5 Best Grow Lights For Pot – No.1 is Amazing

(Last Updated On: July 13, 2021)

Potted plants are highly decorative and never go out of trend. You can admire the growing flowers, use the herbs, or decorate them in the corner of the room to enhance the corner’s beauty.

Let’s not forget, you will only cherish these potted plants as long as they look healthy, blooming and alluring.

But the fact is no plant can live without enough light, and so if you don’t provide these little greeneries adequate light to thrive, soon, they will turn pale and unattractive.

Well, don’t panic! We have researched the solution and brought to you 5 Best Grow Lights For Pot. These lights are effective and affordable to use on potted plants to trap their beauty around you for a long time.

Best Pick

We have analyzed each product; among them, Ezorkas 4 Head LED Grow Light is equipped with the highest attractive features and stood up to our expectations.

The spectrums and intensity are effective for all stages and easily cover large grow space. It does flexible moving and rotation to serve the plants to the fullest. The additional facilities help the potted plants and fill in the need for sunlight in their life cycle.

5 Best Grow Lights For Pot

We have reviewed hundreds of Grow Light for potted plants available on the market and picked the best Grow Lights.

Each item was assessed based on a variety of factors: Wattage, Intensity, Coverage, Heating Issues, Durability, Spectrums and so on. However, these products are so far the best options out there. Surprisingly, our most recommended products are not expensive at all.

our top pick
9 dimmable options
Red & blue Spectrums
Maximum wattage: 80W
360 degree rotatable
Heat dissipation aluminum
premium choice
Adjustable height
Ideal for one potted plant
Simulates natural daylight
budget friendly
Lighting Range:2-3 square meters
Luminous temperature:5500-6000K
LED Chips/Bar:5 Red (660nm) + 37 Sunlight White (Full spectrum)
Easy to install
Solar system lighting
Waterproof & heatProof


Ezorkas 4 Head LED Grow Light

Key Features

  • Maximum wattage: 80W
  • Red & blue Spectrums
  • 360 degree rotatable
  • 9 dimmable options
  • 3 timing mode
  • Powerful clip

Ezorkas is a lightweight grow lamp that perfectly fits potted indoor plants, hydroponics, or other horticultural applications. This lamp has 48 led chips. 32 red chips of 660 nm and 16 blue chips of 660 nm. The scientifically engineered grow lamp works for your potted plant’s optimal growth.

This grow light has an adjustable design. It has 4 head bars where the LEDs are attached, and each bar can rotate 360 degrees around. So you can position the lamp in the middle, and all the plants will get equal light PAR to grow lively without any hesitation.

The Ezorkas lamp can be attached to any compatible surface with the sturdy clip it has on the edge. It has spring and quality materials that give the grow lamp a tight grip of any 3 inches width solid object. The clip does not get loose and durable as long as you don’t attach it with a wider surface or use it roughly.

To be noted, this small lamp has 3 different control switches. You can keep the red light or the blue light active at one time or both at the same time. It helps you to provide the specific waveband to your tiny plants according to their present life stage.

Not only that, this amazing grow lamp is loaded with a few other features. You can schedule the turn on/off time 3 times a day. So you can go on with your busy schedule without worrying about the plants. Besides, it has 9 dimmable options.

This light is utterly easy to set up. Only by plugging in, you will have your lamp on duty, as simple as that. No wonder, Ezorkas has achieved RoHS, CE, FCC & UL certification and keeps the users clinging to it with all these fantastic features.


  • Lightweight
  • Versatile usage
  • Adjustable
  • 50,000 hours runtime
  • Effective in all stages
  • Saves power


  • Careless use can break or ruin its parts.


VOGEK LED Grow Light

Key Features

  • Full-spectrum
  • Adjustable gooseneck
  • 360 degree rotatable
  • Heat dissipation aluminum
  • 3-time scheduling
  • Brightness control 

Vogek is a full-spectrum led grow light for indoor plant that serves the plants a wavelength of 380-800 nm. So the plants can enjoy light like sunlight and grow with full potential. The 144 LED beads cover a larger area so that more plants can be benefitted from one source. That makes this lamp highly energy efficient.

It has 10 different options to readjust the brightness level. You can also control one, two or three heads at a time. It helps massively when you have fewer plants to provide or want to reduce the electricity bill.

The most amazing fact about this lamp is if one LED light in any of the 3 heads fails to work, you can easily replace that part with another LED light. So you don’t have to endure the bad light. In this way, typically, this lamp can serve you a lifetime.

However, the only drawback because of what Vogek wasn’t on our top pick because it had one less branch than our 1st choice. Anyway, it doesn’t bring any major difference if you compare these two items.

The 3 bendable gooseneck of 19.7 inches allows you to move it anywhere as you please. It ensures every corner of plants is getting adequate light. The strong desk clip helps the lamp attach to any solid object and stick to it for a long time.

This light can be scheduled for 3, 6 or 12 hours. So the light will automatically follow the instruction and turn on or off as you have set it. Plus, you don’t have to re-do it every day. Once you set the timer, it will keep working till you change the time and save it.

If you are tensed about this light’s heat dissipation quality, it has aluminum shells that effectively reduce the heat from continuously running the lights. So your potted plants under this lamp will grow safely without burning the leaves or overheating the temperature.


  • Cheap to operate
  • Longer lifespan
  • All stages convenient
  • Easy to assemble
  • Fitted anywhere


  • This lamp is quite heavy


AgroBrite Desktop Light

Key Features

  • Simulates natural daylight
  • Super bright light
  • Durable
  • Adjustable height
  • Ideal for one potted plant

Hydrofarm has been doing an amazing service in providing all the growers some fantastic grow light. Plants absolutely love those lights and grow rapidly under them. Similarly, this Agrobrite desktop light mimics sunlight and is designed to take care of one or two plants that fit under the light so they’ll receive equal lumens.

The compact size allows you to decorate it anywhere you prefer. Besides, you can adjust the height between 15 to 25.5 inches. Consequently, you can control the light’s intensity by moving it up and down and supplying the light in unreachable corners.

Agrobrite’s daylight balanced grow lamp is flexible and renowned for flicker-free performance. You can occasionally use this fluorescent lamp on the study table. Or by decorating it on the study table, you can use it for both studying and thriving plants. Two at once!

This 27 watts LED light is insanely bright, ensuring the plants are not having any lack of light. So they thrive healthy and happy. You can connect a timer to schedule active and inactive lighting while you are not around.

Even if you have one or two plants, you should still take the same care as a grow room filled with lots of plants. This lamp will give you a hassle-free experience while taking care of that plant for you.


  • Powerhouse of bright light
  • Multiple usages
  • Easy to set up
  • Long-running time
  • Not energy consuming


  • Directly looking at the light may harm the eyes


GHodec LED Light

Key Features

  • Maximum wattage: 50 W
  • Natural daylight
  • Color rendering up to 95
  • Gooseneck & sturdy clamp
  • Widely applicable
  • 5 level brightness

The upgraded 2 heads GHodec LED light has 84 chips that run on 50 watts. Each bar is equipped with 5 red lights of 660 nm and 37 white lights of 460 nm, which runs on 25 watts. This light has an excellent color rendering, which is up to 95. It makes this light ideal for reading.

This LED light replicates the sunlight at noon. It helps the plants thrive and enhances their growth. Besides, the 3 available timing functions (4h, 8h & 12h) free you from operating the light every day. Otherwise, it lets you control each bar separately, so you can save energy by running one light in relevant cases.

The adjustable gooseneck allows you to move the bar and position it where the plants need it. This also covers a spacious area and more potted plants. By rotating 360 degrees, you can make the light available in any direction, which results in the plant’s higher sprouting rate.

Additionally, this feature helps you readjust the brightness in 5 different ways. The strong clamp holds onto any hard surface of 2.5 inches thick at least. So you can apply it in multiple ways.

The efficiency of this lamp is quite surprising! An estimated monthly cost of running this light 8 hours every day is only 2$, unbelievable! While using an extra light is troublesome as you have to pay an increased electricity bill, in that sense, GHodec LED lights will satisfy you the most.

This highly efficient light is widely applicable in greenhouses, offices, darkrooms, and balconies, including potted plants. Apart from that, this light can be useful when the plants need additional lighting because of extra dark situations.


  • Replicates sunlight
  • Usable as a study lamp
  • 30,000 hours runtime
  • Energy-efficient
  • Aluminum reduces heating problems


  • The plug gets loose after using a while



Key Features

  • Solar system lighting
  • Saves energy
  • Easy to install
  • Waterproof & heatProof
  • Use of battery
  • Elegant exterior
  • 30 days full refund

Suppose your potted plants near the window shield are getting a handful amount of sunlight. You want to install an additional light system, but the monthly electricity bill’s increase scares you to do that. Do not worry! Because nature has all the solutions, and it’s free.

Gigalumi solar lights absorb sunlight in the daytime and run for at least 8 hours straight. So not a single penny will be added to your bill by running this system.

These bars are made of stainless steel and also heatproof and waterproof. Unlike other grow lamps in the market, you don’t have to worry about sudden rain or snowfall, or excessive heat from the sun. These bars can endure any situation and stand up to your expectation.

The Gigalumi solar tubes are not hard to assemble. All you have to do is remove the isolator tab and push the stake into the soil. These lights will automatically turn on at night and go off at dawn. So you don’t have another responsibility to conduct these lights timely.

It has an elegant outer design that fits anywhere without reducing the prettiness around. You can install these lights on the driveway, outdoor garden, patios and so on. These stakes also fit perfectly in pots; thus, it can prove the Best Grow Light For Pot plants.  


  • Natural light
  • Low costing
  • Longtime usable
  • Auto turn on/off
  • No heating issue


  • Not as bright as other grow lights

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of light do pot plants need?

Ans. Potted plants need limited light to thrive and grow. That is why an 80W full-spectrum LED light is enough to provide adequate lumens for a few numbers of potted plants. A wider design or flexible system light would be preferable to cover a large area and other plants equally.

What type of grow light is best for potted plants?

Ans. Fluorescent bulbs or LED grow lights.  Fluorescent lights are the best light for potted plants as they have fewer heating problems and provide brighter light.

But the LED lights are energy-efficient compared to fluorescent and have a record of performing well and having intuitive features. That is why any of these lights will do okay for potted plants.


A few potted plants on your desktop or study table can enlighten your mood all day. These tiny plants can inspire anyone with their charming beauty and usefulness.

No matter how much we love them, they will not survive without enough light. That is why keeping these plants around you for a longer time requires providing them grow light.

Even if you are a novice in this sector, you can choose any item from our list of the 5 Best Grow Lights For Pot that suits your circumstance. We assure you that you won’t regret this decision at all.

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