How to Make a Grow Tent – Easy and Simple Way

(Last Updated On: July 13, 2021)

If you are looking to grow plant whichever plant you want but you’re limited with space to use, an grow tent can be really useful. Of course, you can get a grow tent on Amazon or in your local mall, but why spend lots of cash if you can build your own?

Well, that’s why this article is gonna teach you how to build a grow tent for cheap. Note that most tutorials promise you a “cheap” way of making an indoor grow tent, But very few ever break down the budgetary allocation on how much you’re gonna spend. This article tells you exactly how much you’ll be spending.

So Why Build A Grow Tent?

As I’ve already mentioned, it’s always about a lack of space and financial strains. But also, sometimes you just want a DIY project where you can build your own small “farm” indoors.

Basically, a homemade grow tent is advantageous over outdoor growing because it lets you micromanage your plants’ growth. Which can actually result in well-grown and well-developed plants compared to when grown outside. Complete control over your plants tends to result in great harvests.

It’s scientifically proven that indoor grow tents are lightproof, which means that the plants’ growth cycles are unaffected by outdoor factors such as lighting and weather. Hence, you’re guaranteed better harvests throughout the year. The tents also come in handy if you’re gardening sensitive plants that require specific conditions to grow.

At the same time, a grow tent is both cost-effective and efficient. Most premium grow tents, such as the 2-in-1 Indoor Grow Tent, usually cost an arm and a leg yet offer similar growth effects as the homemade tents.

Nonetheless, let’s have a look at some of the materials and paraphernalia you need to get you started.

Everything You Need (With The Exact Budget)

Total cost for everything equals =$107.18, which is pretty very much affordable. Note that these prices change from time to time, so make sure you’ve checked them out on Amazon. They may be cheaper now!

How to Make a Grow Tent

Making The Frame

You’ll need the PVC piping to construct a tent frame with the size of your choosing. You should bear in mind it will need to fit in the ventilator (or the humidifier). It’s also gonna have to fit in the LED lights; so, take that into consideration too.

In case you bought PVC piping that hasn’t been cut to size, you can do so by using a hand saw. In such a case, you’ll need to cut the PVC into 16 straight pieces. Four of them for verticals each at 1.5m long, four others for the base, and eight of them for the top roofing. Then connect them together. But if managed to buy the PVC piping meant for grow tent, then you don’t have to go through the cutting.

Now, once you have the PVCs connected into a rectangle frame, the next step is to construct a tent.

Constructing the Tent

Here, you’ll be using Mylar (or any foil-like material), which is meant to offer reflective properties to keep light from being absorbed or lost.

You need to apply the mylar with the white and reflective side on the inside the tent’s frame. Here’s when the duct tape comes in handy. Make sure you don’t leave any opening, except for the “door” where you’ll be getting in and out of the tent.

Setting Up the Ventilation System

It doesn’t matter which system you’ve decided to go for, just make sure you’ve built the tent in such a way that it allows for feeding in and feeding out of air. This is where the humidifier comes in. All you gotta do is hang the humidifier from above the tent, from the inside. You can do this by coming up with some creative straps, or hangers.

You just have to remember to pull the cord through a small opening on the roof. You should then use duct tape to further close the small opening – to avoid light leakage.

Install the LED and HID Lights

Just like the ventilation system, you need to install both the LED grow light or  HID lights or fluorescent grow bulb. With the HID lighting, you can attach them to the PVC piping. And perhaps hang the LED on top.

Conditions to Control

The Lighting: Make sure your grow tent is 100% light-proof. This is achievable by using duct tape to guarantee there is no opening. The LED and the HID also come in handy in making sure you’ve got the control you need.

Airtight: Similar to lighting, once the tent is well duct-taped, then you won’t have to worry about air leakage. Here, the mylar has to cover every part of the tent’s frame.

Temperature: Depending on the plant you’re growing, use the humidifier to make sure they grow tent has the temperature you need. This won’t be a problem if both the mylar and the LED lighting work effectively.

Moisture: Just like temperate, the humidifier comes in handy to make sure the temperature doesn’t go beyond 70 percent. Once again, the exact moisture level depends on the plant. So make sure to check the requirements for the plant.


I hope this DIY tutorial on how to make a homemade grow tent is simple enough to understand. I’ve been as detailed as possible so that you don’t miss any of the steps and tips you need.

If you compare with lots of reviews on making a grow tent, you’ll notice that I’ve even managed to compile the expenses you’ll have to incur. It is way cheaper than getting a whole and complete premium grow tent, most of which go for more than 300 bucks.

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