Indoor Gardening for Beginners | Ultimate Guide

(Last Updated On: June 29, 2021)

Are you a garden lover? So, this article is for you especially if you are a beginner who is floating on more questions like how to start? From where can you start? And so on. If it is true, something to worry about nothing.

Here we come up with some basic tips and tricks which you should know. From this basic guideline, you can get all instruction that helps you to start an indoor garden soon as a beginner.

So, read on and find out the greatest idea about indoor gardening. Then, start your journey with your lovely plants and enjoy your garden with your beloved all year round.

With no skill level, anyone can do indoor gardening. But only need some basic knowledge and idea with a full determination for indoor gardening, that’s it. Let’s see a few tips on it.

What Types of Indoor Garden do You Want

There are various types of an indoor gardens. At first, decide what types of garden you want in your home.

Indoor Herb Gardening

Indoor herb gardens have its own art plus it is easy to grow.  But before starting this garden you should remind three things in your mind like temperature, drainage, and placement. The superb news of it you can put them in a small jar.

Indoor Vegetable Garden

if you want a vegetable garden at your home, it won’t impossible for you. Most people now want to grow vegetable seeds in their kitchen. Maybe you also like them. For this, always try to keep in mind that soil, container, and light. Select the container to depend on the plant plus use a potting mix instead of garden soil. About 14-16 hours of light also will need good drainage for your vegetable garden.

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Indoor Gardening Supplies

Besides natural ingredients, you can supply some artificial things for your indoor garden. For example,

Lighting for Indoor Plants

You can keep a grow light as a source of replacement of sunlight.

Water and Temperature

Coldwater plus over-watering you have to avoid must. You should water only until the soil become moist. 65 to 75 Fahrenheit is the perfect temperature for indoor plants.

Natural Fertilizer

Putting soil mostly is perfect for 1 to 2 weeks for the plants but from the third months, you need to provide natural fertilizer. Sometimes you should use dish soap, alcohol, or hot peppers to beat off the insects like aphids and spider mites.

The 5 things Plants Need to Grow

best indoor gardening

Let’s know 5 most important things need to grow the plants properly.


Plants need light to turn water, carbon dioxide, and nutrients they can eat. Otherwise, they can have nothing to eat without enough light. But, light can verify with the plants. Some plant wants direct light. Some plant s indirect light. Plus, few plants like low light to live in peace.


We know without water plants can’t grow but over-watering isn’t good for them.

Carbon dioxide

Plant needs carbon dioxide such we need oxygen for breathing. So, manage such a place where have sufficient carbon dioxide.

Growing medium

Just try to keep the plants a medium-size so they can’t lose their beauty and increase the natural look of your indoor garden.


We know that nutrient is essential for good health. Like us, nutrients needs for the plant so they can grow and can build a strong root properly.

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You can feel plants need humidity to survive them because dry air is the main reason to lose their moisture. Humidity percentage can vary with city and season.

Understand the Seeds

Definitely, every plant has a few stages of growth. But we don’t think about them a lot. We think just stick a seed in a pot and a plant comes into view is it true? This is not only one task. You should various stage of a plant.

First Step

In the first step, you can see a thick exterior into the shell of a seed that provides the future plant. If you store them in a wet place, it will make a plant into them.

Second Step

In the second step, you can see that the seeds come out of its shell called germination. To germinate of seed need two conditions like water and warmth.

Third Step

The third step is the vegetation. In this step, you will discover two baby leaves which seem to smile plus must they make you happy like me.

Fourth Step

In this step, you can see the two leaves are growing and make more leaves. Gradually it is growing finally. They need more nursing so they can grow perfectly.

Fifth Step

This is the last step called dormancy. In this step, you can avoid more water and fertilizer. Because plants can’t contain much compared to the rest of the year.

Understanding the Roots

Roots are the main things of the plant because it is the only one which helps the plant to provide their foods. If the roots don’t get enough room, the plant can grow to a certain size. If your plant looks sick, understand the root needs more rooms.

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Understand the Leaves

The situation of the leaves can only reveal the position of the plants. For example:

  • Turning yellow color shows that the plant needs more nutrition.
  • Brown and crunchy leaves advise you avoid over-watering.
  • Missing in action means the plant wants more sunlight.
  • Yellowish spot warns you about the spider mite problem.

Final Thought

The following basic knowledge just helps you make a genius indoor garden as a beginner. Now it is your turn to start your journey with beautiful plants at your home by following the tips and tricks soon. We think this informative idea helps you to make an indoor garden successfully.

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