What Size Inline Fan for a 4×4 Grow Tent – Best 5 Fan review

Being able to maintain the atmospheric conditions of a grow tent is anything but easy. Making sure your grow tent has the right amount of ventilation is indeed very important. One has to be aware of the surrounding atmospheric conditions to determine what size inline fan for a 4×4 tent would be perfect.

Growing plants can be much easier and perceiving if you have the right tools to support you. Finding the right size of an inline fan takes the task of analyzing the grow tent’s space. This guide will help you choose the best inline fan 4×4 grow tent owing to the suitability of the tent.

What size inline fan for a 4×4 grow tent

The importance of an inline fan is limitless as it helps to set the atmospheric condition uptight. Hence, according to the size of a tent, if it is a 4×4 grow tent, the size of the inline fan being 215 to 240 CFM can be a proper one.

The system of the CFM fan is designed according to the size of the grow tent. The speed and size of the inline fan have to match as the air must keep moving in the vent.

What Qualities to Look for When Choosing an Inline Fan

Before choosing inline fans for your 4×4 grow tent, it is vital to know the qualities that best fit for utmost output. One of the qualities besides being the right size is that an inline fan must possess the capacity to boost cooling and heating factors.

Furthermore, the best inline fans for 4×4 grow tents are those which have a tremendous dynamic frame according to their size. Efficiency and durability are some of the critical factors in the significant operation of the inline fan setup for your grow tent.

Do you need an inline fan for a 4×4 grow tent?

There’s no doubt that an inline fan for your grow tent would keep your worries at bay. Since grow tents are enclosed in a specific indoor setting, they’re not exposed to natural air. Inline fans fill up the requirement of the natural air and favor the plant growth.

The air circulation throughout the area of the indoor setting needs to be well for the plants to grow effectively. An inline fan gives an appropriate amount of ventilation that prevents the growth of insects and pests. The proper setup of an indoor plantation with an inline fan goes a long way to harvest more plants in the future and receive greater yields in return.

How much CFM do I need for a 4×4 grow tent?

Generally, the requirement of a CFM fan for a grow tent depends on how large or small the indoor grow tent is. However, for a 1000W, one can aim for a 200 CFM and less for the entire control. For a 4×4 grow tent, a 240 CFM fan is enough to take control over the whole ventilation movement and even sweep off the smell.

The range of the CFM fan for a grow tent starts from 150 and is ideal at 240. The area of the grow tent is calculated by cubic feet. If the grow tent area is 106 cubic feet, 215 CFM fan and above are a good fit.

How many inline fans for 4×4 grow tents?

The amount of fans in a grow tent is just as equally crucial. To vent air in and out, you might want to look at the best exhaust fan for 4×4 grow tents. The purpose of determining the number of fans in a tent is analysing how much air is being wasted.

One single strong inline fan is enough for creating the exhaust system. The exhaust system successfully creates a breeze in the indoor setting.

One strong fan is good enough to eliminate the need to set up 3-4 fans instead. Setting up too many fans isn’t just wasteful but also puts unnecessary charges on your electricity bill.

How often do you run an exhaust fan in a 4×4 grow tent?

The ideal number of times to run an exhaust fan in a 4×4 grow tent every 3 to 5 minutes. If the ideal number of times are maintained, your plants would possibly thrive more. For retaining the accurate number of times to run your exhaust fan, it is necessary to choose the right size of the fan.

The ventilation system that provides an in-house exhaust fan is all you need for extracting air. If you are worried about an intake fan for 4×4 grow tents, that might not even be required. Exhaust fans do the right job for passive intake of air. 

Another way to determine how often one should run the exhaust fans is by dividing the entire volume of the grow tent by three. A good time for exhaust fans to run is during the light hours.

4×4 grow tent CFM

Wondering what might be the right formula to find out the CFM of 4×4 grow tents? The first and foremost job is to find out the volume of a 4×4 grow tent. The formula for calculating the volume is length x width x height.

The total volume of a grow tent is

length= 4ft

width= 4ft

height= 6.667ft

4 x 4 x 6.667ft= 106 cubic feet.

After calculating the cubic feet of the grow tent, we can analyze the required amount of CFM per minute. So the least amount of CFM for an area of 106 cubic feet is 150 to 200.

Best Inline Fan for 4×4 Grow Tent

1. AC Infinity CLOUDLINE Quiet 4” Inline Duct Fan

AC Infinity CLOUDLINE 4 Inline Duct Fan

Key Features

  • Includes a programmable controller that maintains the humidity and temperature with its sensors
  • Comes with a PWM motor with an efficient mounting
  • Fan and speed control sensors are available
  • Kit also comes with a corded probe that works as a sensor
  • Mount hardware and AC power plug comes with kit
  • Two duct clamps are included with the package

CLOUDLINE T-4 is equipped with an inline duct fan that does the job of ventilation of grow rooms with an incredible exhaustion system. The intelligent programming techniques that this product uses are enough to operate energy-efficient work.

The best outcome lands in a mixed flow design of the inline fan that performs highly during static environments. The entire kit is a complete package that leaves no room to complain. A controller, duct clamps, and a user manual to make everything easy as it is.


  • Adjustable fanning system
  • Programmable control over temperature flow
  • Easy to set up
  • Quiet and steady
  • Auto-mode functional capability
  • Attached alarm system


  • Expensive than other fan

2. AC Infinity S6 Inline Duct Fan with Speed Controller

AC Infinity CLOUDLINE S6, Quiet 6” Inline Duct Fan

Product features:

  • Comes with an 8-speed controller that is manual
  • AC power adapter is included
  • Aids AV cooling closet
  • Comes with a mix and match controller that can be shared through series
  • Great power cycle memory helps to distinguish speed
  • Flow design is equipped with stator blade
  • Hydrodynamic wind flow gives a static pressure control for even airflow
  • Optimal level speed balance with inline duct speed controller
  • Easy cleaning is done with a motor control impeller

Product description:

The CLOUDLINE infinity T-6 series is an intelligent choice for smooth control over complete ventilation of the 4×4 grow tent.

The EC motor of the product features an impressive efficiency rate, saving up to 40% energy. This product is hence a good option for long-term maintenance too. The inline fan also holds the capacity to generate heat on different voltage options.


  • Reliable and durable
  • Zero intensity in noise level
  • Voltage friendly
  • Exhaust odors easily
  • Fit for transferring temperature to rooms


  • Expensive

3. iPower 6 HVAC Exhaust Blower for Grow Tent

iPower 6 HVAC Exhaust Blower for Grow Tent

Product features:

  • Space for using IPower with carbon filter
  • Powerful ventilation function within and outflow system
  • efficient ducting
  • Sturdy fan blades help reduce noise
  • Ceramic coated can is attached with a fan which resists corrosion from the atmosphere
  • Bearing comes as lubricated and needs zero maintenance
  • Fan is 6 inches suitable for regulating the flow of air as the convenient setting of indoor plantation
  • Center hub of the inline hub helps to control vibration

Product description:

supporting all the ventilation issues, this inline fan is constructed with a durable built-in inline duct that provides smooth functioning of airflow. Besides that, the aerodynamic design of the inline fan helps eliminate rattling noise and vibration, giving it a quiet environment around.

The operation of the airflow is smooth with suitable components to prevent wear and tear. This also ensures long-term performance in the indoor setting.


  • Easy to install
  • Precise and tight construction
  • Efficiently removes heat
  • High-temperature tolerance
  • Active speed control


Fan covers mounting bracket holes

4. VIVOSUN 6″ Inline Duct Fan, HVAC Exhaust Intake Fan

VIVOSUN 6 inch Inline Duct Fan 240 CFM, HVAC Exhaust Intake Fan

Product features:

  • Superior blades help the long term performance of the inline fan
  • Wide airflow helps remove air exhausts and a noticeable odor
  • Portable inline fan to set up anywhere in the grow room
  • Works as an intake fan to provide fresh air as that of outdoor ones
  • Inline duct helps controlling the temperature inside the grow tent
  • Lubricated bearing helps to operate fan without much sound

Product description:

For a long-run uninterrupted inline airflow service, this product can be a perfect choice. VIVOSUN 6 inline fan is suitable for a specific indoor setting and works just as great in greenhouses and tents, providing maximum output.

The system rework isn’t an issue as the fan is constructed to tackle air delivery problems. This fan can also be used in smaller setups and will definitely provide a great boost.


  • Strong blades help upgrade air supply
  • Lightweight
  • Proctors minimum noise
  • Auto-maintenance
  • Can be installed anywhere
  • Removes odor
  • Energy efficient


  • Motion of the fan is non-uniform
  • Air resistance need control

5. VIVOSUN 4″ 190 CFM Inline Duct Ventilation Fan

Product features:

  • Comes with a powerful blower to aid maximum ventilation
  • Attached plastic fan housing helps to lower noise and gives steady in and outflow
  • Easy to maintain as duct ends are removable and have locking tabs
  • Fan can be set up and applied in any grow room setting
  • Speed controlling facilities help with quick speed adjustments
  • Blades are maintained from their ends
  • Easy to connect with the carbon filter for high purified air outcome

Product description: VIVOSUN 4 Inch 190 CFM inline fan is a great addition to a 4×4 grow tent. It will comply with being energy efficient and be just as quiet during the plantation cycles.

The smooth running fan can rightly be adjusted as per requirement. The good news about the high-performing motor is that it does not need external maintenance.

The noise reducer silencer will guarantee a quiet operation throughout the day. This inline fan can also be used as an intake fan for 4×4 grow tents in much-confined setups.


  • Accessible carbon filter setup space
  • Can be used in different installation methods
  • Speed control sensors
  • Variable speed
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Receives ducting for fluted ends


  • Might have to adjust speed shifts


planning for a grow tent does need a lot of preparation. One of the major factors in stepping into the world of plantation is choosing the right tools for the best outcomes. Choosing LED lights and what inline fan size for a 4×4 grow tent would be the right option takes a lot of searching.

With this very guideline outlet, you’d be able to decide on your own what fits well for your 4×4 grow tent. Each inline fan features its specialty. Hence this might make the deciding factors on the product you choose!

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