How to Hide a Grow Tent – Most Effective Ways

(Last Updated On: June 20, 2021)

Grow tents are tall and compact tents, used for growing vegetables and herbs (or even marijuana) indoors. Since they have reflective interior walls, they can easily fit inside coat closets. A good grow tent is not only waterproof and lightproof but also has airtight vents.

If you are thinking of growing in a rented property, you need to first find out how to hide a grow tent. Not being able to conceal your grow tent properly would put you under big security risks, especially during a property inspection.

Here are few strategies that can help you hide a grow tent.

Camouflage it with other stuff

The simplest method of how to hide a grow tent is to pile up stuff around it that could mask it. For instance, you could get some cartons or moving boxes that are slightly bigger than the tent. Make holes at both ends and slide them over the tent. Anyone who sees the mess would think it’s just a stack of boxes.

If we talk about how to hide a grow tent particularly from your landlord, a smart way is to take down the tent at the time of inspection, while you stash your plants into the closet and cover them with your clothing.

Do not share your secret

The best strategy to hide a grow tent is not to tell anyone about it to begin with. The fewer people know about it, the better. The more people you tell, the more likely would it be that someone would start making a fuss.

Even neighbors can be very nosy in these cases. No matter how much you trust a friend or a neighbor, it is safest to keep your grow operation as secret as possible.

Keep the smell under control

When you are thinking to hide a grow tent, the first thing that should come to your mind is the smell that comes out of it.

It is super important to have proper ventilation in your grow tent. Almost everyone can identify the smell of marijuana these days, and once people suspect it, they get even more curious. If you live in an apartment and your grow tent is not properly ventilated, the entire apartment building might start suspecting.

To make it worse, the smell of marijuana plant gets even stronger with time. When it reaches the flowering stage, the whole grow space could get fumed with odor.

One effective way to contain the smell of ganja within the grow space is to use a carbon filter. You can either make a carbon filter yourself or buy it from the nearest store.

Soundproof the grow room

A grow tent can get extremely noisy, but many growers often neglect this before preparing their grow space. There is a lot of electrical equipment that’s used in a grow tent, such as lights, fans and carbon filters. These make constant annoying buzzing sounds that can draw the attention of your neighbors or anyone passing by towards your tent.

If you live in a busy area, the sounds could be overshadowed by the traffic noise coming from the streets. But if you live in a peaceful residential area, you might want to consider soundproofing your grow space.

The soundproofing does not need to be done in a professional way. Simply use some foam or some other sound absorbent material, and manually cover your grow tent with it. If the fan is too loud, cover it with a muffler.

If you have a basement in the house, it is a good idea to build your grow tent there. You would not need to think so much on how to hide a grow tent if you use your basement as your grow space.

Think of an excuse for the extra electricity consumption

All the extra electrical equipment would surely cause extra electricity consumption. An indoor grow tent is like an electrical box, especially if it is hydroponic or made of some other complicated system.

The sudden increase in electricity usage in your location could draw the attention of your neighbors or landlord, unless you have some other logical explanation for it. People have been suspected and caught for growing marijuana due to the sudden rise in electricity consumption in their area. Thus it is best to have an excuse prepared for each stage of the growth.

Learning how to hide a grow tent before starting your growing operation is a smart way of steering clear of trouble. Note that taking drastic measures, such as reversing the numbers on the electric meter, is not how to hide a grow tent. Such actions could actually get you into more trouble.

Stay friends with your neighbors

As strange as this may sound, but maintaining a frank and open attitude with your neighbors would help you prevent those living around you to become suspicious about your activities. If you avoid them, on the other hand, they would probably know for sure that you are up to something fishy.

While having friendly chats with your neighbors, they might actually mention to you if they have been hearing any buzzing noise or smelling something funky in the neighborhood. If they are nosey and like to gossip, and they think of you as a friend, then they will surely gossip with you too. From their gossip, you could indeed get some tips on how to hide a grow tent by asking them about it in a joking way.

Dispose off the waste carefully

If you know how to hide a grow tent effectively, you would always dispose off the waste inconspicuously. You would need to dispose off things like pots, stems, leaves, soil bags and nutrient bottles. These items can make those observing you suspicious.

The best is to compost these items in your backyard. But if that’s not possible, then find some other appropriate place to dispose them off instead of throwing them into the trashcans of your house. A local dumpster, if there is one, could be a good place to throw all the waste because nobody knows at a dumpster which garbage came from whom.

Use the night hours to grow

Some growers have started using the night hours to carry out their secret grow operation. Perhaps these growers have thought well beforehand how to hide a grow tent.

When you grow indoors, you probably use LED grow lights instead of sunlight, which means you do not have to necessarily have to grow during the day.

There are several benefits of working on your grow tent at night.

Firstly, the noise of the fans and other electrical equipment can go on while everyone around is fast asleep. Secondly, the temperature at night is usually cooler than daytime, which makes it a more comfortable time for you to work on your grow tent.

Be alert and keep learning new ways on how to hide a grow tent

Using common sense is the best way to keep yourself out of trouble in any situation, and the same applies here. Try to act as natural as possible around others, so that nobody gets a chance to suspect that you are up to something.

Keep doing more and more research about how to hide a grow tent and how to maintain the same. The more knowledgeable you are about what you do, the better you would be able handle all situations around it.

When you have a grow tent, you should take pleasure in your operation, and do not let the eyes of others bother you so much that the worry starts showing on your face. Act courteous towards the people living close to you. Take it easy, enjoy the process, and let everything run smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I hide the heat from my grow tent?

ANS: One way to do this is to fix foam panels from the ceiling to the floor. Then blow some cool air into the gap. Use tape to seal the seams and corners. Cover the walls so that the heat is reflected back into the room.

Q: Can my grow tent be made smell proof?

ANS: Grow tents cannot exactly be made smell-proof, but you can conceal the scent of the flowering plants. If you maintain proper air circulation, you will be able to keep the odor levels in control.

Q: How would I know when to harvest?

ANS: When the white hairs on the buds begin to turn brown and curled inwards, that’s the time to harvest. If you want to be sure, you can use a magnifying glass to look at the buds.


An indoor grow tent is one of the most effective practices for growing plants these days. If you know how to hide a grow tent, you can successfully run an indoor grow operation without getting in trouble. Just be careful not to let the noise and the smell leak out to your neighbors or even friends. Also, be aware of any property inspection dates well in advance. Enjoy the experience and stay confident. Happy growing!

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