how to install carbon filter in grow tent- Ultimate Guide

(Last Updated On: May 20, 2021)

So you are done with growing indoor plants in grow tent, right? Unwanted toxic odors and different contaminants are some of the noticeable factors for the healthy growth of the plants.

The best solution is to know how to install a carbon filter in a grow tent.

For instance, it makes the airflow system fresh and conducive for plants. This also accelerates presenting a clean and proactive garden with a diligent outlook.

In this article, we aim to make you learn the step by step ways to set up carbon filter in grow tent. Let’s pay close attention to that.

What is a carbon filter?

The carbon filter is an integral part of air exhaust management. Activated carbons are installed in it with a lot of pores inside of it. This air equipment plays a vital role in extensive odor management.

However, it traps all bad smells, harmful particles, dust, pollen, and containments, etc. properly. Hence, your grow tent remain safe and free from bad odors.

Stuff You Need Before Setting:

  1. First of all, choose a carbon filter size that perfectly suits the size of the grow tent.
  2. Aluminum ducting is best for a perfect connection between the filter and the inline fan. The package comes in a combo. So never get worried about getting the ideal size of the carbon filter.
  3. Use a heavy-duty rope to hang the carbon filter.
  4. Extractor fans are usually used to inspect the regular airflow.
  5. Take duct tapes to make protection to the seal tightly.

How to Install Carbon Filter in Grow Tent

Several ways are there to follow when installing a carbon filter. Here, we would like to discuss the methods in detail.

Installing both fan and filter

  • Put the filter connected to one side of the grow tent. The other side of the tent should be attached to the inline fan.
  • Then you must run the ducting port to the carbon filter to the grow tent. Make sure that the fan draws the air from inside the tent.

Set the filter inside and the fan outside of the tent:

  • In this method, you should set the filter to the inside adjacent to the exhaust port. Then install the inline fan to the exterior side. Now run the ducting that goes through the exhaust port. Remember the fan must draw the air inside the grow tent.

Installing a fan inside and the carbon filter outside:

  • As mentioned above, the direction is very simple. In this method, you should install the fan to the inside adjacent to the exhaust port. Now run the ducting that goes through the exhaust port associated with the fan. Remember the fan must pull the air inside the grow tent.

Set the fan and filter outside the tent:

  • In this way of installing a filter, attach the ducting to the top part of the tent adjacent to the port. Then run the ducting that goes through the exhaust port associated with the fan.
  • Now, you can affix the carbon filter to the fan. Make sure the inline fan pulls the air circulation from inside.

How does it work?

Carbon filters are the most essential equipment for fighting pollutants, harmful particles, allergens, or odors.

Now the million-dollar question is how do they work inside the tent?

“Well, we are going to give you the answers.”

They contain activated carbon beds. Activated carbons are significantly processed with the highest gas trapping capability. This is a kind of charcoal.

However, the particles have a definite surface space around it. Also, they are full of little pores. There is a 3000m2 surface remaining in each gram of carbon.

Here, pores in the carbons are drastically created when injecting the hot air into the activated carbon. This is how; the surface area is significantly enlarged.

Most importantly the surface pores aim to attract harmful pollutants or allergens. As a result, the carbon bed traps organic chemicals. Also, it makes the environment clean and fresh from the dust, particles, and bad smells.

Some additional tips to remember when installing the carbon filter

  • Choose a filter that suits the grow room size. Otherwise, the installation would not be done properly.
  • Aluminum ducting is ideal for a better connection between the filter to the inline fan.
  • Remember there are duct clips to provide the ultimate protection of them.
  • You need to place the fan adjacent to the grow room to get fresh air circulation. That’s how the denser air gets a chance to accumulate to the fan.
  • If the Carbon filters and fans somehow create noise, it might be a great issue to face. And of course, you would love to get a nice smell inside the tent, right? The following steps are helpful to fix this issue.
  • When the extractor fan is mounted to the wall, it would create less vibration. That ultimately creates less sound too.
  • Another idea is to acquire the latest acoustic ducting to produce less vibration.
  • To get a pleasant smell inside the tent put an air freshener on the carbon filter. That can spread a nice smell around the tent.


Carbon filters contribute a lot to keep the indoor garden fresh from bad odors. If you cultivate indoor plants, then you must know how to install a carbon filter in grow tent.

The intake fan should be attached to the solid frame tent perfectly. It highly helps in preventing loud noise, and excessive vibration. Make sure you are using the best equipment.

I hope, this article is helpful for you to provide the ideal installation of the filter. If you face any problem with that, please let us know it in the comment section.

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