How Well Would a Plant Grow Under Pure Yellow Light?

(Last Updated On: August 28, 2021)

Many People want to know “How Well Would a Plant Grow Under Pure Yellow Light

Remember, in our childhood, when knowing plants grow from sunlight was enough piece of information.

Regardless, grown-up, we realize that plant’s development with light is a simpler yet a bit complicated process. In where, different colour spectrums have different roles to play.

White light is a mixture of varieties of colours, including yellow. There is a long discussion available here and there about red, blue, or violet spectrums.

But if you are particularly interested in yellow light, you will learn here:

  • Is the yellow light helps in the overall growth of a plant?
  • You will know how to take the best advantage of yellow light for indoor greeneries.

Let’s emerge in explicit knowledge.

How Well Would a Plant Grow Under Pure Yellow Light

How Well Would a Plant Grow Under Pure Yellow Light

Before making yellow light our priority, let’s go through a short overview of complete photosynthesis based on vital colour spectrums.

Plant’s leaves reflect green wavelengths. That is why they have a visual green colour in our eyes. For this purpose, they absorb a minimal amount of green spectrum.

Mainly with the help of the red and blue wavelengths, plants get in on the act of photosynthesis, produce their food (Carbohydrate), and grow up spontaneously.

Whereas the contribution of individual yellow light in a plant’s growth is relatively inferior to others.

Yes, you heard me, right!

This specific colour light barely becomes a helping hand in photosynthesis. Considering that, applying a single yellow light for an indoor plant’s growth will be turned out as a huge disappointment.

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Measuring a plant’s height is most probably a notable hypothetical method that assures a plant’s healthy growth.

Continuing that, where other single spectrums ensure the plant’s height ranges from 300-500 mm, unfortunately, yellow light can only maintain a height of 200-300 mm.

Thereby, it gains a minus point!


Surprisingly, yellow light has a commendable performance while taking care of the plant’s leaf.

It seems to grow healthier and broader leaves. Nearly similar to the ones that the green and blue spectrum could produce.

From these lights, the leaf’s average length is more or less 40-65 mm, while red light goes for 70-80 mm.

And that is not a massive difference in the number.

Indeed, a plus point for the yellow light.


Again, the effect of yellow light on a plant’s stem has the lowest against all other spectrums.

The length of stems, in rare cases, goes up to 140 mm, but the other spectrums reach 200-300 mm without putting so much effort.

Certainly, another minus value!

Promoted Phase

To be honest, yellow light is not an ideal option for plants at any stage.

But if you dive deeper, you’ll know, the yellow wavelength (565-590 nm) is closer to orange-red wavelengths (590-740 nm).

And that is why the assumption that yellow wavelengths are slightly influenced by orange-red would not be entirely denial.

However, considering that yellow light may bring luck for the plants in the blooming or fruiting phase. Because the stage specifically demands a red wavelength.

Now that you know where yellow light helps and where they are not dependable, let’s take a quick glance at all the positive-negative factors:

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  • Lively and wider leaves.
  • Supports a bit in the blooming stage.
  • Provides extra warmth.
  • Similar visual colour of sunlight.


  • Doesn’t perform photosynthesis.
  • Growth rate is unsatisfactory.

Do You Already Own a Yellow Light?

So we suppose you have been gifted with a brightest led grow light of the yellow spectrum, or maybe you couldn’t resist and purchase it from the discount section.

Well, I know the struggle.

Since you already have it, stay put as we will make it effectively usable and provide the plants with a few benefits that weren’t in the queue earlier.

How is this possible, shocked? Let’s have a look.

Go Combined

While the individual yellow light has the least contribution to a plant’s life, you’ll be amazed to know pairing it with a blue or white light might turn the tables.

As we know, the blue spectrum is an essential element for a plant’s thriving. So adding it with a yellow light will almost cover the need of both blue and red spectrum to some extent.

Therefore, your plants will receive their needed ingredients and speed up the growth.

Though no one can promise you how much outcome you can expect from it, still, it would be far better than leaving the plant only with a yellow light.

Alternative Daylight 

What if your grow room can hardly provide any sunlight to your indoor plants?

Apart from strict artificial grow lights, it would be joyful for your microgreens to have a warmer light that has the most similarities with sunlight.

Luckily, you have a choice.

The High-Pressure Sodium Light (Delivers Yellow Spectrum) has the most similarities with sunlight. From both, plants have a visible yellowish and warm light.

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Thus, this will prove unbeatable daylight, where sunlight is not available at all.

Note that other grow lights have nothing to do with the additional yellow light. Because engaging a yellow light is still optional whereas, grow light with different spectrums is mandatory.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do plants absorb yellow light?

Plants only absorb the light which they need for photosynthesis. In the process, plants feel the need for yellow light, but the amount is relatively minimal than red and blue light. And so, plants do not absorb much yellow light.

What will happen to the plants only having yellow lights?

Plants need mostly red and blue spectrum and a little bit of green and yellow to cook the food through photosynthesis. But only having yellow light will not help the plants to have any carbohydrates in their cell. As a result, the plant will stop growing.

In summary

On the route of a newbie to pro-gardener, you must have explicit knowledge of what and how every element enhances your indoor plant’s life.

The whole point of this article was to give you the proper knowledge about How Well Would a Plant Grow Under Pure Yellow Light and how you can bring out the best from it.

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