How To Use Ozone Generator In Grow Room?

(Last Updated On: September 18, 2021)

According to the American Journal of Infection Control, a dosage of 25ppm Ozone for 20 minutes and controlled humidity inactivated most of the bacteria present in both laboratory test and field conditions.

That pretty much justifies why the growers are adding an Ozone generator as another essential piece of equipment for grow tents.

As a recent addition, the usage of Ozone generators is not clear to many novice growers. Don’t worry; you’ll know everything you need about How to Use Ozone Generator in Grow Room by the end of this article.

Also, we have added the 3 best Ozone generators after analyzing a boatload of options available in the market. Pick any of them without any ray of doubt to save time going through the same procedure we have already done for you.

3 Best Ozone Generator

Image Product Details   Price
Enerzen-Ozone-Generator-6000mg Enerzen Ozone Generator Capacity: 10,000mg/h
2,000 sq. ft.
Service Life:
20,000 hours
Check Price
Airthereal-MA5000-Commercial-Ozone Airthereal Ozone Generator Capacity: 5,000 mg/h
Coverage1,000 sq. ft.
Service Life: 5,000 hours
Check Price
Airthereal-Ozone-Machine-10000 Airthereal Ozone Machine  Capacity: 10,000mg/h
Coverage2,000 sq. ft.
Service Life: 20,000 hours
Check Price

What Is An Ozone Generator?

First thing first, what is Ozone? We all are familiar with Oxygen, formed with 2 oxygen atoms (O2). Add another oxygen atom, and you’ll find a different gas called Ozone formed with 3 oxygen atoms (O3).

Though Ozone and Oxygen are built with the same atoms, where Ozone is only a bit extended, still their characteristics and functions do not relate to each other at all.

Ozone has various benefits in a closed environment, so Ozone generators have the mechanism to produce Ozone gas to achieve those advantages indoors.

How Does An Ozone Generator Work?

As we have said earlier, the central task of an Ozone generator is to produce Ozone gas and the rest is done by the Ozone itself.

So, how is an Ozone molecule constructed? We have sufficient oxygen in the air, and when electricity passes through the air, those oxygen molecules break apart and end up as single atoms.

Then these single atoms roam in the air and look for other molecules to bond with. Then they temporarily bond with the oxygen molecule (O2) (Which still prevails in the air) and create an Ozone molecule (O3).

However, the separated or split oxygen atom is not stable. Soon, the Ozone gas releases this atom, so it again roams in the air looking for other receptor molecules (molecules of odor, pathogens, smoke, etc.).

Two things can happen from here. First, if the extra atom finds any receptive molecule, it would bond with that compound and change its characteristics. This method is called Oxidation.

Second, if it doesn’t find any receptive molecule, it would reverse itself and form with another single oxygen atom to create a pure oxygen molecule that we breathe.

How To Use Ozone Generators In Grow Room?

Lately, Ozone has proved itself as a beneficial element around plants. That is why it is becoming a must-have appliance in grow rooms for commercial growers or plant lovers.

Now, let’s look at the uses of Ozone generators in grow room-

Air Purifying/Removing Odor

Ozone is a natural air purifier. The unique smell you notice right after the rain is probably the smell of Ozone caused by lightning struck.

If you have understood the mechanism of Ozone, then removing odor or chemicals from the air, thus (purifying it by Ozone) is not rocket science.

The smelly/odor ions are negative, and the parted atom from Ozone is positive. Naturally, they bond together and become a new molecule with new properties that are odorless.

An Ozone generator is widely used to remove smelly particles from the grow tent. There are 2 types of Ozone generators you can apply for different purposes. They are-

1. Plug-in Ozone Generator

This type of generator is majorly placed outside the tent. It vividly removes the odor, molds, viruses that are present in the air. The only difference or maybe advantage of this device with the other type is that it is portable.

So, you can have one Ozone generator that serves both your grow tent and living room needs.

2. Inline Ozone Generator

An inline Ozone generator is created specially for indoor gardening. So you must install this machine in the ducting right after the fan while leaving the ducting around 3 meters after the Ozone generator.

This mechanism is phenomenal for removing odors. When the air passes through the fan and generator, barely any odor particles are left to pollute the air.

Carbon Filter VS Ozone Generator- Which one is better for odor-controlling?

Both of these devices contribute toward odor controlling. Not to mention, a carbon filter cleans a large amount of air and the few tricky odor particles manage to escape from the filtration.

Ozone generators easily catch those leftover particles. In short, combining an ozone generator with a carbon filter can assure removing the odor nearly 100%.

Though these devices have different mechanisms still they share one common goal of purifying the air. Moreover, for the betterment of your plants and growing space, you would want both of these on duty, trust me!

Let me explain to you why-

Intolerable odors from plants around your grow room are a leading problem. A carbon filter works full-time to keep this under control, while an Ozone generator works as a sidekick and adds up a few extra benefits.

Also, the amount of Ozone produced by the generator might not be enough to remove all the smelly particles as it works for a short period while all the air might not be able to contact the Ozone.

However, the Ozone generator has different duties to fulfill as well, which we will discuss below.

Preventing Pests Invasion with Ozonated Water

Let’s start with, what is ozonated water? Being an ‘Oxidising Agent’ while Ozone is absorbed by water, it creates potent biocide that immediately kills almost all types of pathogens, mold, and bacteria in the water. After a limited time, the single atoms form an Oxygen molecule, as always.

It is undeniable that Ozone gas in the air is a bit risky for humans to breathe. On the contrary, this sterilized water is safer to use on plants and entirely safe for a human to drink. This ozonated water is applicable in disinfecting the hydroponic systems thus, keeping healthy roots.

To get ozonated water, remember to purchase the air stone option and a tube with the Ozone generator. The process is pretty much easy. Just put the airstone at the bottom of the water tank and then leave it there for a few minutes to be ozonated.

To maintain proper safety, run this procedure where the air is flowing adequately so that you will encounter fewer troubles in breathing.

Now that you know how to get ozonated water using the Ozone generator let’s discuss a few methods of implementing this sterilized water to achieve all the possible benefits.

  • To kill the spores, fungus, powdery mildew, spray it straightly on the plants. As this solution is only pure water, there is no chemical or pesticides mixed with it, so you do not have to be extra careful on the plant’s growing stage. It is safe to use on every growing phase.
  • For quick sterilization of syringes, meters, drippers, connectors or any other thing, take an average-sized bowl or bucket and dip these things into the ozonated water for 1 minute. After a minute, you will get those things sterilized and safe to use anywhere.
  • To boost the root zone, once in a while, pour ozonated water right into the roots. This will give the plants enough Oxygen to improve shortly.
  •  Take 20 seconds to dip the fresh cuttings into the ozonated water as getting it sterilized before using it in rooting hormone is necessary.

Disinfecting Grow Tent & Equipment

Most of us consider chlorine or bleach the best solution to prevent molds, fungi, and pathogens from growing equipment. But according to research, Ozone molecules are more efficient in this task, and it is 2.5 times more effective in disinfecting grow tents and cleansing or sterilizing the equipment.

However, follow these steps one by one while cleansing and disinfecting grow tent after a harvest-

  1. First, vacate the grow room; no plant, pet, or anything you don’t plan to sterilize should be inside.
  2. Ensure everything you need to disinfect, such as pruners, scalpels, meters etc., are inside the grow tent. Maintain a decent distance between the things to be sterilized so the air can flow everywhere without obstruction.
  3.  Apply hot water to clean any residue, and then let the things dry.
  4. When the equipment and grow tent is thoroughly dried, place an Ozone generator in the middle of the room and switch on the circulating fans.
  5. If the Ozone generator has an air stone and tube, you can also gain ozonated water which will help you disinfect the equipment in another form.
  6. Set up the timer for around 45 minutes. The duration should be enough to deodorize the grow tent and equipment.
  7. And then leave the room; the generator will stop when the timer goes off. Wait another hour before entering to avoid breathing Ozone.
  8. By then, the grow room and almost everything inside should be sterilized. Open the windows and let the fresh air flow everywhere to end the process.

Inhibits Bud Rot

Bud rot is a common issue wherever the grow space is prone to pathogens and fungus. An ozone generator is an ultimate solution to kill spores and molds that you cannot see with your bare eyes. Additionally, there is no chemical involved here, so you can apply this device without concerning the plant’s growth stage.

Go through the procedure of preventing bud rot with the help of an Ozone generator-

  • Whenever you detect a mildew infected area, cut apart that portion and carefully remove it from the grow tent.
  • Switch off the extractor fan for a while as there is a high chance of spores flying in the air, and the fan will help it move to other plants swiftly.
  • Now use an Ozone generator for 30-40 minutes that can cover your grow area.
  • After waiting for another hour of Ozone treatment, inspect the plants that have molds, powdery mildew. Living and active decay are somewhat white-grey. After the Ozone attack, those areas should be turned into crust or brown.
  • Eliminate any tools that are evidently infected. Also, accurately determine the amount of Ozone in an area; otherwise, it can heavily damage the plant instead of saving from bud rot.

Is There Any Disadvantage Of Ozone Generators?

The real question is if Ozone gas is bad for plants or humans!

Ozone generators have been a great help in the grow room to the plants. Besides, a few formations of Ozone like Ozonated water is beneficial for both humans and plants.

But you might have noticed by now that every Ozone generator manufacturer and user strictly prohibits anyone from entering a room while the generator is running and has the presence of Ozone gas.

These are the reasons why-

  • Breathing even a lower amount of Ozone (O3) can cause acute lung diseases. Chest pain, troubles and shortness in breathing, and coughing are some common effects of inhaling too much Ozone.
  • Inhaling Ozone is more dangerous if you already have asthma as it can initiate or increase infections thus worsen your health.
  • For the same reasons, breathing Ozone is not safe for your pet’s respiratory system.
  • Applying more Ozone molecules than needed can also harm the plants severely. It decreases the plant’s stability to produce sufficient chlorophyll thus, messing up the photosynthesis system.
  • Reduced photosynthesis can lead the plants into inevitable problems, including  premature death,
  • For some, adding a new appliance in the grow room and maintaining it could be costly. In that case, think twice if your growing space badly requires the service of an Ozone generator or not. But in most cases, investing in an Ozone generator is indeed worthy.

The Safer Way to Use Ozone Generator

Before you lose hope, hang in there! Because every problem has its solutions.

Luckily, following a few precautions to run an Ozone generator safely is enough to reduce the danger level. Some of them are-

  • One warning of detecting too much Ozone is when you can smell bleach in the air. If it happens, switch off the Ozone generator immediately and ventilate the room to normalize the atmosphere.
  • Do not go for a higher capacity generator than you actually need; otherwise, it will generate more Ozone molecules in the tent and hurt the plants.
  • After running the Ozone generator, first, ventilate the room and ensure proper airflow to reduce the risk.
  • Never, I repeat, never breathe Ozone. To do that, you must avoid entering a room where the Ozone generator is running and hold your breath while going inside for a quick check.
  • Use the timer, schedule the generator, and make the best use of technology to decrease health risks as low as possible.
  • Place the Ozone generator in an unoccupied location to run it perfectly where it will not be able to contact any human or pet.
  • Alert everyone who might go inside the grow area while running the generator and keep the site locked so your pets will not wander around there accidentally.
  • Use metal ducting instead of plastic, as Ozone damages the plastic ducting faster.

Buying Guide: How to Purchase the Best Ozone Generator for  A Grow Room?

There aren’t many factors to look for while purchasing an Ozone generator. These basic judgments describe here is enough to buy the best Ozone generator for your grow tent-

Needed Capacity

The capacity of the Ozone generator is the first thing to notice. It is represented as mg/h, which means the number of Ozone molecules the machine generates per hour.

Maintain a balanced capacity by evaluating your grow area and sectors as odor level, prone to mildew and all that. An accurate capacity will bring improvements in the growing area in no time.

Higher Coverage Area

Pick the Ozone generator after determining if your grow area is spacious or small to medium-sized. Different sizes of the site will need the higher or lower capacity to bring out the best result.

Building Materials

Don’t forget to ask or read about the building materials. Any device made with better materials will last longer than made with cheap and low-quality elements.

Profound Service time

The working duration of Ozone plates, the main component responsible for producing Ozone is another thing to notice before buying. Ozone plates run for a limited time, and the duration varies in different companies. Make sure to go for the one that has longevity.

Involvement of Advanced Technology

Maintaining a device is easier with enough advanced options. An LCD, touch-screen, timer with scheduling options are the primary advancements you should look for in an Ozone generator before purchasing.

Finally, as we promised, here are the 3 best Ozone generators for your grow tent. Pick the one that suits your situation most.

Enerzen Ozone Generator

Highlighted Features

  • Capacity –11,000 mg/h
  • Coverage Area- 2,000 sq. ft.
  • Timer Length – 3 hours (max)
  • Weight- 5 Pounds
  • Warranty- 1 year

Ozone generator by Enerzen store has earned a high profile with its commendable performance. Many users have appreciated its tremendous workability and confirmed its usefulness.

This Ozone Generator is particularly for commercial usage, or large grow rooms. The capacity of 11,000 mg/h serves right to any length till 2,000 sq. ft. Besides, the adjustable timer lets you freely choose any time limit from 0-180 minutes.

This device adjusts its speed with the fan and makes sure to disperse the purified air evenly. While eliminating odor, the air doesn’t even have to pass through the generator, and this machine will get rid of the smelly particles within the shortest time.

You can apply this device in your house, car, basement, and factory, along with grow space. According to its properties, Ozone gas helps kill bugs, insects, molds, and many other enemies of plants.

No wonder successful growers are taking the benefits from Ozone seriously and at the same time being careful with the using procedure.

Enerzen Ozone Generator requires a vacant place to distribute the ozone gas in every direction. Also, avoid entering the room while running an Ozone generator or immediately after it. Wait for 30 minutes to get the advantages for plants while not compromising with health.


  • Ideal for large spaces
  • Washable steel filter
  • Balanced distribution of Ozone
  • Sturdy build
  • Easily operated


  • Warranty period is not satisfactory

Airthereal MA5000 Commercial Ozone Generator

Highlighted Features

  • Capacity –5,000 mg/h
  • Coverage Area- 1,000 sq. ft.
  • Timer Length – 2 hours (max)
  • Ozone Sheet Service Life- 5,000 hours
  • Weight- 3.45 pounds
  • Runs Continuously with HOLD 

Airthereal’s lightweight ozone generator has chiefly attracted the growers with medium space with minor to major odor problems. Indeed, they do not require a vast machine; instead, Airthereal MA5000, which is compact, provides a fair deal to them.

With its limited capacity of 5,000 mg/h, this machine effortlessly covers an area of around 1,000 sq. ft. Furthermore, you can implement this device in many spaces like kitchens, smoking areas, pet’s living rooms other than grow tents.

Additionally, you can control the running time length of this generator by using the timer knob within 0-120 minutes. Unlike many other Ozone generators in the shop, it provides the functionality to run the device non-stop.

For severe conditions, you might need to run an Ozone generator 2 to 3 days continuously. In those situations, entering the ozone-filled room every 2 hours to set the timer is annoying and can cause critical health issues.

All you have to do with this is set the timer, and it will keep working until your following command.

However, for this device, too, you need to mount it in an empty place to let it work perfectly. It is merciless and acts tough on odors, pathogens, and molds, thereby removing them by applying only a few easy operations.


  • Lightweight
  • Compact size
  • Portable
  • Both washable & removable filter
  • Durable


There is no noticeable disadvantage of this product. But a quick reminder is that this product cannot be shipped to California by Amazon. You might need to get this from physical stores.

Airthereal MA10K Ozone Machine 

Highlighted Features

  • Capacity –10,000mg/h
  • Coverage Area- 2,000 sq. ft.
  • Timer Length -2 hours (max)
  • Ozone Sheet Service Life- 20,000 hours
  • Weight- 7.58 pounds
  • SGS Tested Fireproof

Another Airthereal creation, MA10K Ozone Machine, in the list. It has a fantastic build, top-class functionalities with higher capacity to apply in spacious areas.

Thereby, it can spontaneously cover a 2,000 sq. ft. area with an output of 10,000mg/h. On top of that, this product claims to produce stable and identical Ozone molecules, which upgrade the purification efficiency by more than 50%.

The higher purification rate is not the only progress here; it deodorizes the atmosphere decently.

For instance, Airthereal MA10K convinces the users by declaring that one can purify the air of 150 sq ft around 6 times in an hour, which means one proper cleansing of 150 sq ft will take more or less 10 minutes.

This Ozone generator neutralizes Ozone particles effectively with its advanced Ozone plates. It is applicable in smoking areas, the basement, gym, vehicles, and grow space.

It has one noticeable LCD Display, which allows you to change the timer from 0-120 minutes smoothly alongside a few other options. Also, you can schedule this generator for 30 minutes after a 12 or 24 hours break.

 This advantage will be more beneficial for the grow rooms, mainly because you don’t have to re-do it constantly, also one less thing to worry about while preparing for vacation.

However, this device too will work as prevention against pests and keep your plants free from all infestations.


  • Most convenient & powerful option
  • LCD Digital Display
  • Creates efficient Ozone molecules
  • Prevent molds
  • Quick operations


  • Slightly expensive
  • Not available in California

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Long Should I Run My Ozone Generator?

Ans. According to the health organization, the maximum usage of Ozone is 0.5 ppm. Although a few others suggest not to go over 0.1 ppm. However, to effectively remove bacteria, you need to run an Ozone generator for 20 minutes, generating about 25ppm of Ozone. Now you do the math according to the capacity of your machine and the area how long you need to use the Ozone generator.

Will Ozone generators kill powdery mildew?

Ans. Yes. Ozone generator kills the powdery mildew, spores and funguses almost immediately. If your plants suffer from too much mildew infestation, you can use an Ozone generator as a preventive device.

Can you run an Ozone generator too long?

Ans. Yes, if needed. The most common duration of running an Ozone generator is 3-4 hours. But in different cases, you might need to run it continuously for a few days. It is entirely okay. You only need to make sure no human or pet comes closer to it.


Every product has its benefits along with a few drawbacks. However an Ozone generator is essential for the grow room. If you don’t install it now it might be too late before you realise it’s importance.  Your plants would have already suffered the consequences.

But we assure you, by following precautions and knowing How to Use Ozone Generator In Grow Room, you can definitely win over everything that comes in the way.

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