Best Color Spectrum and kelvin for Vegetative Growth

(Last Updated On: January 6, 2021)

This writing is based on precise observation of – what is the best color spectrum for vegetative growth. Your plants get inhibited all the time since the way of color light dispersing is not accurate, right?

Here, I will let you catch a concise instruction about the muddle of growing healthy plants. And, it will be very easy for you to choose the correct color light spectrum.

What is a Plant’s Vegetative Stage?

Plants Vegetative Stage

The vegetative Stage tends to the growth cycle of a plant’s life cycle. This phase is started after the germination and ends before the flowering of plants. In this period of the cycle, plants follow up the conduction of the photosynthesis stage and assemble the necessary resources that are to be used for flowering growth as well as the reproduction phase cycle

The vegetative stage is also known as “Veg Stage “or the “Growth Stage”. During this period, a plant requires all essential resources to grow like CO2, and nitrogen, and proper lighting. Without having a careful observation of this growing phase, you cannot expect an accurate flowering and fruiting.

The growth stage can occur for a few weeks or even months often. It’s finished when the plants are going to bud and reach a mature size. A little mistake of watering, irrigating, and lighting can lead to an unhealthy peak development of plants.

So, you must need to be much conscious during the Vegetative Stage of a plant in regards to taking precautions. You should be assured that your plants are getting at least 18 hours of proper lighting to reach into their blooming period. You can check our latest guide about the best led grow light for vegetative growth.

Best Color Spectrum for Vegetative Growth

The best color spectrum choice depends on the desire for what you will plant and how you are growing the plants. There are several factors of cultivation or fertilization that come into visible step by step. Getting mature to the whole growth cycle includes seedlings to adult growth. After that, flowering and fruiting occur eventually.

Generally speaking, measuring wavelengths of the color spectrum is one of the criteria for lighting in the vegetative stage. But, the light of all wavelengths or parameters of the Temperature Kelvin scale is not equally used in each phase of growing plants.

Hence, different stages of plant growth need different color spectrums. Some basics are necessary to know about the lightening process of plant burgeoning. Read the following terms and conditions of proper plant culturing.

Color Spectrum of Sunlight

Generally, plants need sunlight to grow that consists of all light colors, although sunlight looks to have only white or yellowish. This catch sight of shining happens because the sun contains all colors of the rainbow, and the mixture of all colors reflects white color.

Definition of Color Spectrum

A color spectrum denotes the pictorial representation of all colors. It spreads the colors with a prism. The researchers signify the number of wavelengths to imply the color denotation instead of naming the colors. Because it helps to measure the accurate color considerably.

Photosynthesis and Pigmentation

There is a chemistry in the photosynthesis procedure. A chemical reaction occurs inside the photosynthetic leaves in the germination period.

I am not going to describe that chemical equation here for your ease observation. Basically, at the time of photosynthesizing plants absorbs lights and to absorbs the lights the plants need pigments.

Chlorophyll and carotenoids are the basic elements of pigments. Chlorophyll allows the plant to gain light energy and develop this energy into plant energy. Carotenoids are helpful to complete the pigmentation process and get new different colors of flowering and fruiting stages.

Color Spectrum for Vegetative Growth

Now it’s easy to get highest yielding LED grow light. Because of advanced features, you don’t need to change the color of the spectrum in different stages of planting. The entire production cycle of your plants can be very smoother if you use a full spectrum LED. LED lighting should have the following range of lighting:

  • Blue Light (400 nm -500 nm)
  • Red Light (600 nm -700 nm)
  • Far-Red Light (700 nm -800 nm)
  • Green Light (500 nm -600 nm)

As now of today, a configuration is being set up in the full spectrum LEDs for all stages of growths, you can use light for whole grow.

Usually, grow lights utilizes fluorescent grow lights that are very cool to use the required color. LED has more blue color and red that are useful for growing lights. Later on, LED takes onto the accurate color in regards to wavelengths and displaying the actual color of the spectrum.

Best Kelvin For Growing Plants

There is a myth that only blue and red colors are used to grow plants well. But, all spectrum colors are absorbed to purify chlorophyll inside the leaves of a plant that cannot be seen. Above I mentioned, photosynthesis is a complex process which involves in the creation of chemical equation by different elements.

Indeed, blue color light is mostly used in the vegetative phase and it requires higher-end Kelvin range to make the stage production. Blue light with color temperature 5000 – 7500 Kelvin or wavelengths 400 – 500 nm is recommended for this growth stage. This range is considered as the best Kelvin for vegetative growth.

A strong flowering phase can be expected by following the required measurements in the growth period. Lightening also should be intensified when seedling but florescent lighting is not required as much as metal halide.

Best Light Spectrum for Flowering

The flowering stage of the flower is the final and foremost period of the plant life cycle. The estimated red color temperature range is 2000 – 3000 Kelvin or 640 – 680 nanometers. The red light helps this phase cultivate strong stem growth and tend to develop plant height.

In the flowering stage, fruits and chlorophyll are also produced. That’s why growers often expand the light cycle for long-day plants. YOu can check our ultimate guide about the best grow light for flowering stage.


Moreover, the growth stages demand different colors in a different step. So, you should be aware of when choosing your color spectrum. It’s better to get the right “full-spectrum” while buying. I hope the above guidelines will help you choose the best color spectrum of LED grows light of 2020.

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