What Size Carbon Filter for 4×4 Grow Tent – 5 Best Filter

A carbon filter is a great negotiator for brushing off the unwanted odor from and inside a grow tent. Although humidity and strong smell from the plants fill up the air, it’s relatively easy to control them with a good carbon filter set up in the grow tent.

When finding out what size carbon filter for 4×4 tent would be the right fit, it is just as essential to consider the space of your grow room. There are many factors that one should look for when choosing the suitable equipment for grow tent.

This guide will help you grasp the facts about carbon filters and how they can be put to the best use.

What is the purpose of a carbon filter for 4×4 grow tents?

To simply put it, carbon filters work as a refiner to purify the air from outside and filter fresh breeze into the room.

Carbon filters come in metal cylinders that later need to be connected with a high-performing fan. The combination of a powerful intake fan for 4×4 grow tent and carbon filter simultaneously works to eliminate unwanted particles from the air.

When carbon filters are appropriately sized and put into a grow room, one can understand their functionality by their capacity of removing the unpleasant odor from the grow room environment.

What size carbon filter for 4×4 grow tent?

The size of the carbon filter for 4×4 grow tents depends on the volume of the grow tent and the CFM.

For example, if one uses lights worth more pressure and watts, the heat flow will be high accordingly. Considering the high amount of pressure and watts, one has to install a filter that is 20% more CFM value than the overall calculation.

Temperature, lights, and space play a significant role in determining the size of filters.

What Size Carbon Filter for 4×4 Tent

Choosing the right size carbon filter for your 4×4 grow tent isn’t tricky but needs a bit of mathematics and calculation.

The first and foremost step of analyzing the size of the filter is by measuring the area of the grow room and then suit the carbon filter with space.

One can measure the volume of the grow room by calculating it by the following formula.

Volume = length x width x height

Having done with the calculation of the volume of the grow room, the second step is crucial.

The CFM, which stands for cubic feet per minute, has to be taken into calculation. CFM value will help one understand how much air the carbon filter through the exhaust fan can clean out in each minute.

CFM calculation:

The volume of grow tent/ 3 (dividing the total volume by 3)

For 4×4 grow tents, 4-inch carbon filters will suit the best with the given space.

How long do grow tent carbon filters last?

Carbon filters come with their own timeline of work capacity. As much as it helps to tackle the toxic air and eliminates the smell from the plants, it has the ability of retention too.

Carbon filters last almost 18-24 months or a minimum of two years. In most cases, carbon filters seem to work fine if the pressure is less, providing service up to 4 years.

There is a specific timeline for most carbon filters because they get saturated over time. The saturation of a carbon filter blocks it to cleanse the air of the grow room. Furthermore, plant types, usage, humidity, and carbon quality are responsible factors for the lifeline of carbon filters too.

Where to put a carbon filter in 4×4 grow tent?

Installation of the carbon filter is rather easy. After you’re done assembling the filters on the floor, set the best exhaust fan for 4×4 grow tent on the top of the carbon filter. The tapered side of the filter has to be pointed down.

Wraps of duct tape in 1-2 amounts are enough to connect the fan with the filter. A duct clamp allows firm attachment of the fan.

Will a carbon filter eliminate all smells?

The feasibility of activated carbon is much higher than any other mechanical purifier. Hence, a carbon filter does a great job of removing foul odor.

Being an absorbent, carbon filters are a powerful source of purifier that traps the odor inside the filter and ultimately retains it.

However, carbon filters get saturated over time, so they’ve to be frequently cleaned. Most carbon filters have a capacity of trapping 99.97% of particles. The excellent retention efficiency makes people choose carbon filters over any other purifiers.

Should I run my carbon filter 24/7?

Running the carbon filter 24/7 does not harm; in fact if you want to rely on an element in your grow room to help you ease off the environment and eliminate the unpleasant smell, it’s probably a good idea to keep the carbon filter running.

As long as the exhaust fan runs, the carbon filter attached to it will do its work just as assigned. Even after the inline fan goes out of power, the carbon filter will cage the particles that spread most of the smell from inside the grow room.

Keeping the carbon filter running ensures constant airflow in the grow tent. If one wants their grow room to not turn smelly at any point of the day, it is recommended that the carbon filter stay turned on.

Having adequate ventilation will allow the smell to be filtered out in a smooth possible way.

Review of 5 Best Carbon Filter for 4×4 Grow Tent


AC Infinity 4 inch Air Carbon Filter- Best for 4×4 Grow Tent

Product features:

  • 4 inches duct opening size
  • 12 inches filter in length
  • Outer material coated with galvanized steel mesh
  • 1200+ IAV carbon grade
  • Available with a pre-filter cloth sleeve
  • Built with premium-grade Australian charcoal

With a unique design, the AC infinity air carbon filter works strongly against potential odor and chemicals. The flanges, which are made of aluminum, support the ducting very seamlessly.

The passing of air is convenient because of the galvanized steel mesh that borders the inner chamber and the outer part of the body as well. Furthermore, the pre-filter cloth is an excellent addition that prevents residue from building up, keeping the filter clean as new.

Overall, the filter is super absorbent and is highly activated, assuring maximum performance for trapping unwanted smells.


  • Great airflow capability
  • Effective absorption capacity
  • Easy to set up anywhere in the grow room
  • Fit with ducting
  • Flange and base is reversible
  • Washable pre-filter sleeve


  • Flange end might have to be adjusted as per requirement


VIVOSUN 6 Inch Air Carbon Filter Odor Control

  • Built with inner and outer mesh
  • Comes with velcro pre-filter
  • Includes carbon filter belt
  • Carbon filter is systematized to use activated charcoal
  • Made with optimal surface area per particle of carbon
  • Flexible with duct and exhaust fans

The carbon molecule of this particular carbon filter works actively to attract passing molecules from around the atmosphere. The powerful magnetic force of the carbon molecules ensures maximum trapping control of the carbon filter, eliminating the pungent smell from the grow room.

The outer and inner mesh is feasible enough to create 53% open space for maximum airflow. Having consistent airflow hence gives out the assurance of maximum absorption rate. The carbon quality of the VIVOSUN 6 inch carbon filter seizes air contaminants three times more than average.


  • Durable
  • Consistent airflow performance
  • Velcro pre-filters are replaceable
  • Can be used as both exhaust and intake filter
  • Can be set up with any ventilation duct
  • Flexible with high static fan


  • Filter might be a little heavy


Phresh Carbon Filter For The Cleanest Air

  • Built with aluminum bases and tops
  • Internal base is cone-shaped
  • Open-air customized mesh with a rate of 51%
  • Comes with a pre-filter and flange
  • Equipped with an anti-air bypass system
  • Available in different size options

When a carbon filter comes with a sturdy aluminum base and tops, the weight of the carbon filter reduces to a certain level, helping to maintain the carbon filter much more efficiently.

The internal base of the filter allows optimum airflow and helps to perform for the long term. The flange included with the carbon filter is riveted; hence it has a strong position in the filter. Options from different sizes help fit any application.


  • Long-lasting
  • High-quality internal base
  • Lightweight
  • Reliable bypass system
  • Comes with pre-filter


  • Size needs to be determined before purchase


VIVOSUN fan filter combo for Grow Tent Ventilation

Product features:

  • Comes with two flexible stainless clamps
  • Includes activated charcoal
  • Built with maximum surface area for each carbon particle
  • Ducting is made of aluminum and is corrosion-proof

This product is a complete package of the necessary components for a 4×4 grow tent. The top-notch carbon filter in this very package brushes off undesirable pungent smells and fights against chemical particles in the air.

The three-layer thick aluminum foil guarantees the firm structure of the duct, which helps the carbon filter work much more efficiently. Ensuring 100% filtered airflow, this carbon filter works much more diligently, removing unwanted odor.


  • Solves indoor ventilation issues
  • Comes with humidity sensors
  • Easy installation
  • Very energy efficient
  • Temperature resistant


  • Might be a little loud


BloomGrow Ventilation System for Grow Tent Kit

Product features:

  • Both inner and outer mesh creates 53% open space
  • Built with 1050+ virgin coal bed
  • 1.5” thick carbon layering
  • Coal-based carbon
  • Comes with a pre-filter
  • Speed dials are available for airspeed control

Environmentally friendly and promoting clean air throughout the room, the BloomGrow carbon filter is a sustainable choice. The speed dials that come with the package helps to control speed as per necessity. As a result, the carbon filter takes advantage of the controlled airflow and works efficiently based on that.

Moreover, the micropores of the carbon filter work excellent to stamp out contaminants that have low molecular weight. The robust ducting with two stainless clamps ensures the productivity of the carbon filter. BloomGrow is hence a very suitable choice.


  • Triple-layered duct walls
  • Activated carbon
  • Durable and reliable
  • Comes with a fan speed controller
  • Circulates clean air


  • A little tricky to install

Final words

You definitely wish to come home after a long tiring day and not deal with the stinky odor from your grow room. A carbon filter does the job of taking care of any and every potential bad odor that may produce from your 4×4 grow tent.

When finalizing your carbon filter choice and what size carbon filter for your 4×4 grow tent would be appropriate for you, you may want to know all the facts mentioned here. This guide will hence help you to get the best carbon filter for 4×4 grow tent.

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