How to Raise Humidity in Grow Tent ( A Complete Guide )

(Last Updated On: May 21, 2021)

Humidity is an important factor when you decide to grow plants indoors. Definitely, your inquisitive mind wants to know how to raise humidity in grow tent. In this article, I will show you the procedure for doing so.

Taking care of your plants is a must to do responsibility for you throughout the year. It keeps away the harmful insects and provides potential benefits. Besides air, light, and temperature, moisture also plays a vital role in the accelerated growth of your loving plants.

This well-organized article will describe why it is so important and how to increase the humidity level in it.

Why humidity is important

To make the photosynthesis system well, humidity is a very crucial factor to consider. In fact, water is essential for plants to live and grow. Most of the time, they receive it from other parts of the plants.

Particularly, they absorb it from the stomata through the vaporization system. “Can you sense now why it is important?” “I think, you have specifically realized it.”

If it loses water by any chance, the stomata will automatically close. If that happens, stomata won’t receive any light. Eventually, the photosynthesis will stop. Then they will fail to absorb enough amount of CO2.

As a result, plants can’t prepare the food and can’t live for long. Plants receive water like the way I mentioned above. That’s why humidity should be there possible.

How to Increase Humidity in Grow Tent

The following steps are very necessary to raise the humidity level. Before increase the humidity level, you have to ensure to have the best grow tent.

1. Providing lower temperature

This is a potential step if lowering the temperature. You can easily do it decreasing the heater temperature. Or you can increase the air conditioning temperature.
In fact, you must keep the surrounding air as moist as possible.

The remarkable presence of humidity will eventually increase through this step.
Another proven way you may follow is to reduce the severity of UV light. Light accelerates the easy access to the evaporation.

2. Lowering the speed of the fan

Grow tent fan is the necessary equipment in terms of increasing humidity. Air circulation is crucial in growing plants. Fresh air should prevail inside the grow tents.
Lower the fan speed because it will eventually make the air to desiccate. This will not help the vapor to set up properly.

3. Add humidifier in grow room

Humidifier plays an important role in increasing moisturizers in dry air environments. This is a device that is widely used in offices, grow rooms, etc.

Furthermore, there are various types of humidifiers. And you need to use the right humidifier for grow tent. They can efficiently manage the humidity level inside the grow room.

4. Utilizing water sources

If you want to raise a significant amount of water vapor, this is the easiest way I think. As a water source, you can use water trays, ice cubes or passive air holes.
When air flows, it eventually evaporates the water nicely. Thus the humidity will rise.

5. Placing large plants inside the grow room

Larger plants are necessary for increasing the humidity levels. In a more specific sense, they go through the respiration process well. In doing so, they contribute a lot to the releasing of water vapor.
Again, they own bigger leaves as well. Subsequently, the stomata will collect more light and helps attribute water vapor widely.

Is High Humidity Good for a Grow Tent?

We have mentioned in this article before that humidity can’t be underrated by any chance. You must have a great sense in this matter. The impeccable role of humidity contributes a lot in managing the indoor plants effectively.

Is too much humidity presence good for growing plants? Definitely, this is a million-dollar question. The answer is “No.”

The plants you want to grow will undergo a great risk and struggle for want to photosynthesis for that. There are a lot of bad consequences may cause constant humidity level increasing.

It may prevent the plant’s water absorption ability in a wide range. Again, it invites the harmful insects to have an entry. Furthermore, it lowers the possibilities of the CO2 intake process. As a result, photosynthesis will get interrupted.

If anyhow you find too much humidity in the grow room, you must know how to lower humidity in grow tent.

Absolutely, you can do so by following the steps as well.

  • Make sure you manage a great ventilation system inside the tent.
  • You must keep the temperature at a limited level in grow room.
  • Using a dehumidifier for grow tent will put a great contribution to lowering the humidity.
  • Make sure there are not too many water resources in the tent.


The plants you want to grow are in great need of humidity. As a grower, you should not overlook this noticeable factor.

By the time, you have come to know how to raise the humidity in grow tent from this article. Hopefully, it will add another feather in the cap of your knowledge.

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