Grow Tent vs. Closet/ Cabinet: Which One is Perfect for You?

(Last Updated On: May 19, 2021)

Establishing an outdoor garden can be both be difficult or a luxury for many of us for several reasons including pests, no space, weather conditions, trespassing, and so on. But that does not mean you cannot grow your favorite tomatoes or green on your own! Because this is when indoor gardening comes into play to satisfy your horticultural needs!

Indoor gardens can be super fun and convenient, and in many cases, they provide a higher yield as well as larger plant products and harvest.

While there are several options available to begin your in-house gardening journey, two of the most user-friendly ways are having the best indoor grow tents and closets. With the right expertise and patience, you can set up either one of these and watch your plants grow without any hassle.

Although both are great, there are some differences between them which may convince you to choose one over the other. This write-up is based on the reviews and experiences based on multiple grow tent and grow closet users, and it has summarized all the aspects of both the options that will assist you in understanding which one is the right one for you.

Let’s get on with it!

Grow Tent as a Preference

Choosing a grow tent can be quite favorable in most cases, and many users tend to opt for this option over a grow closet. It comes in a wide range of options and sizes that can be both flexible and versatile for your needs.  Let’s have a look quick at its essential features and its shortcomings.


1. Grow tents have a wide range of sizes: Starting from a small 2×2 grow tent to a massive 10×10 grow tent, they come in a number of convenient sizes to choose from for your gardening needs. Grow closets are somewhat smaller in size with limited space, thus if you are looking for a more abundant harvest with higher produce a grow tent is your way to go!

2. Easy dismantling and portability: Grow tents can be quickly taken down and contained in a small casing or packaging. It allows you to relocate your gardening system if you have a change of heart regarding your gardening location.

3. Better affordability: Grow tents are generally cheaper than grow closets, and you can easily customize it and modify it as necessary and within your budget. You can set up all necessary equipment such as carbon filter, inline and oscillating fan, humidifier, dehumidifier according to your plant’s needs. On the other hand, you can buy a complete grow tent package with all equipment in one package.

4. Comfortable to maintain and clean: Grow tents usually include a removable floor tray, which can be periodically taken out for cleaning, and this will leave your gardening environment fresh and healthy.


1. Susceptible to rips and tears: While grow tents do come with durable exterior canvas made from thick material, but the fabric is still exposed to accidental cuts and tears if mishandled, and this decreases both the efficiency and usability of the grow tent.

2. Grow tents may not look visually pleasing: If you are looking for aesthetics for your indoor garden, you may not want to choose a grow tent. Placing a grow tent in your house will not be discreet, and visitors or guests will surely find it difficult not to locate a grow tent positioned in your home.

Grow closet as a preference

Grow cabinet is a convenient gardening scheme, and users have the option to purchase a grow cabinet or install one manually inside an unused closet. Although grow closets have some slight drawbacks in terms of affordability and portability, they are still a great choice if you are looking for something durable and long-lasting. Here is a quick overview of its pros and cons.


1. Pre-built with necessary components installed: If you are purchasing a grow closet, they will usually come with pre-installed gear and growing equipment such as a grow light, filter, fan and more. You will have to spend no time or expertise behind the manual setup. This plug-and-play feature of grow closets make them preferable to many gardeners.

2. Discreet and easy to conceal: Grow closets look like regular closets, often with very aesthetically pleasing designs. Thus, if you are looking for something that will blend in beautifully with all the furniture without attracting unwanted attention from the guests, a grow closet might be the right one for you.

3. More durable, airtight, and lightproof: Grow closet have compact designs without any leaks or tears; thus it is easier to maintain an optimum and healthy condition within your grow closet compared to a grow tent which can lose this feature if it is ripped along the seams or due to an accidental open vent on the canvas.

Grow closets are also much sturdier and more robust in design, which will serve your gardening needs for a very long time without any maintenance.

4. Grow closets are automated: Along with the pre-installed components, grow closets are also able to moderate the environmental parameters as required by you and your plants.


Grow closets can be expensive: With pre-assembled gear installed within, grow closets can be slightly pricier than grow tents. If your budget is not too high or you are not planning to break the bank on expensive equipment, this might not be your preference.

Portability might be an issue: While grow tents are comfortable to take down and lightweight to carry, grow closets are bulky with all equipment installed within. This makes grow tents harder to unplug and move from one place to another; thus, you will mostly want a grow closet if you plan to place your indoor garden in one specific location in the house.


So, which one should you purchase? It all depends on your gardening requirements, the amount of harvest you require, space, and your budget.

Grow tents are cheaper and easily portable in a variety of sizes, making them a versatile option. On the other hand, grow closets are pre-assembled and durable, with lower maintenance, which makes them a promising choice.

Both of these are excellent choices for indoor gardening, and we suggest that you purchase a product that is of good quality as that will serve a long way for a good number of years.

We hope you will have an exceptional gardening experience up ahead, and you will enjoy it wholeheartedly, as much as we have enjoyed writing this article for you!

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