How to Clean a Grow Tent – The Most Effective Way

(Last Updated On: May 20, 2021)

When you’re practicing indoor gardening, it’s inevitable that you’ll be dirtying the place. There’s no doubt that the cleanliness of the grow tent shouldn’t be taken with a grain of salt. It’s imperative that you maintain some cleanliness around the place. That way, you get to prevent pests and diseases that may affect your plant.

Since an indoor grow tent is usually small and compacted, most horticulturists tend to overlook its cleanliness. Folks are always like, “well, I’ll clean it tomorrow; it’s an easy-peasy task.” But before you know it, dirt and pests have accumulated all over the tent, and it’s too late to remedy the affected plants.

Should I Use Chemicals To Clean a Grow Tent Or Just Go Natural?

Although the article is titled “different ways” on how to clean your tent, there are actually two main methods. It is either the sterilizing technique that uses chemicals or the natural method.

Now, there’s a debate on whether to go natural or use the sterilizing process in cleaning a grow tent. Well, I don’t wanna ruffle feathers here, but I’d like to say that both methods are useful and effective in their way.

Those advocating for the natural method argue that it doesn’t affect plants and that since it’s a grow tent, the natural method is the only way to go. On the other hand, those backing up the sterilizing technique argue that such chemicals are mild and do not necessarily affect the plants. Rather, it’s the best way of getting rid of pests and diseases associated with plants.

Both arguments are right.

For me, I’d recommend using both methods. This way, you get the best of both worlds. Therefore, let’s have a look at both sides of the coin and see how you can make sure your grow plant is clean.

Going Natural in Cleaning Your Grow Tent

You should always try really hard to avoid using chemical sprays in your garden. However, there are times when you can’t avoid them. Still, it’s important you create some kind of routine that guarantees natural cleaning of the tent. This way, pests and diseases are evaded as much as possible.

When you’ve got a system of daily routine checks, you’ll be making sure there’s a natural balance in your grow tent.

Step 1

The first step is to use protective gear whenever you enter the grow tent. This is to make sure you don’t bring in any plausible dirt that may encourage the flourishing of pests. It’s not that you might be the cause of the pest and diseases, but it’s vital that you always get in and out of the grow tent without affecting it.

Being natural basically means that you’ll be cleaning the grow tent as frequently as you can. If you can do it daily, that would be okay, and it’s highly encouraged. Such a type of cleaning requires dismantling the grow tent. But it shouldn’t be necessarily done every day.

Rather, I advise you to clean around the crop or plant, and then occasionally lift the pot hosting the plant and clean areas around it.

Step 2

Once you’ve created such a daily routine on naturally cleaning your grow tent, the next step is to use a natural garden spray. Such sprays are meant to be used for gardening purposes. And this is because they don’t affect the plants.

In fact, organic garden sprays have been designed to kill pests without necessarily affecting the plants. Which is pretty amazing!  There are quite a number of natural garden sprays to choose from.

Whichever organic garden spray you pick, make sure it doesn’t have chemicals that are fatal to the plant you gardening in your grow tent. You simply have to check out the ingredients and Google it to find if the chemicals may affect the plant. If the info isn’t online, you can take a gamble on the organic spray you’ve picked and see if it works.

Step 3

Once you’ve decided on a specific organic spray, it’s advisable that you follow the instructions on how to mix with water for the effective killing of pesticides. That is, you don’t wanna make a wrong mixture, which may kill your plants.

N/B: Care To Note When Cleaning Using Organic Sprays

  • Note that the natural and organic sprays are so mild that you don’t need to wear a respirator. However, you still get a simple Filters Reusable Respirator Mask for cheap.
  • You also need to get the Sunny glade Handheld Pump Sprayer, which works very resourcefully. Just remember to use different sprayers for different organic sprays. You wouldn’t wanna mix the chemicals up.
  • Also, remember to make sure none of the organic sprays goes towards the plants. This might affect your plants even though it wouldn’t kill them. Just be careful when spraying the grow tent.

The Sterilizing Method

Now, there comes a time when natural and organic cleaning isn’t enough. Sometimes you need a sterilized grow tent. However, I’d recommend this under one condition – that you do it very rarely, like once a year.

Such a method is mainly to be applied when you’ve harvested your plants. That is, the grow tent is taking a break from the growing of plants. Such times are when you have to make good use of the opportunity to sterilize your grow tent.

Just like with organic sprays, the steps and procedures are the same, and that the only difference is to make sure there’s no plant in the grow tent. The other difference is that most of the sprays used in sterilizing the tent have strong chemicals.

There are several pesticides for indoor gardening you can choose from.


You have to understand that you can use both the natural and sterilized methods as an effective way on how to clean a grow tent. Therefore, don’t be bogged down by one specific method. Rather, get the best of both worlds. However, I still and strongly advise you to focus more on the natural and organic method of cleaning your tent.

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