How to Lower Humidity in Grow Tent (An Ultimate Guide)

(Last Updated On: October 20, 2021)

Humidity in A Grow Tent!

How to Control Humidity in grow tent is one of the most important factors facing the internal gardens. In this article, I will deal with how to control Humidity in grow tent and provide some options to help keep your trees dry.

You have to keep in mind when you decide to raise the plant at home. This is especially true when you do so inside a home tent.

Additional plants allow care of various types of trees throughout the year and increase the production of all types irrespective of the current weather or climate.

Provides tent-controlled environments and generally uses hydroelectricity than conventional soil.

Some of the advantages of grow tents using plants are the more efficient absorption of nutrients and potentially harmful substances found on the ground, such as a parasite, extra dirt, mold, lungs, and larvae of eggs or insect pests.

This article aims to explain and how it plays an important role in plant growth and explains ways to control Humidity in the growing tent.

The Importance of Humidity

One reason for Humidity should be kept at a higher level because plants need water to live. Although they can get it from the roots, the fact is that the trees also get water from other parts.

In a more specific sense, they absorb water from their stomachs through vapors in the air. If there is no moisture in the surrounding environment, they will loot the opportunity to get water for their development and development.

Baby trees are at their most important stage and need water at this particular stage before them “milking” and preparing for the outside world.

What humidity should my grow tent be?

  • Seeding stage: Seed and clone 65-70% high humidity levels
  • Reason: The root system is not established
  • Generation period: Humidity levels can be reduced by 5% per week (acceptable range: 40-70%)
  • Temperatures can be increased slightly (no obligation)
  • Flower time: Humidity should be reduced by 40-50% (extremely important)
  • Lighter flowers (1-2 weeks before harvest)
  • The following steps can improve any requirements, but the yield, smell, and appearance
  • As soon as the humidity levels can be increased: 30-40%

Low humidity Results

High levels of moisture deteriorate new plants negatively affect their growth. Low humidity puts pressure on plants for more effort, and thus perhaps reduces its life or delay, even pushing its growth and development.

Other consequences: We will be associated with low levels of moisture in the growing environment so that the plant can be removed from the emission, so that the plant can spread to the mold and lungs, as well as damage to spider hazardous insects.

How to Increase Humidity in A Grow Room

Lower drain fan setting

Birds are very important in every tent because they allow air to spread and good distribution through plants. This facilitates air exchanges within the decomposing tents and external because fresh air will have to be started because of the increase in the number of harmful microbes and/or areas.

Although your grow tent fan speed is set too high, instead of sticking to the air vapor, the air can dry quickly and this can be absorbed by nearby trees. You could include a humidifier or dehumidifier alongside your surroundings as well.

If you plan to do this, then make it a point to keep at least 60% moisture level.

Lower the surrounding temperature

It is common knowledge that due to its relative density, the cold air will always sink below. Low temperature means the air is relatively humid, which has a significant presence in water vapor.

This can be achieved by decreasing the temperature of the heater or by increasing the temperature of the tent itself or home. Another way to do this is to reduce the intensity of UV light, given light, helps in water vaporization. It is not really a point of concern, given that the young plants are not required that much light.

As well as there are large trees inside the grow tent

Although some people may think that the big trees will loot the small plants, the reality is that these big trees actually contribute to the level of steam, and later contribute to the humidity under the house by putting the child inwards. Just make sure you do not overcrowd your growth tent.

Large trees also manage the respiratory system, and this part of the process is that in addition to carbon monoxide, water vapors will also be released. This steam then will feed small, small plants.

Also, larger pages mean more stomata, which means more water vapor will be released.

Keep the water source as easy as possible

The obvious and easiest way to increase water vapor levels is to set up a water tray next to air-taking tubes or passive air holes. You can also saturate the sponge and keep them near your growing tray.

The heat from the rising lamp will gradually evaporate this water, and add moisture to the tents extended in the process.

What Humidity Should My Grow Tent be?

The humidity range required for most indoor crops is between 3-55%, with 40-45% ideal targets.

Up to 60% may cause moisture mold, mildews, and other unwanted biological growth. Furthermore, high humidity effectively prevents the effect of effective light synthesis of plants from taking CO2. In this case, a dehumidifier can be used by reducing humidity at a proper level.

How do I keep the Humidity up in My Grow Tent?

  • Use Victorian bell cloches on your plants.
  • Set your drainage fan at the minimum.
  • Reduce the temperature by removing half of your fluorescence tube – do not worry, young plants do not need more light!
  • Reduce the temperature by adding some A/C to your tent!
  • Introduce big trees – they produce more transit and more relative humidity!
  • Taking your air or passing water tray near the passive air hole
  • Add a sponge to your trays, fill in water – sponge creates a more wet surface area


It is important to keep things moist in your home tents, one thing you must remember is that the water you use should be as clean as possible. Harmful bacteria can cause many diseases along with your plants as well. Regular maintenance is an integral part of raising your plants, except for the control of humidity in the home tent.

Moreover, be careful with adding sponges or small trays to fans, these materials that use electricity, and when they come in contact with water, there may be short circuits.

Hope this helped to answer your questions to increase moisture in your home or tent. I’m happy to reply to your questions by comments or emails.

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