch with bare eyes. These holes are the escaping point for the odor particles. When the bad smell leaves the room through these holes, your housemates and neighbors inevitably have a vivid idea of what you are cooking inside.

 How To Grow Weed Indoors Without Smell?

Where growing cannabis is not legalized, cultivating potent cannabis strain is indeed a challenging dream to bring into reality. Do not lose hope because you still have a chance to grow genetically modified, less smelly marijuana that is not easy to notice by the people around. Unless you believe less scented weeds are still better than no weed.

These cannabis strains are considered to be less smelly-

  • Northern Light- These cannabis strains are easy to grow for novice farmers. It has 90% Indica strain while the Sativa is only 10%. This one has an earthy aroma that smells like fruits during smoking.
  • Royal Creamatic- These plants have 10% Sativa with 30% Ruderalis and 60% Indica. It is a safe choice for indoor growers who don’t want to deal with the strong weed smell. This plant has a sweet and intense scent that works on delighting senses while smoking.
  • Blue Mystic- This is a hybrid strain produced combined from Northern Light and the genetics of Oregon Blueberry. It has 20% Sativa with 80% Indica. Blue Mystic has a berry aroma where a bit of lavender fragrance adds up more to it.

 Frequently Asked Questions

1.      Can you get high from smelling weed plants?

Ans. Yes. Hallucinogenic depressants are the direct effect of smoking weed. But it is possible to mess up your driving ability or concentration only by breathing the THC (Psychoactive Compound). This is why there is a chance you can get high by inhaling the weed plants.

2.      What is the best way to control weed smell?

Ans. The best way to keep the strong weed smell under control is with the help of a carbon filter along with an inline fan. This equipment ensures proper ventilation, solves heating issues and many other things, including neutralizing odor.

Final Thought

If you have experienced the reeking smell of marijuana, you must know the unpleasant scent is absolutely intolerable, even if you love growing cannabis.

Indeed a high yield of marijuana brings happiness, so you should deal with this hardship as a part of the journey. We have recommended several methods and the best solutions to neutralize odor.

We hope you have a clear answer to Do Grow Tents Keep The Smell In? and additionally got the idea of what to do next to control the weed smell in your grow tent.

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