Co2 Bag For Grow Room: Best Bags For Natural CO2 Production

(Last Updated On: July 11, 2021)

If you’re passionate about indoor gardening, you must be looking for innovative ways to ramp up your plants’ health and maximize your yields indoors in grow rooms.

Gladly, using the CO2 bag for grow room is a sure-fire way to accelerate sugar production through photosynthesis. It enables your plants to grow and flourish as effectively as they would when they have unrestricted exposure to natural sunlight.

While CO2 bags are poised as being able to add oomph to the growth of your crops, not all of them are as efficient as expected. Yet again, many companies have jumped onto the CO2 bags production bandwagon, overwhelming consumers with a slew of options to pick from.

Thus, at the very least, choosing the right CO2 bag is a tough row to hoe— no need to freak though, because we’re armed to the teeth. We’ve been privileged to test more than a dozen CO2 bags over the past 2 years.

Throughout our independent expert tests, the Exhale Original Homegrown CO2 Bag for Indoor Plants seemed to blow the rest of the CO2 bags out of the water. Buckle up as we take you through the best CO2 bags reviews for 2020.

Let’s cut to the chase…

Best CO2 Bag for Grow Room

burget friendly
CO2 for 6 months guaranteed
Can be used for plants in all growth stage
Patent pending genetics and 100% recyclable bag
Good for all growth stages of crops
Includes award winning mycelium-based strain
Perfect for small to medium sized grow tents for 6 months
Generates high-quality and organic CO2
8 to 12 weeks of organically generated CO2
Comes with superior quality mycelium strain within
premium choice
Patent pending genetics
Includes a freshness seal that doubles as a hanger
Best for medium to large grow tents with 6 months service


Exhale Original Homegrown

Key Features

  • Can be used for plants in all growth stages
  • Provides 9 months of service to 4×4 foot grow tent
  • Patent pending genetics and 100% recyclable bag
  • Includes separation seal that doubles as a hanger after activation

Based on over 350 reviews and customer ratings, the Exhale Original CO2 bag has earned the “best sellers” tag in Patio, Lawn and Garden categories.

Who is this for?

The Original Exhale Homegrown CO2 bag befits farmers seeking an all-around CO2 bag for their small-medium sized grow spaces. It guarantees constant CO2 supply for a 128 cubic foot of grow room for 6 months.

What we like?

First, we love the fact that Exhale Original caters to vegetable plant growth, flower, and fruit production. Depending on room size and ventilation, this bag can supply up to 1500PPM CO2 for up to 6 months.

Each bag is enough to provide constant CO2 precipitation for 4-6 plants, without the need to activate the unit in any way. With the Exhale Original Homegrown, you don’t have to refill bottles or use costly generators, monitors, and regulators.

This CO2 bag can generate carbon dioxide right off the bat, without being turned on or off. To set it up, simply place your Exhale CO2 bag in your grow space, slightly above your plants’ canopy, and wait for the CO2 to kick in.

It’ll begin to provide an effective and continuous CO2 delivery directly onto your plants with no biggie in no time. The bags perform optimally if placed slightly above the canopy of your plants. They ensure a steady supply of the much-needed CO2 gas 24 hours a day and up to 6 months.

It runs on the award-winning mycelial mass slotted inside the vented cultivator. It is this mycelium-based strain that generates CO2, which ramps up sugar production (photosynthesis) for healthy plant growth.

Further backing the natural processes of advantageous fungal mycelia is the one-way micro-porous breather patch, which continually supplies carbon dioxide for up to 6 months.

This ingenious combination increases CO2 levels for your plants, hence stimulating photosynthesis. Accelerated photosynthesis translates to increased vegetative growth and improved crop yields.


  • 100% recyclable bag
  • Ready to use right out of the package
  • Can be used for veggies, fruits and flowers
  • Maintenance-free – no heat, no electricity needed
  • Easy to use – no bottle refills or expensive generators, regulators, or monitors


  • Unclear guidelines of use. However, you can check this video for the right instructions of use.


ExHale Self Activated CO2 Bag

Key Features

  • Good for all growth stages of crops
  • Includes award winning mycelium-based strain
  • Self activated, thus no refills or maintenance needed
  • Perfect for small to medium sized grow tents for 6 months

The ExHale 365 is more or less the same as the ExHale Original CO2 bag. The difference between the two bags is that the EX50003 version is self-activated. It also boasts of a separation seal that acts as a hanger upon activation.

Who is this for?

If you need the best self-activated CO2 bag for hydroponic grow tent that prioritizes simplicity and ease of use, look no further than the ExHale bag. It is suitable for all sorts of organic production.

Ideal for supplying CO2 for a 4 x 4 foot (or a 128 cubic foot) of space, this bag provides carbon dioxide for 9 months, whereby the initial 6 months are targeted at peak production.

What we like?

The Exhale 365 supplies CO2 for a staggering 9 months, with a 3-month shelf life, bringing the total to a year. This USA-made bag comes with a separation seal, which doubles up as a hanger once activated.

Unlike the ExHale Original, the self-activated bag has the fungus on the upper part of the bag, sealed off from the mass at the base. This excellent design lets you activate the CO2 yourself, ensuring ease of use and a more extended use schedule.

You can expect this bag to last up to 18 months, with a fantastic 1500PPM reading or higher. The ExHale 365 comes as a complete package, whose set up is a walk in the park.

For setup, we suggest placing the ExHale bag in the grow space and leaving it alone to do what it does best – CO2 precipitation.

It delivers a continuous and efficient shower of CO2 straight onto your plants. For best results, set the ExHale 365 slightly above the plants’ canopy for proper supply of CO2 24 hours a day; and up to 6 months of peak production.

Also, it’s best to use this bag with a ventilation system. Simply stage it close to the fresh air intake to enable the CO2 to be drawn up through the canopy.

Like the Original Exhale, the ExHale bag is adequate for vegetative plant growth, fruit, and flower production.


  • Outstanding design
  • Completely self-activated
  • Great for organic production
  • Guarantees steady CO2 supply for 6 months
  • Maintenance-free, with neither heat nor electricity required


  • Some customers have complained about their bag being expired. Thus, we advise you to verify everything at checkout.


Natural CO2 Grow Bags

Key Features

  • Generates high-quality and organic CO2
  • Provides 4 months of service to 4 x 4 grow tents
  • Comes with superior quality mycelium strain within
  • Can be used in all types of hydroponic plant grow systems

The Natural CO2 Grow Bags are touted as the most sophisticated CO2 grow bags available today. It seems the designers and engineers of these grow bags burnt the midnight oil to come up with something that would ensure incredible results – every time, everywhere.

Who is this for?

The Natural CO2 Grow Bags are all about versatility. And so, they’re your best fit if you need CO2 bags that can work virtually everywhere: indoor gardens, greenhouses, grow tents, you name them.

What we like?

Of course, the main thing that stands out is their versatility. Unlike most bags that are strictly designed for hydroponic environments, these ones can be used almost anywhere.

I mean, you can use these bags in your indoor garden, grow room, greenhouse, or hydroponic setup. Another unique thing about the Natural Grow Bags is their superior quality mycelium strain.

More often than not, other strains tend to generate harmful fungus or even produce flowers and spores. However, these bags contain pure mycelium, which generates high-quality and organic CO2 devoid of toxic elements.

This mycelium is not only highly productive but also non-spore producing and non-fruiting. It provides natural CO2, which is organically distributed over a 4’x4’ area for 8-12 weeks.

These bags utilize cutting-edge poly-bag technology to guarantee consistent results. What’s more, the bags are shipped discreetly. This is a bonus for specific operations best kept under wraps, such as tomato production.


  • Works well virtually anywhere
  • Guarantees incredible yields
  • Superior quality mycelium strain
  • Most advanced and versatile grow bag


  • Only supplies carbon dioxide for 8-12 weeks; significantly less than what other options offer


Exhale XL CO2 Bag for Indoor

Key Features

  • Patent pending genetics
  • Will work for all types of plants and growth stages
  • Includes a freshness seal that doubles as a hanger
  • Best for medium to large grow tents with 6 months service

The Exhale 365 Self-Activated CO2 Bag is overall great, albeit not as versatile as the Natural Grow Bags above. It doesn’t tolerate hydroponic environments. This can be a huge turnoff for some folks.

Who is this for?

If you need a good CO2 bag that guarantees the best value for your money, then the Exhale 365 Self-Activated Bag would suit you best. It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, yet your purchase includes the gardening THCiTY stakes. Garden stakes ensure young or weak plants can survive the elements.

What we like?

The Exhale 365 is a completely self-activated CO2 bag. That is, you simply need to position it over your plants and leave it there to do its thing.

It generates and showers your plants with CO2 for a whopping 9 months, where 6 months are meant for peak production. The Bag covers a 4X4 foot space, equivalent to a 128 cubic foot area.

According to most Bag reviews, this particular bag keeps the plants healthy and happy. And, it flaunts a ridiculously affordable price tag.

Despite having a fair price, the Exhale 365 includes the THCiTY gardening stakes with every purchase. This is a rare feature at this price point. A garden stake enables a young or weak plant to stand up against the elements.

Better still, the bag is hands down long-lasting, which is one of its greatest selling points. You can buy this CO2 bag confidently, knowing that you’re making a sound investment.


  • Completely self-activated
  • Best value for the money
  • Gardening stakes available with every purchase
  • Produces CO2 for 9 months, with 6 months of peak production


  • Not suitable for hydroponic growing

Final Thought

Generally speaking, the best Co2 bag for grow room should offer an environmentally-friendly and straightforward way to boost the growth speed, health, and yields of your plants.

After testing various CO2 bags from different leading brands, we’re convinced that the Exhale Original Homegrown Bag for Your Indoor Plants is overall the best among the lot.

However, if you’re into the versatility and need a CO2 bag that can tolerate virtually any setup, you better add the Natural CO2 Grow Bags to cart.

Anyways, now the ball is in your court. Remember, each bag is a fry cry from the rest, so we recommend making choices based on your specific needs.

For instance, are you on a budget and still want a good CO2 bag that can guarantee incredible results? Or, are you inclined to versatility and need something that can put up with any setup?

Take time choosing your preferred CO2 bag for grow room. I believe you wouldn’t wanna end up barking up the wrong tree, would you?

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