Space Bucket vs Grow Tent: Which One to Use?

(Last Updated On: July 13, 2021)

A space bucket and a grow tent are two primary setups that offer areas for growing weed indoors. Each of these setups has its unique benefits and limitations.

In that case, you gotta figure out your objectives before making the decision. In essence, each method gives you a space to grow your plant indoors, but the yield will significantly vary by the method you opt for.

I’d suggest going with a space bucket if you wanna get a small scale yield for cheap. It’s ridiculously pocket-friendly and hands down discreet, and no one will ever realize you’re growing Mary Jane right in the house, even your landlord *wink*

On the other hand, a space bucket is a decent choice if you need unrestricted space to grow any type of weed plants. It tends to result in more yields than when using a space bucket, but it doesn’t go for cheap – costs an arm and a leg. But if you can meet the cost, why not go for it?

In this article, we’re gonna explore additional differences between space bucket vs. grow tent. Let’s get moving…

Space Bucket vs Grow Tent: At a Glance

In a space bucket setup, all the key components of a grow tents are harmonized into a self-contained microenvironment. It can accommodate at least one small cannabis plant, power supply, ventilation system, lighting, and fans.

Also known as a grow room, an indoor grow tent is a foldable tent that enables you to grow your plants like cannabis right indoors. It lets you come up with a garden ecosystem that’s far from the rest of your indoor space.

Grow tents are great for spaces that are not commonly suitable for growing, like a garage or closet. There are several qualities of the grow tents, like airtight vents and foil-covered walls.

Also, good options are waterproof and lightproof. Inside a grow tent is a space for hanging a grow light as well as setting a few plants and attaching a fan.

Space Bucket vs Grow Tent: Space & Portability

If you live in a small home or a rented house, then a space bucket would make great sense. It takes up the least amount of space and is exceptionally portable should you want to switch locations.

For me, I used to use a bucket to grow the reefer back while in college in my rented house, because my landlord would occasionally come around. It’s easy-peasy to hide a bucket than a bloody great tent. And, since I wasn’t targeting at getting massive yields (for my personal consumption), a tent wasn’t necessary.

On the other hand, a grow tent comes in many different sizes and affords a lot of space. In Canada, where I currently reside, for instance, you’ll typically find tents that accommodate a max of four plants.

The reason’s that Canadian laws allow one to grow up to four cannabis plants at a time. I ain’t sure about your country; laws are different.

In terms of keeping things under wraps, grow tents aren’t easy to hide compared with space buckets. They stand tall, thus hard to keep discreet. You’ll have to just let your buddies know you’re growing Mary Jane and get over with it.

As for portability, grow tents are relatively portable despite being much larger than space buckets. They’re also very lightweight, which means you can easily move them around should you ever wish to change locations.

Smell Control

A grow tent excels when it comes to containing the ‘skunky’ scent emerging from your cannabis plants. With a tent, you can easily mask the smell since its size is large, and the whole unit is sealed.

And if the smell still concerns you, you can add an inline fan and a carbon filter to your tent. By so doing, the skunk’s noxious smell is gonna be water under the bridge.

On the contrary, containing the cannabis plant’s scent using a space bucket is a catch-22 endeavor. A bucket often leaves the very romantic scent of weed wafting through your home. You might want to reconsider your choices if you hate marijuana’s scent lurking around the house.


Due to the smaller setup, the cost of operating a space bucket is significantly lower than running a grow tent. A basic bucket setup would cost you anywhere between $50 and $100, while a grow tent retails at $250 and above without ventilation and lighting.

It is this low initial investment that makes people prefer space buckets over grow tents. Besides, with a few common items, you can make your own space buckets at your home’s comfort.

To make your space bucket and save money, you’ll need 2-3 5-gallon pails, a possible heat source, LEDs/compact fluorescent bulbs, 2 CPU fans with power supplies, and reflective material – like white paint or silver foldable heating blankets.

Making your own space bucket is a great way to cut on unnecessary costs. You like saving, don’t you?

The best grow tent will set you back well over 250 bucks. That’s not to mean you can’t find good options going for under $100 on Amazon. A good example is the MELONFARM Grow Tent. If you want to buy a complete led grow tent kits, the price will increase.

Although you can acquire a good grow tent for cheap, you’ll notice the overall cost will ultimately rise once you’ve added all the necessary equipment.

Also, if I may put my two cents in, I’d suggest opting for long-lasting equipment. That way, you’re able to grow and harvest plants multiple times before anything needs to be replaced.

Space Bucket Pros

  • Small size; easy to hide
  • Low operation cost
  • You can create your own space buckets
  • Best for a small home or a rented house

Space Bucket Cons

  • Hard to contain the smell
  • Lower yields; about 1-2oz per plant
  • Walls reflect little-to-no light unless you use mylar/tinfoil
  • One must custom drill holes for carbon fibers and running cords
  • One must have the right tools for drilling, cutting, and connecting equipment

Grow Tent Pros

  • More space for plants; hence bigger yields
  • More room; thus lesser risk of mold or pests
  • Easy to set up
  • Have reflective walls which guarantee maximum yields
  • Zippered doors for unrestricted access to water and for keeping plants in check
  • Contains metal supports where grow lights are hanged

Grow Tent Cons

  • More exorbitant costs than space buckets
  • Harder to keep discreet than space buckets

Final Remarks

In conversations revolving around space bucket vs. grow tent, it all boils down to how much yields you want and the cost factor. Each option has its own pros and cons, and thus you need to figure out your needs before hopping onto the indoor weed growing bandwagon.

If you need more yields and have some hundreds of dollars to spend on a grow tent, why not go for it. My 2×4 grow tent, which is of moderate size, fits 3 cannabis plants, and each plant yields 6+ oz.

On the contrary, if you wanna get lower yields for your own use, then a space bucket won’t be a bad choice. In most cases, an average space bucket yields 1-2 oz, which is pretty good for one weed smoker.

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