How Many Plants Can I Grow In A 10×10 Grow Room

(Last Updated On: August 17, 2021)

A 10×10 grow room is 100 square feet. Typically, it would take a massive portion of your garage or a whole spare room in your house. This size is large enough to conduct a limited commercial purpose and suits medium to experienced growers.

Now, knowing the bounds, you must be calculating, how many plants can I grow in a 10×10 room?

According to the research, you can grow up to 80-100 small cannabis plants in a 10×10 grow room. Surprising, right? Here, of course, the container, along with the plant’s size, has the most vital role to play.

Let’s know more about it!

How Many Plants Can I Grow In A 10×10 Grow Room?

How Many Plants Can I Grow In A 10x10 Grow Room

The number of plants you can accommodate in a 10×10 grow room and get a successful harvest depends on several factors. Most significantly, the specific plants and the method you will use to grow can severely affect the number of plants you can grow in a 10×10 tent.

Normally you can grow 82- 100 small plants which are (2-12) inches wide and settle in a pot.

1. Number of Plants: By Determining the Space Around

At the first phase, newbie growers might want to accommodate as many containers they can fit inside a 10×10 room. This is a mistake for which they will probably have to face failure or a disappointing harvest.

Because at the beginning, the pot size is the only physical measurement of how many plants one can place. But as each plant grows and naturally spreads out, if it doesn’t have enough space around, it will grow weakly while struggling to survive. So undoubtedly, it is bound to result in a poor harvest. Now, what is the ideal spacing and number of plants in a 10×10 grow room?

Primarily, following the instructions given on the seed packet is an effective way to avoid assumptions and mistakes. The instruction includes how much spacing should be between each plant while they are sprouting.

For small plants which are (2-12) inches wide and settle in a pot – you can easily go for 80-100 pot plants for 10×10 room. Not to mention, growing a moderate number of plants will give you far better results than trying the highest number you can.

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For instance, a few small plants of this size you can grow are:

  • Scallion/Green onion– 2-3 inches
  • Dwarf peas– 2-3 inches
  • Pepper-5-7 inches
  • Radish plants- 6-9 inches
  • Beet plants-  over 12 inches

For medium-sized plants around 2/3 feet wide – these average-sized plants can be accommodated in bigger pots and smaller gallons. Supposedly, 30-35 plants are the average number of plants you can aim for a 10×10 grow room. Again, staying with a minimal number is the key to success here.

For instance, a few medium-sized plants you can grow are:

  • Tomato plants- up to 2 feet
  • Lettuce- over 2 feet
  • Cucumber plants –2 to 3 feet
  • Baby carrot– up to 3 feet
  • Strawberry plants- up to 3 feet

For bigger plants, sized over 3 feet and only settles on large gallons – determining an accurate number of plants is tricky in this case.

Assuming height is not an issue here, you would need to know the final width for these plants. It will help to decide both the container size and space occupied by each plant so that you can calculate roughly how many plants of this size you can grow in your 10×10 grow room.

Plant’s final widthRequired container sizeNumber of plants (Aprx)
around 2ft or 24″3-5 gallons storage               50-80 plants,
around 3ft or 36″5-7 gallons storage               12-20 plants
around 4ft or 48″7-10 gallons storage               10-15 plants,
around 5ft or 60″over 8 gallons storage               8-10 plants

For instance, a few large plants of this size you can grow are:

  • Summer Squash plants– approx 3 to 10 feet
  • Cauliflower- 3-10 feet
  •  Pumpkin plants– in between 3 to 15 feet
  • Broccoli- around 3-15 feet
  • Watermelon plants– grow within 5 to 20 feet

What happens if I place the plants too close?

If you get greedy and arrange the highest number of plants,  you can accommodate inside 10×10, in that case your plants have to suffer the consequences. Some of them are:

  • You cannot reach the bushier plants or even study closely
  • Plants are likely to have an imbalance of oxygen
  • Any kind of disease in one plant can easily spread to other plants and ruin the entire garden
  • Plants lack the space to grow properly and produce poor quality vegetables 
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What happens if I place the plants too far?

Placing the plants too far might not have as many adverse effects as arranging them closer has, still it is not completely suitable for the plants. Reasons are:

  • If the plants are too far away from each other, with a few grow lights, it would be difficult to focus on each plant and ensure sufficient light.
  • The fans in the grow room would have to cover the extra area, which is unnecessary and power-consuming.

Solution: If you have free space after arranging your plants correctly, you can use the extra space to grow some other vegetables that match your existing plant’s humidity and temperature.

In this way, you can have vibrant plants inside one grow room and also scientifically, different plants show improved pollination with better growth.

2. Number of Plants: By Determining the Watts

Like every other grow tent, a 10×10 grow room also requires a certain amount of wattage which can cover the total area. Just as 1 square foott space needs 25-50 watts, so 100 square feet ask for somewhat between 2500-5000 watts.

Practically, a grower in a 5×5 footprint would use 1000 watts to achieve the best yield. Therefore, 2000 watts for a 10×10 grow room is supposed to work for average condition.

However, you can aim for 4/5 grow lights inside the tent that gives proper coverage (2000 watts). Experts suggest having 1 grow light for 1-8 plants, so technically, if a tent has 4 grow lights, it should serve around 30 plants.

Here, a useful tip would be-a balanced number of plants with maximum space around and under perfect lighting, which can also offer an improved yield in a shorter period.

In short, to experience the best harvesting season, grow fewer plants rather than experimenting with the highest number of plants you can adjust into a 100 square feet grow room.

A popular gardening plan for 10×10 grow room: Square Foot Gardening

A 10×10 grow room already has excellent size; on top of that, following the “Square Foot Gardening” technique can allow the grower to maximize its production at its best.

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This plan is mainly for the tiny plants where the garden beds can range from 3×6 to 4×8. The major theme of this plan is to reach closer to each plant by creating walkways around every plant group.

To apply this plan, first you have to grid the 100 square feet room where the blocks need to be 12×12 inches each. Now plan garden beds and walkways around in a way that allows you to go for the maximum yield without pressing the room.

An Effective Gardening Plan for 10×10: Straight from the Experts

If you are growing medium-sized plants and searching for a simpler idea for placing both the plants and walkways, here is another plan for you straight from the experts.

Many experienced growers have decorated their 10×10 room in the following way and got satisfactory results.

So, in a 10×10 room, you can arrange- 2 rows of 4 x 10 and place 6-8 plants on each side. It leaves a 2 feet aisle in the middle of the room which you can use as a walkway and observe the plants.

In this process, you can grow 12-16 medium to large-sized plants successfully.

What size fan for a 10×10 grow tent?

Considering other sizes of grow tents, a 10×10 grow room is spacious and naturally, it will need enough ventilation to ensure the comfort of many plants inside.

The grow room fan size depends on various factors. A 10×10 room needs a minimum of 2000 CFM. But we always recommend going for 25% extra power because it lets you shift the power which extends the fan’s durability.

Thus, a fan with 2200 CFM capability should be accurate for a 10×10 room. If you are curious to know the internal math, what size fan for a tent should answer all your questions.

Final Words

In conclusion, accommodating the right number of plants is utterly crucial for the entire 10×10 room’s environment.

Needless to say, detecting the plant’s number is risky as it varies depending on different species and methods.

Still, growing accurately in this monstrous space can bring you a fortune in no time if you wisely decide the number of plants in a 10×10 room.


The first thought after having a 10×10 grow room is “how many plants can I grow in a 10×10 room?” You’ll know the number of plants, which plants, and under what conditions by reading this article.

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