Vivosun Carbon Filter Review 2022-Most Popular Air Filter

(Last Updated On: January 6, 2022)

Weall know, it is the most popular carbon filter for grow tent ang grow room. In this Vivosun Carbon Filter Review, We have discussed all the key features, pros and cons.

Vivosun Carbon Filter helps you eliminate odor indoors like a basement or hydroponic grow tents. This filtering device helps to remove the unpleasant smells due to poor ventilation or lack of air ventilation, it might be your greenhouse room or your basement. If you want to know how it can do this for you we have a listing of things to show you.

Are you suffering because there is a constant odor around your grow tent? The gas fumes disturbing your daily activities and cannot invite people over? The problems due to odor or odd smell are farfetched but can easily be treated.

Has the odor taken over your place? Well, we have an efficient solution which can suit you. Know about the product and judge it yourself.

A detailed review with pros and cons is discussed below to debate whether you want to purchase this tool. A product that will help you reduce and even eliminate odor indoors is Vivosun Carbon Filters. It is easy to install.

Vivosun Carbon Filter Review

Vivosun Carbon Filter Review

Vivosun Carbon Filter can be used for

  • Utilized as admission or fumes channel,
  • Wipes out scents, sharp scents, and particulates,
  • Tough, long assistance life.

How does it work? Well, to be honest, there are a few parts that are required like a vent out a pipe and an exhaust fan which will pull out the air. The carbon filter and fan create an air exchange where the air is pulled through the carbon filter and out of the room. Fresh air is then pulled in through the bottom of the air vents.

Secondly, it will decrease the heat in the room created by the grow vaults. As the heat is created it naturally goes up and then goes through the carbon filter and then the air is forced out of the tent or room.

Thirdly it will in which the pre-filter will clean the air of dirt particles and the carbon will de-odorize and kill moss boards, pathogen, etc. 

Vivosun uses activated charcoal to trap all the carbon molecules or other impurities in the air to filter out of the tent or room.

For example; living in a basement place allows little to no airflow the impurities and chemicals linger in the air which might cause difficulty even can cause undesired odors, Vivosun carbon filter can help to pull out the impure air and circulate cool air. In the case of a growing tent, it helps to prevent mold and decreases the temperature that is built-up in the tent.

The Virgin Australian Carbon filter helps to trap all the molecules and impurities to ensure a good smelling tent or room.

In a grow tent, it is bound to create an odd smell due to the use of fertilizers and other chemicals. Carbon filters allow to trap impurities and pull out the odor with the help of a powerful inline fan which restores the airflow. This why it is in demand and highly recommended.

Now, after deciding to buy this product the next one is deciding which one to buy. Vivosun offers 3 options to choose from starting from 30 bucks to 71 bucks.

The first one they provide is the vivosun 4 inch air carbon filter which includes, carbon filter, changeable Velcro pre-filter, carbon filter belts, and a dimension of 4×14.

The second one is the vivosun 6 inch air carbon filter the package contains the same commodities with a dimension of 6×18 inches.

The last one is the vivosun 8 inch air carbon filter which also contains the same package commodities as the previous ones with a dimension of 8×12 inches.

Still, confused about which one to bring home?

Well, in the comment and review section there is an opinion formed on which dimension people buy the most.

Out of the top 13 reviews, the two popular ones out of the three options are vivosun 4-inch air carbon filter and vivosun 6-inch air carbon filter.

Out of which 60% people purchased the vivosun 4 inch and the rest 40 % percent brought the vivosun 6 inches. So, if you buy it might consider the popular option or choose on your own accord.

Till now all the positive and effective sides were told but in the review section, there were a few problems faced by people. Few complained about the filter not working after 2-3 months after the easy installation.

Some contacted about the filter passing stone-like particles to the fan which could practically destroy the whole system. But after hearing the problems their customer service was excellent in replacing and helping with the product-related problems.

Most of the reviews stated how impeccable their customer service is. But the duration of the filter working perfectly is 2-3 months which was said by quite a few people but it could be the malfunction of one machine in many which are plausible.

The one thing every review included was how after purchasing the vivosun carbon filter it immediately eliminated the odor and helped to keep the indoor temperature in control.

There are other brands you can purchase from like Hon&Guan 6 inch Carbon Filter or Hydro Crunch Carbon Charcoal Air Filter which can be good. But I suggest the Vivosun Carbon Filter as it is the most useful for its price and capability/ feature.

Vivosun Carbon Filter is easy to install, budget-friendly, and durable with pristine customer service which puts it in front of the game comparing to other carbon filter brands. It is not the best out there but it’s close enough.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a Vivosun carbon filter last?

It is necessary to change carbon filters every 18-24 months. A Vivosun Carbon Filter is said to last about 4 years. Few reviews or people may say it is way less but depends on the machine and maintenance.

Does a Vivosun carbon filter remove all smell?

Vivosun carbon filter eliminates all odor and impurities. After installing vivosun there was no smell in the tent or room was stated by some reviewers.

Do Vivosun carbon filters actually work?

Yes, the carbon filters provided by Vivosun actually work as they trap and pull out the air from the tent and room. The vivosun carbon filters use Virgin Australian Carbon Charcoal which is one of the good ones.

Are Vivosun carbon filters worth the money?

Yes, Vivosun Carbon Filters are worth the money offered to pay. It is budget-friendly with great customer service.

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