Where to Put Carbon Filter in Grow Room ( A Complete Guide )

So, you want to grow your plants indoors, right? Well, that is an excellent idea, especially if you have no physical garden. Once you have set up your grow room, the next challenge is deciding where to put carbon filter in grow room.

As plants develop in the grow room, the moist air plus high temperatures lead to the production of awful odors and other air contaminants.

Unfortunately, these elements can prove to be harmful both to your health and your plants too.

Therefore, to ensure that the house remains conducive for human occupation and plants as well, you need to invest in a good grow room carbon filter.

What is a Grow Room Carbon Filter?

A carbon filter is a device that uses activated charcoal or carbon to remove impurities and contaminants in the air. Actually, carbon filters can also work in water purification.

When particles pass close to the carbon surface, they get trapped, and they remain attached to the surface.

Notably, in addition to the removal of impurities from the air, carbon filters also help to get rid of unpleasant odours from indoor gardens.

Where to Put Carbon Filter in Grow Room

When it comes to mounting or placing your carbon filters in a grow room, there are about four ways to do it. All the same, the two main approaches are either placing the assembly inside or outside the grow room.

First, you need to get the right size of the filter in regards to your indoor grow tent or grow room. The bigger your room, the bigger your filter should be.

In all the available ways, ensure that your assembly works correctly. Precisely, make sure that your inline fan draws air from inside the grow room. Let’s look at some possible carbon filter placements you can consider.

a) Place the Filter Inside and the Fan Outside

In this assembly method, you hang the filter inside the room with strong ropes or clips. Install the filter close to the exhaust hole. Once that is done, you place the fan on the outside. 

At the same time, you need to make sure that the grow tent inline fan draws air from inside the room and not the other way round. Also, remember to fasten the fan well to avoid accidents and excess vibrations.

b) Install the Fan Inside and the Filter Outside

This is just like the earlier mentioned connection. The difference is the placement of the carbon filter and the inline fan. 

You only have to switch the fan and the filter, each to replace the other. Place the fan on the inside adjacent to the exhaust hole. 

Most importantly, ensure that your fan pulls air from inside.

c) Put Both the Fan and the Filter outside

In this connection, both the filter and the fan are placed outside your grow room. On the inside, attach the ducting to the ceiling of the room and let it go to the exhaust port. After that, run the fan to the ducting to the fan through the exhaust hole. Finally, then connect the filter to the fan.

Always confirm that your fan is taking air from inside the room.

d) Install Both the Filter and Fan on the Inside

Here, you need to connect the carbon filter to one side of the room and the fan to the side adjacent to the exhaust port. After that, run your ducting from the filter to the fan and from the fan to the outside. 

Movement of air through the fan should always be from inside to outside.


You may ask which setup works best. Well, all of them have the same result. All the same, the connection that has all components inside the grow room could be safer than the rest. 

In fact, where to put carbon filter in grow room shouldn’t be an issue. You can choose either to have t inside or outside your grow room.

All the same, you need to consider where you place your fan.

It would be best if you fastened it well to minimise vibrations that could lead to unnecessary noise.

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