7 Best 1000 Watt LED Grow Light (2022)- No.1 is Amazing

(Last Updated On: August 29, 2022)
Best 1000 Watt LED Grow Light

Are you a professional weed grower or a farming enthusiast who loves to grow a variety of plants indoors? You know how essential it is to have proper lighting!

You may also experience the struggle of frequent replacement when these lights fail to meet basic demands or are even damaged. This is what happens when you choose an inferior LED grow light.

Choosing the highest yielding LED grow light among a plethora of options is an uphill task. To help you make a sensible and quick decision, we have created a concise list of seven of the best 1000 watt LED grow lights. These LED lights are designed to provide a natural light spectrum for your plants to flourish.

Without further delay, let’s dive into the 1000w LED grow light Guide.

If you are short on time, we have created a list of 7 best 1000W LED grow lights. Within the article is a more in-depth review of each 1000 LED grow light.

1000w LED Grow Light Coverage

When it comes to purchasing LED grow lights, you’ll get multiple sources of watt power that are designed based on the different measurements of grow tents. 

Generally, the 1000w LED grow light ( I am talking about True watts ) is perfect for a 6 by 6 feet, or 36 sq. ft. grow room. However, most people dispute that the range is limited to 4 by 4 ft, or 5 by 5 ft.

This is because they’re using a seed starting tray that ranges 4 sq. ft. only. After some days, the tray-filled vegetation develops and reaches out up to a range of 5 sq. ft. or 6 sq. ft.

But there are a few other factors to evaluate before moving to purchase those LED grow lights. The coverage area of 1000w LED grow lights may vary depending on the type and quality of LED lights. It also depends on the plant requirements as well as the growing space.

To ensure a safe environment for your indoor plants, always spend on the high quality 1000 watt LED grow lights that feature outstanding performance.

Here is a complete guide about 1000w led grow light Coverage.

1000w LED Grow Light Distance From Plant

Maintaining an appropriate distance between LED grow lights and your plants is essential as the photosynthesis process greatly depends on it.

If you set it too far, it might not provide a certain amount of light and heat. On the other hand, hanging it too close can cause the plants to burn and reduce the coverage area.

The distance also depends on how powerful or intense your light is. The more powerful the light, the more heat it generates. The higher the heat, the greater the distance between the LED grow lights and crops.

Growers must pay attention to the growth cycle of cultivated plants. The plant needs the most light and heat during its early phases. It is better to provide 15 to 18 hours of light through the vegetative phase. But when they come into their early-flowering stage, you should alleviate the light time and extend the height.

It is preferable to keep 36 inches distance between multiple lights and the canopy of your crops. You can bring the grow light a bit closer during the vegetative period, just about 24 inches.

From the flowering or blooming stage to the maturation period, keeping a distance of 18 inches from the plant’s canopy is appropriate.

How Many Plants Under 1000w LED

The light output of a 1000 watt LED grow light can easily cover a 25 sq. ft. grow area, which means it can support at least 6 to 9 healthy plants. 

Most people follow SOG or SCROG growing systems to cultivate many small plants in a limited space.

In the end, the quality of LED lights and the size of your plants determine how many plants can grow under your 1000w grow lights. 

So, if you want to grow 6 to 9 healthy plants in a 5 sq. ft. area, you don’t get any better results than 1000w LED grow lights.

Here is a Complete guide about how many plants you can grow under 1000w led grow light.

1000w LED Grow Light Yield

Unfortunately, there’s no straightforward answer to how much yield can be predicted from 1000 watt LED grow lights.

The yield you obtain from any plant under a 1000w LED grow light will differ based on numerous factors, including planting experience, skill, growing techniques, and the proficiency of your grow light.

However, if you want to get a basic concept using watt power, you can consider 0.5 to 1 grams output per watt. One gram growth per watt would be counted as an incredible yield, but a yield of 0.5 grams per watt is not so bad.

Therefore, you can anticipate getting between 500 to 1000 grams under 1000w LED grow lights.

The right growing conditions also ensure the maximum yield of your plants. Further, some factors can affect the growth quality of the plants.

  • Enough space for your plants to grow into
  • Good ventilation
  • No leakage of LED light
  • Mylar surfaces that have reflective features

Max Yield Output Of 1000w LED

The maximum output you can get using a 1000w LED grow light depends on multiple factors. Following a proper growing technique may help, however at the same time, skill and experience will play an influential role in indoor planting. 

To get maximum yield, you should consider an LED grow light with a good amount of Photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR).

Most renowned grow light brands come with a PAR value chart. In different PAR values, it indicates what height you should maintain in the vegetative and flowering stage. If you’re looking for maximum growth, you should go for a strain recognized for high yield genetics.

Your growing space will always have a significant impact on your yield. Ensure you have a suitable growing condition, including plenty of grow area, proper ventilation, no leakage, appropriate temperature, and reflective surfaces. Low-stress training is a helpful method for entry-level growers, which can help them to increase outputs up to 150%.

4 Plants Under 1000w Yield

If you’re thinking about growing 4 plants under 1000w, you will get a sound output.

In reality, 1000 watt ( True Watts) is too much for only 4 plants, and a 200-600 watt LED light can provide an expected result for 4 plants. You can grow at least 6 to 9 plants under a 1000 watt LED grow light.

When it comes to cultivating a small number of plants per light output, you will always get a better yield. Besides, you can manage four plants more simply than 9 or 16 plants.

For instance, if you utilize a 600w HPS grow light for 4 plants, you’ll get a maximum yield of up to 5 oz. per crop. However, when you want to use the same HPS grow light for 16 plants, you can expect up to 1.25 oz. from one plant.

The minimum amount of LED grow lights needed for 4 plants is 200 watts, where the maximum number is 600 watts. Using a 1000 watt LED light just for 4 plants will be a total waste of energy.

4×4 Grow Tent 1000w LED Yield

A 4×4 grow tent means a 16 sq. ft. growing area under 1000w LED grow light. If you’re confused about whether 1000 watts led grow light is enough for a 4×4 grow tent or not, let’s calculate what amount of watts would be needed in one square foot area.

The minimum wattage needed per square foot is 32w, whereas the maximum number is 50w. 

So, if we consider the minimum value, it would be 32w x 16 sq. ft = 512.

However, if we take the maximum range, it would be 50w x 16 sq. ft. = 800. That means a capacity of 512 to 800w is enough for 16 square feet of growing area. So, the 1000w lamp is perfect for an excellent yield of plants, but when an appropriate distance between the grow light and plant is maintained.

To evaluate the 4 x4 grow tent 1000w LED yield, we first have to look at how much yield could be feasible using one watt of grow light.

One can have at least 0.5 grams of growth per watt of the LED light. Taking 1000w LED grow light, we would get 1000w x 0.5 grams = 500 grams or 1.102 lbs.

1000 Watt LED Grow Light Cost Per Month

It is well known that LED grow lights have much more energy efficiency than HID, or HPS lights. 1000w LED lights have excellent illumination as well as great coverage.

When an HPS grow light produces 145000 lumens, you will get 200000 lumens from LED lights. So, it’s an excellent idea to use LED lamps that give you the same power with more utility.

Evaluating how much electric power a 1000w LED lamp uses is not very difficult. All you need to do is collect the essential information. However, we will give you a rough estimate on that issue. Generally, we have to focus on two crucial points.

  • The wattage of LED grow light systems
  • How long it runs in one day

As we calculate the value for 1000w LED grow lights, so here, the watt is 1000w. It would be best to have a proper idea of how many hours you operate your LED grow lights.

To get maximum plant growth, you must keep the light on for 18 hours during the harvesting and 12 hours for the flowering phase. So the 1000w is used for 18 hours, and the watt-hour would be 18 x 1000 = 18000.

The kilowatt value is 18000/1000 = 18 KWh;

Now we have to multiply the value with the electricity tariff. Then multiply the daily cost by 30 to get the electricity bill per month.

The daily expense is = 18 x 0.1331 = 2.4 dollars (price of electricity in the USA is 0.1331 dollars per unit)

1000w LED grow light cost per month = 2.4 x 30 = 72 dollars approximately

1000w LED vs. 1000w HPS

The 1000w HPS and 1000w LED grow lights are the two most popular grow lights that you can find out through market research. But when it comes to choosing a particular 1000w LED grow light, you may be confused about which one to choose. Some features differentiate LED lamps from the HPS light.

A 1000w HPS grow light can support a wide range of areas, such as 7 by 7 area or 49 sq. ft. But you’ll get 25 sq. ft. coverage from 1000w LED lights. The 1000w HPS bulbs produce more heat, which is 3,617 BTU heat in an hour. So it is safe to install the HPS bulbs far away from the plants.

The budding process in plants with 1000w HPS lights will give you an average of 2% outputs. But a solid 1000w LED light increases the amount to 3.78%.

The lumen or brightness of the 1000w LED grow light is generally high in number. HPS grow light generates output with a range of 120,000 to 145,000 lumens. In comparison, you’ll get a maximum of 200,000 brightness from a 1000w LED bulb.

Now it depends on you between 1000w HPS and 1000w LED which one you should go for.

1000 watt HPS LED equivalent

The fact is, 1000w HPS and 1000w LED are not equal in power. The 1000w HPS is much the same as a 600w LED lamp.

Besides, a few factors make quite a difference between 1000 watt LED and 1000 watt HPS bulbs. 

  • The efficiency of the LED grow light system
  • Power and duration
  • Initial cost

A Good 1000w LED grow light can compete with the 1000w HPS grow lights, doubling power and saving electricity. The LED grow light functions much cooler compared to the HPS lights. This is an added advantage for professional indoor growers.

Overall, the 1000w LED and 1000w HPS grow lights are not similar in lumen, coverage, power, and performance. It would be better to go for a 1000w LED to ensure the fast growth of your indoor plants. However, if you want to grow 4 to 6 small plants, a 1000w HPS is enough light.

White LEDs vs. Colored LEDs

Due to the continuous advancement of technology, growers now have more options in LED grow lights. Most people struggle to decide between white vs. colored LED lights as they expect to get the best output for crops.

While white LED lights have a more consistent spectrum that cannot be customized or changed, colored LEDs allow the growers to alter the level of intensity for an individual color spectrum and control the growth cycle. However, white light mainly combines green and yellow light.

In short, colored or variable LEDs are more energy-efficient than white LED bulbs. Though both grow lights have energy-saving features, white LEDs lose high energy on the green spectrum. 

However, an advantage of using green LED grow light is that it can help the growers to view the crops more clearly without the help of specialized spectacles. So growers can easily detect diseases, problems, or nutrient scarcity.

How To Take Care Of Your LED Grow Lights

It is essential to take care of your LED grow lights, even if you have the best LED grow lights. Taking proper care and periodical maintenance can enhance the lifespan of grow lights. You don’t need to change them so frequently and provide a significant impact on your indoor plants.

Ensure your LED grow lights are perfectly installed, wired, and associated. Use good electrical materials, and observe the wirings. These steps will not only be conducive to marijuana growth but will also protect you from unforeseen accidents.

Keep your bulbs clean by using a glass cleaner. Before cleaning, make sure that the grow light is switched off and unplugged.

Wipe the lights regularly to get rid of stubborn dust. Accumulation of stiff dust on surfaces can impact the light emitted intensity. It can also affect the development of your cannabis.

Place the grow light in a suitable position where there is not much moisture.

7 Best 1000 Watt LED Grow Light Reviews

All the selected products in our list will be sure to give you positive feedback in your upcoming indoor planting. So rest assured about the performance and the quality of the products. Browse through our selection and make your choice!

1. MARS HYDRO TS 1000W Led Grow Light – Best for Light Intensity at different growth stages

Key Features

  • Operates on 120VAC, 240VAC, and 277VAC
  • Expected lifespan of LEDs is more than 50,000 hours
  • Advanced SMD LED technology ensures mixed full light spectrum
  • IP65 waterproof texture
  • Maximum 2 grams output per wattage
  • 100-240 voltage and 50-60 Hz

The MARS HYDRO TS 1000W LED grow light is one of the best LED grow lights in the current market. It provides so many great features at such an affordable price. From indoor gardening to farming to greenhouse planting, this LED light is designed in such a way to meet a variety of requirements.

The grow light outputs 150w and took the place of 1000w conventional lights. Unlike HID lights, it aids you in saving electricity bills.

With a daisy chain set up, it supports up to 15 multi-light connections. The maximum coverage area for the blooming phase is recommended 2.5 by 2.5 feet But we recommend to use this led grow light for 2×2 grow tent. You will get at least a 9 sq. ft range for the vegetative stage.

What makes it different is the use of an efficient light-emitting diode and a full spectrum with infrared light. This feature is an added advantage for all stages of growth as well as rapid plant response.

Switching from the purple-colored spectrum to white color diode is a notable highlight of this 1000 watt full spectrum LED grow light.


  • Noise-free fan-less LED grow light that makes it suitable for indoor gardening
  • Designed to fit a large room and commercial area
  • 150W energy consumption with 342 LEDs are perfect for the flowering stage
  • Reflector surface enhances light efficiency
  • Included LED controller to allow you easy planting


  • In the case of indoor planting, it is better to have a minimum air circulation system as it does not have fans

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is this full light spectrum for all growth stages of plants?

This light is designed with a full spectrum LED grow light system and is best for all phases of growing. It comes with a white and red spectrum, which is a good ratio for all growth phases of plants.

2. Will this light fit inside a 36x36x72 inch grow room?

Yes, the led grow light could fit inside a 36x36x72 inch grow tent. However, yield quality depends on how many plants and which plant species you are going to cultivate.

2. KingLED Newest 1000w LED Grow Light – Best Value LED Grow Light

Key Features

  • Maximum lifespan of diodes is 100,000 hours
  • Working frequency is about 50 to 60 Hz
  • Built-in fans on the back surface and multiple cooling vents for longevity
  • Actual wattage is 145W
  • Three LED modes for all stages of plants

Unlike conventional HPS or MH grow lights, this China-based KingLED 1000 watt led grow light has adopted a high-tech reflector system and SMD LEDs. It has a clear-cut design that delivers more intense light to your growing cannabis.

While taking a close view, you will observe its dual chips. These chips generate a bright lighting habitat for your plants.

As much as energy can be saved, it consumes a maximum of 185w, which is quite good. What’s more, you will get three different modes to maintain a perfect balance of lumen during all growth cycles of your plants. This LED full spectrum lighting is similar to sunlight.

With 10 times greater optical condenser, there is a 4-5 times enhancement in PPFD compared to conventional lamps. The lighting region and height could be adjusted based on different environments and plants.

However, it has a wide area of coverage, about 3.4×3.8 feet. The KingLED is an excellent option for the best 1000 watt LED grow light on a budget.


  • Adopts the latest SMD LEDs and reflector technology for cost-effective value
  • Multiple sound-free, high-speed fans and aluminum radiator allow it to operate from 50° to 60° F
  • Full spectrum LED grow light and excellent lumen outputs
  • Durable LED grow light reduces frequent replacement
  • Easy installation, maintenance, and functionality


  • Not a waterproof LED grow light
  • The cooling system can create dripping around the surfaces

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is this LED light too much or overkill plants in a 3ft x 3ft x 6ft growing tent?

The size of the KingLED 1000w LED is perfect for this tent. Since the recommended distance between the plants and canopy is 3 ft, one might face a height problem.

2. What is the best indoor growing tent for this grow light?

The 48″x32″x60″ grow tent with a removable tray is appropriate for indoor plant growing.

3. Can a dimmer switch be plugged into this light to lower the brightness level?

The light has a stable circuit unit. Adding a light modulator affects different electric outputs, resulting in reduced service life.

3. BESTVA DC Series 1000W LED Grow Light – Highly Efficient Grow Light

Key Features

  • Double-chip 1000w full light spectrum
  • Aluminum reflector is added to increase light intensity
  • Improves the quality of light penetration up to 50%
  • Perfect for 4×4 grow room
  • Two cultivation modes for different growth cycles of plants
  • Latest and upgraded cooling fans

If you’re looking for a high-tech 1000w LED light to ensure the fast growth of your crops, the BESTVA 1000w LED grow light will not disappoint you. It is helpful to an entry-level grower who does not want to invest much in a grow light yet wants high-quality marijuana.

The BESTVA LED grow light is designed with 10w chips, similar to other plant lights in the market containing 3w or 5w light. This dual-chip 1000w full spectrum LED grow light works well in the flowering and vegetative stages, allowing you to modify the intensity of light based on growth phases.

It comprises an aluminum panel and glass with multiple holes to make the light cool and conduct the heat convection before the heat touches the plants. The light bulb can be compared with 600w HPS lamps, which only consume approximately 145w. Unlike other lights, the BESTVA LED grow light works at 50° to 60° F, which is relatively low.


  • Aluminum radiator and high-speed fan enable the LED light to operate in 50° F to 60° F
  • High intensity discharge per wattage
  • Ratio of red and blue light are well-balanced
  • Plenty of coverage region considering the cost


  • Not suitable for outdoor use

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How many watts does it use to power?

It is a 1000w lamp, which indicates that its lighting efficiency and brightness can be comparable to 600w HPS lighting systems. Due to the energy saving features of this LED grow light, the actual amount of power consumption is just 145w. Using this light can also save a lot of electricity costs.

2. Does it have IR and UV diodes?

Yes, you will get two UV diodes and two IR diodes.

3. How many lights do you require for a 10’x10’ grow room?

Two BESTVA 1000w lights work well in a 4’x4′ tent. So, you might get a positive result using at least 5 to 8 lights.

4. Giixer 1000W LED Grow Light – Best Cheap 1000w LED Grow Lights

Key Features

  • Three cultivation modes for plants growth
  • 10 watt double LED chips grow light
  • Includes white, yellow, blue, and red light
  • Light emitting diodes are more likely to last 20,000 hours
  • Light outputs 110w

For those who do not want to break the bank yet want a quality LED grow light for an indoor garden, the Giixer 1000w LED grow light would be a good choice for you. This is one of the cheap 1000 watt LED grow lights on our list.

The LED lights produce brighter light as well as full spectrum light, which is precisely what an indoor gardener would expect from a grow light.

One highlight of this grow light is protective diodes, maintaining a good balance on light intensity. Light colors include blue, yellow, red, orange, white, pink light, and more. This is so similar to natural light.

Variable spectrum, as well as three cultivation modes, will help you to save electricity costs and give maximum growth.


  • Protection diodes are included to ensure a balanced performance
  • Available veg and bloom switch for different functions
  • Improves growing environment for plants
  • Power is equivalent to a traditional 1000w grow lamp
  • Two robust cooling fans for maximum heat dissipation


  • Designed only for indoors

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How much distance should you maintain between this light and seedling?

It depends on what you are planting. Keeping a range of 12 to 18 inches is better if you want to grow seedlings.

2. Is this too large for a 3’x3’growing tent?

One 1000w LED grow light is enough to support a 4 x 2 grow tent and a maximum of 14 sq. ft. So, it is not so huge for a 3’x3’growing tent.

3. Does it have a ballast power cord?

The ballast is loaded into the unit. There are two built-in cooling fans for balanced heat.

5. BLOOMSPECT 1000W LED Grow Light – Best Versatile Indoor LED Grow Light

Key Features

  • Incorporates daisy chain functions for high light intensity
  • Full spectrum light with nine different bands
  • Actual power outputs approximate 180w
  • Updated 10w double LED chips
  • Can replace a 400w HPS and MH light

The BLOOMSPECT 1000w led light is a new and updated version that includes three modes to meet the needs of different development cycles of plants.

100 pcs and 10w dual LED chips make a much more energy efficient and high yield. The light equals 400w HPS light, making it one of the best 1000 watts LED light for under 400.

An aluminum heat sink, several vent holes, and cooling fans are incorporated to dissipate the heat properly.

You can use the lights for any indoor activity, including planting, greenhouse, hydroponics, and commercial set up. The distance between the plants and canopy can be adjusted, and thus, it can illuminate a small or large area.


  • Veg, and red, and bloom modes perfectly cater to each growth stages
  • Perfect for indoor planting, commercial use, greenhouse, and hydroponics
  • Loaded with heatsink LED technology to reduce extreme heat
  • A high value of PPFD ensures plants growth


  • Not waterproof

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Does this light run on a 120v outlet?

Since the input voltage is AC source 100-240v, this light can efficiently run on a 120v outlet.

2. Would this unit work well inside a 24x24x48 ft grow room?

The light generates extreme heat. Thus, such tents tend to be small for this light. Ensure you have enough ventilation to keep your tent warm.

3. What is the maximum coverage of this light?

This light covers a maximum of 3 by 3 feet area during the growing stage and a minimum of 2.5 by 2.5 feet area during the flowering stage.

6. Likesuns 1000W LED Grow Light – Best For Balanced Spectrum

Key Features

  • Three light modes for plants growth
  • Maximum coverage area is 65×65 inches
  • Well-balanced full spectrum grow lights
  • Replaces an HPS and MH light of 1000w
  • Working temperature is 68 to 104° F

While replacing 1000w HPS grow light, you do not get any better than this LED light from Likesuns. It can cover a range of 65×65 inches and a minimum of 42×42 inches.

This light has two different switches for several functions and is also a full spectrum LED grow light that a plant needs for healthier growth. It helps you maintain a good balance of light intensity between vegetative, germination, and blooming stages.

With daisy chain functions, the LED can connect to at least four lights. This feature reduces the hassle of handling power cords.

You will also get more light coverage for your plants. Two huge cooling fans keep the surface cool and ensure proper heat dissipation throughout the surface.


  • High-quality fans and heat sinks to keep the heat down
  • Huge coverage area
  • Daisy chain allows connecting four lights in parallel
  • Efficient cooling technology provides overheat protection
  • No harmful wavelength and not an artificial light


  • The cooling fan sometimes create a bit of sound

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the energy consumption rate of this unit?

This light only consumes 120w of energy.

2. Are these lights hot enough to cause the burning of leaves?

No, these lights are very cool since they feature venti-holes, heat sinks, and cooling fans. All of these attachments distribute the heat so evenly and protect the device from overheating.

3. Can this LED grow light be used to augment succulent plants?

Yes, These lights can be used to grow different types of fruits and flowers plants.

7. Phlizon CREE Cob Series 1000W LED Grow Light

Key Features

  • Advanced COB technology for great power and stability
  • The highest PPFD value, 1205 umol/m²s
  • Actual power consumption is about 300w
  • 100-240V and 50,000 hours life-time

A unique feature that differentiates Phlizon from the rest of the products on our list is Chip-on-board technology. The light provides the highest illumination, yield, and low amount of light attenuation.

The high PPFD value permits an excellent photosynthesis process and increases the output. You will get an actual output of 300w, as much light as a grower expects from a grow light.

This light has additional beads in various bands just to ensure a full spectrum light. Adjustable modes on this light save money as well as energy. It is much more energy efficient than any other HPS or HID lights.

Overall, Phlizon CREE Cob 1000w LED grow light is a pretty good choice if you are looking for powerful 1000w LED grow lights.


  • High brightness and thermal resistance
  • Longer lifespan
  • Additional beads in different bands to provide full spectrum light
  • Replaces a 500w HPS grow light
  • Red light spectrum promotes plants fruit and flowering


  • Slightly pricey

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How many lights are needed for a 4×8 tent?

If you want led grow lights for 4×8 grow tent, three LED units can give a total coverage for a 4×8 ft tent.

2. What is the maximum coverage area of this light?

You can use this light to shroud a maximum of 42×42 inches or 3.5 by 3.5 feet area.

3. Is 1000w too large for a 2x2x4 tent?

No, it is a perfect size for such a tent. However, you can use one 1000w light to cover that area.

How To Choose A Good 1000w LED Grow Light

While choosing a 1000w LED grow light, you need to appraise some factors you want to cover. The LED grow lights may vary depending on a few features, including size, type, wattage, color, spectrum, and price. Based on those specifications, most LED grow lights may provide better performance while others not so good. Here are some vital points that you should consider while buying a plant light.

Actual Wattage

It defines the actual amount of electric power consumed by the fixtures. You must have a good idea about the actual wattage of LED grow light to save electricity costs.

Some LED lights work on similar wattage, whereas others have different wattage ranges. This is executed to give control on the spectrum.

When plants are in their vegetative phase, they do not need more light than in the flowering phase. The electricity price could be saved if you allow your unit to turn off the LED light automatically.


When it comes to choosing a bright light spectrum for your indoor plants, you need to consider two factors:

  • The color of your preferred light
  • The adjustable options of light

1. White LEDs vs. Colored LEDs

Units with colored LEDs have some amount of white LEDs in the mixture. Here are the two types of white color LEDs.

A. Natural White

Proponents of full spectrum white light state that their spectrum has the most natural vibe as it is as same as the sunlight. This LED white light is similar to a combination of HPS lights and metal-halide bulbs. Or it can be said that the HPS spectrum is combined with the additional color of blue light.

It has been proved HPS lights work well with plants and provide the best outcome. As we know, plants love natural sunlight. Due to its natural look, one can easily view any problems, discoloration, disease under white light.

B. Against White Light

Opponents of LED white light have exhibited that this light is generally made up of green and yellow light. Plants use less of this light, and most of the light gets wasted.

In the case of sunlight, it is okay as the sun is a vast source of energy. But when you are using this as an LED light, it is nothing but a waste on the electricity bill.

2. Adjustable Spectrum

Some lights come with an individual mode for the vegetative and blooming stage. The primary benefit is reduced electricity bills.

Usually, the plant needs more light during the flowering stage, but they don’t require too much light in the vegging period. There are no additional light requirements in the cloning stage. So, you can control the light amount and save your electricity cost.

Make sure not to make any change of lights in their mid growth. The plants may go into shock that can disrupt the growth for about two weeks.

The customizable LED modes will not cause a long period of stalLED growth, but you might have to take this for a couple of days.

Light Output

1000w LEDs generally have a yield that is equal to 900w HPS light.

To help you make a sensible choice, we want to give 4 stars to a light fixture with the same light intensity as a 900w HPS bulb. The 5 stars ratings are for LED bulbs whose intensity is equivalent to 1000w HPS lamps.


PAR refers to the range of brightness that leads the photosynthesis process in plants.

We all know photosynthesis is the principal function of plant growth and energy production. The greater we augment photosynthesis in crops, the higher the plants will grow. Getting a small amount of light would badly stimulate photosynthesis.

LED grow lights are designed to operate within a specific range that is appropriate for photosynthesis. The ideal extent for the photosynthesis process is assumed to be 400 to 700 nm.

Many LED lights come with a high PAR value, but it does not mean that the lamp is too good. However, it is indispensable to choose an ideal LED light that can photosynthesize plants within the PAR range, as mentioned above. 


PPFD defines the number of photons landing in a distinct area from a PAR range. When you know the exact value of PPFD, you get to learn about the amount of light within the PAR range that lands up on your plants at each point calculated. However, each plant species has a unique PPFD requirement to achieve an energy efficient yield.

PPFD measurement is a popular way to examine the performance of grow lights as photons help stimulate the photosynthetic receptors in the crops. It will also help you to make a clear comparison among indoor grow lamps.

Canopy Penetration

Most manufacturers assert that their LED grow lights penetrate as densely below the canopy of plants as the HPS lights. But it is rare in most cases.

The ratings of 5 stars are provided who have a similar canopy penetration capacity as HPS lights. And 4 stars are provided to those who have a bit less than that.

Final Words

This is all about a 1000 watt LED grow light. Now, you must be confused about which one you should pick among the seven lights. It actually depends on your requirements as each product of our choice has unique properties. None of these will disappoint you no matter what you like.

If you want a high-performance LED grow light, we recommend MARS HYDRO TS as the best 1000w LED grow light, if you want a high-performance LED grow light. But if you’re going to maintain a proper balance in price and performance, Giixer 1000W LED Grow Light would be a perfect example.

We hope that you find our guide helpful and favorable. Happy gardening!

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