10 Best Portable AC for 4×4 Grow Tent (Ultimate Guide)


BLACK+DECKER Portable Air Conditioner

Frigidaire Window-Mounted Air Conditioner

Whynter Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner

Are you in a dilemma to select which can be the best portable AC for 4×4 Grow Tent?

If so, chill and peruse this post carefully.

The grow owners always try to pick the best one for their grow tent plants. We can understand yields highly are possible when the condition of the room is the recommended level.

Like others, when you want to get the maximum yields, you have to keep the situation into the right levels, and only an AC will help you to get it.

But discover an ideal ac is frequently a difficult task because many brands are available in the product with their latest products. And all of them won’t fit for grow tent we have a lot of time and list of the bests after reading hundreds of reviews of an ac.

10 Best AC for Grow Tent and Grow Room


Product Name

Key Features


Best Overall


Premium Pick

Frigidaire Window-Mounted AC

Great Value

Whynter Dual Hose Portable AC

JHS Portable Air Conditioner

Honeywell Ac for 4x4 Grow Tent

Pioneer Air Conditioner

Della Portable Air Conditioner



Honeywell Portable Air Conditioner


  • Cooling capacity: 100 – 150 sq. ft
  • Unity weight: 52.9lbs
  • Included: Unit, remote control, installation kit, and exhaust hose, manual.

Are you seeking for a powerful portable air conditioner for your grow tent?  The BLACK + DECKER Portable AC will ideal for your.


Having this AC in the grow tent will keep cool, comfortable, and feel relaxed the plants, especially during summer. If you want to keep the grow room fresh permanently, you can install a larger AC, and it’ll be an idea.

What I Liked

What I Don't Liked


  • Cooling capacity: 150 sq. ft
  • Dual air direction control
  • Included: Unit and adjustable window bracket

Frigidaire FFRA0511R15 is a window mounted mini compact air conditioner that is ideal for cooling a room. It can cool the room during summer so quickly. You would like to keep it in your place for the auto-restart system.

Like other advantage units, it features a rotary controlling process, a double way for air direction control. For a healthier and comfortable room, this unit works well. But you have to pick the right size that depends on the size of the window of which room you want to set up. Don’t go for installing without reading the user-friendly manual correctly.

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  • Cooling/heating capacity: 500 sq. ft
  • Thermostatic control: 61 to 89-degree Fahrenheit
  • Included: Windows kit, unit, exhaust and intake hose, storage cover bag

The WHYNTER ARC-14SH is a portable air conditioner was specially designed as a sturdy and powerful device that can cover much more space. The main attraction is a dual system that means this unit can cool and heat your room and allow you to use it as your need.

This is a double hose portable air conditioner that needs a small space to set up and perfect for any bedroom, office, or any server room to cool.

It features standard and advanced auto drain technology and needs to use and recycle the moisture collected during the cooling process to compose fresh air. The dual hoe system can operate fast cooling.

What I Liked


  • Cooling capacity: 200 sq. ft
  • Unit weight: 44lbs
  • Included: Unit, remote control, window kit, and exhaust hose, drainage kit, user-friendly manual.

Are you thinking to pick the best grow room air conditioners for your 170 sq. ft grow tent? So, this unit, why doesn’t it ideal for you? With 3-in-1 functionality, it comes with much more standard and advanced features.

What more?

You must like it for the most significant controlling power. The remote control lets you set the unit from your seat easily. Don’t need to move more if you set up the auto on/off switch for 24 hours timer. You can keep the growing room with a comfortable climate without wasting energy.

What I Liked


  • Cooling capacity: 350-450 sq. ft
  • Exhaust hose length: 12 to 47-inches
  • Included: Unit, remote control, adjustable window bracket

Controlling the climate and weather enjoy your simple room with the Honeywell portable air conditioner that has come with a smart digital thermostat system.

Keep peace in mind: how?

Because it constructed with a washable filtration system, extend life, overload protection process on the motor, and extra safety precautions.


Don’t leave it without any care because it has come with a 1-year limited warranty for parts.

What I Liked


  • Cooling capacity: 200-350 sq. ft
  • Unit weight: 120lbs
  • Included: Indoor unit, outdoor unit, installation kit, remote controller

If you are thinking to buy the best air conditioner for grow room and commercial use, you can select this Pioneer Air Conditioner. Smart buyers choose this unit for your home and industry use.

This is ideal for top-quality, reliability, and excellent performance. The mini-split type of air conditioner provides a high-efficiency level, including a wireless remote controller that allows you to select various operating modes easily.


Don’t miss the new installation system anyway.

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  • Cooling capacity: 300-350 sq. ft
  • Thermostatic control: (62 to 82) degree Fahrenheit
  • Included: Unit, window kit, remote control

Della portable air conditioner is ideal for versatile use that allows you to set up in your bedroom, living room, office apartment or other indoor space where you desired. It features multi-functional use and easy to move.

The LED display options offer you select the control panel with a multi-mode selection button. For temperature adjustment, you can set the up and down section and can control the fan speed using the timer. The timer will assist you in turning the ac on or off as your desire.


Don’t set up the unit so that kids can go to close and touch or try to handle.

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  • Cooling capacity: 100-450 sq. ft
  • Heat pump: up to 5-degree Fahrenheit
  • Included: Indoor unit, outdoor unit, installation kit, remote controller

Do you like to provide cooling with heating system into a single air conditioner? Why not? The SENVILLE mini split air conditioner come with dual system that you are searching for your home or office. It is perfect as a professional installation.

Modern, sleek, and more efficient with beautiful design and quality, this unit provides service any part of your home. Inverter technology can supply an effective way that gives you a complete climate control power.


Pay attention to the safety set up and use.

What I Liked


  • Cooling capacity: Up to 450 sq. ft
  • Floor AC
  • Included: Unit and a remote control

Some of the modern consumers like to use the best window ac for grow room like portable floor air conditioner so that they can use anywhere anytime. The SERENELIFE air conditioner is like the units that can manage anyone where they need.

You can enjoy this unit with the three swing moods like air cooling mode, dehumidifier, and fan automatic swing mode. The Digital touch button allows you to control the temperature, time, and climate of the room.


Though it is a floor ac, you should keep away from kids and pay attention all the time.

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  • Cooling capacity: 400-550 sq. ft
  • BTU: 12000
  • Included: Portable ac, user-friendly manual, and warranty with remote control

This unit will be suitable for your home if you don’t like to get a fixed air conditioner. It has no permanent installation system and a removable device that can be move using four caster wheels. The auto evaporation method offers you to operate it for hours continuously without any water to drain.

This model comes with all that needed to include with a flexible exhaust hose that easy to install with the window venting kit. The overload protection system will protect you after continuing it for a long time.


Set up in a safe place where your kids and others will be safe because it is an electrical device.

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What Size Air Conditioner Do I Need For My Grow Room?

1-ton ac unit or 2-ton ac unit? Don’t understand what size ac will perfect for your grow room? This short guide will explain and help you to select the right air conditioner for Grow tent.

Know BTU

AC is always rated by British Thermal Units (BTU) that is an energy unit. It is essential to measure the thermal, temperature energy, and even air conditioner. It is the quantity of heat to able of removing.

Most of the common air conditioning units, BTUs are 5000, 12000, 18000, plus 24000. You should know what BTU will need for your AC to make right for the setup.

The formula of total BTUs

You can follow a simple formula like 4 BUTs X total watts of grow room equipment = total BUTs of Air Conditioner that you need.

So, if you use 6000 watts, this will need a minimum of 24000 BTUs that means you are have chosen a 2-ton AC unit.

Without only this factor, you have to consider more other factors like grow tent, grow room that could generate temperature such as grow lights. You should consider the room size and area also.

Below has a few processes to know how many BTU do you need for the grow tent.

Grow lights: 3500W, CO2 burner: 1000W, and Dehumidifier: 1500W.

Now calculate them:

Total Watts: 3500+1000+1500 = 6000W

6000w x 4 =24000BTUs.

What size will you choose?

For a 24000 BTU, you might like to get 2 AC with 12000 BTU each. It can ensure what size cooler do you need to spread the cool/heat air in your grow room or grow tent equally. If one of them will damage, the other would still be working and try to do the same job instantly. So, it can better than systematically not having the units for cooling.

Types of Air Conditioners for Grow Tent or Grow Room

Know various kinds of Air Conditioner for your grow tent or grow room. Without knowing the types of ac, you won’t be able to select perfect and the best ac for 4×4 grow tent.

Below you will get several types that ensure that you have the select ideal one for your grow room.

1. Portable Air Conditioner

Portable Air Conditioner is a lightweight but not for a big job. It is so reliable and simple to more here and there. If you are a beginner grower and have a small indoor grow room, this type of Air conditioner will ideal for you. Two types of portable air conditioners for grow tent are available like one tube ac and two tube ac.

2. Window Air Conditioner

Window air conditioner, though, is the most popular air conditioner, a bit more complicated than small portable ac. It is ideal to use for medium size grow tent or grow room. It is more powerful to make the room cold enough.

3. Mini Split Air Conditioner

For the larger grow room or tent, the mini air conditioner is perfect because it is so dense and perfect for bulky points. Two main components of this type of ac have that are ductless. The shape rectangular shape ac can be set up on the mounted on the wall simply.

4. Ceiling `Air Conditioner

Ceiling air conditioner like somewhat similar to the mini split air conditioner. The difference between them that the ceiling air conditioner cools the room from the ceiling.

Like mini-split, it just needs a few technical skills to install. Though it is so massive in weight, most of the farmer likes to use because they need to arrange little space for this air conditioner.

5. Commercial air conditioner

Commercial air conditioner mainly comes for the larger grow room made commercially, such as the most extensive indoor gardens and greenhouse. For a small grow tent, it won’t right o choose.

The size of this ac is the biggest, and it has to set up on the top of the room or building. So, it is ideal for professional and commercial use.

How to add ac to grow tent

Once you can acquire the best air conditioner for grow tent, next, you should add in the grow tent. If you don’t have the experience, don’t waste your brain without knowing the right process. Below have a few steps, just follow and add ac to grow tent simply.

  • It’ll be more imperative if you set up the machine close to the socket. The manufacturer doesn’t allow you to use a power extension code from other appliances. If you use another socket for the ac, for the overload with different cable connection plug, the ac can damage.
  • Set the ac in a safe place where especially children.
  • Keep in mind, add the ac such a place where the ventilation condition is good for the ac. From where you can handle and manage the gadget and clean it regularly.
  • Before assembling, read out the manual properly so that you can’t make any wrong to add it.

Important FAQs

People ask many more questions before purchasing any gadget, especially when choosing an electric device. So, for grow tent air conditioners they must ask some significant problems, such as:

1.  How Long Should The Air Conditioner Be On In My Grow Room?

A: We recommend you to shut on the ac always so that you can maintain the coolness in the grow tent perfectly. But in winter you should shut off the machine from time to time.

2.  What’s The Ideal Temperature for Your Grow Room?

It mainly depends on the weather, climate, and the growing plants, whether the grow room is closed or not. After all that, it is common that the temperature should 60-80 –degrees Fahrenheit.

3.  Are Dehumidifiers Enough?

If your grow tent is in an open place and the temperature is between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit, you can work on a dehumidifier with a grow tent fan. If your grow room is closed, you should use an air conditioner.

4.  How much AC do I need for my grow room?

The quantity of ac for your grow tent depends on the size of the grow room. You can find the measurement of the ac size or number if you know the BTUs correctly.

5. How can I cool down my indoor grow room?

For cooling your indoor grow room, you should maintain a few tips. For example- you have to manage a proper grow tent ventilation system, avoid overcrowded tents, use smart pots for plants, good grow tent carbon filters, humidifiers, set the high end led grow light in the reasonable measure, run the fire at night, use air-cooled  lights, and so on. If you want to keep cool your tent, you should not use hps grow light in your 4×4 grow tent.

6. Is air conditioning terrible for plants?

When it’s too hot outside, your plants enjoy the air conditioner. Ac doesn’t directly affect because they constructed to remove the heat and humidity from the grow room and make a suitable environment for the plants. So, the air conditioner isn’t bad for plants.

7. What can I plant near my air conditioner?

The vine plant is a great option to plant near the ac but allows planting at least 2-feet in front of the ac. Vine plants are morning glory, jasmine, and butterfly vine with so many. If you use potted plants, it will be flexible and suitable for ac and plants.

8. How many BTU do I need for a 10×10 room?

If your grow room width is 10-feet, length 10-feet, ceiling height 8-feet with reasonable insulation condition plus temperature 50-degree Fahrenheit, 8500 BTU, or 2400watts will idea for you.

Wrapping up!

Thanks for reading the post, and we hope you haven’t wasted your valuable time finding out the best ac for 4×4 grow tent.

If you have any confusion or still thinking which one perfect for your grow room, we suggest you first consider the size and quantity of plants in your room and then take the final decision simply.