How to Choose the Right LED Grow Light- 7 Effective Ways

(Last Updated On: August 27, 2021)

LED Grow Lights are a pretty recent invention to fill up the lacking of sunlight in a plant’s life. So, most of the consumers do not have enough ideas to make the right choice. Apart from helping in photosynthesis, these lights also ensure faster growth, balanced temperature, and a better indoor plant environment.

After conducting thorough research, we have finally brought out the points on how to choose the Best LED Grow Light for indoor plant that will bring luck in your gardening. Let us take you down the lane of all details.

When Do You Need LED Grow Lights?

Before you spend your money and time on buying the best-LED light for your plants, the purpose of picking that product must be exact.

Here we present the benefits of having the LED grow lights and how you would know you need a LED grow light to solve all the difficulties in your plants growing.

  • If you are an inhabitant of those areas where the sun barely shows up, then to bring progress in your plant’s growth, LED grow lights are the best solution to cover the need for sunlight.
  • While setting up your grow tent in the garage, basement, or inside an unused closet, you must install LED grow lights to avoid any interruption in their daily need for photosynthesis.
  • When using a regular bulb to satisfy a plant’s requirements, the traditional light source may produce extra heat, dehydrate the plants, and reduce their growth. On the contrary, LED grow lights will not cause any heating problem.
  • The LED grow lights have higher durability, and it makes sure to distribute the spectrum throughout the whole area while the regular bulbs can only focus on a limited space. To have consistent growth, LED grow lights are essential.
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3 Things You MUST Know Before Buying an LED Grow Light

How to Choose LED Grow Lights?

Now that you know the necessity of LED grow lights, it’s time to jump to the next step where you will find out which factors you should bet your money on a LED grow light.

1. The Plants You Want To Grow

The LED grow light functions on indoor plants and depending on various indoor plants, their response towards LED grow light has seemed to change. According to experts, the leafy green vegetables require more light while the flowers or fruits need less spectrum.

That is why following the core needs of light in your chosen plants and adjusting the level as their requirement will undoubtedly improve your plant storage’s overall situation.

2.  An Even Distribution of PAR

PAR represents Photosynthetically Active Radiation. It is mainly the alternative that a plant uses to photosynthesis in the lack of sunlight. The value of PAR on a plant defines how much efficiently it can perform the process.

Thereby, it would be best if you had a rough idea about measuring the surface you will be using to grow before you buy LED grow light. So, you can buy the best-suited length and width of lights that will cover the whole area and distribute the PAR equally on each plant.

3. The Norm of the Area

If the planting area is inside where no sunlight is available, it will take more lights to fulfill the need. Besides, if the planting area is near the sunlight, you might not need to set the light based on the whole site as it is already getting the advantages of sunlight.

Basically, 1 sqft of your growing space settles for around 32w-45w of wattage. Yet the values mainly go for flowering. For the stage of vegetation, you can do fine within half the power of it(25w). And so, if you own a 2×2= 4sqft grow space, then an average of 4sqft× 32w-45w=128w -180w  light will be enough to harvest nicely.

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However, before buying, keeping these factors in mind would give you an idea about the number of lights you need to buy for their proper growth.

4. Easy Installation Process

Some of us can easily carry out a complicated installation, while a few people have to face hard times and finally call for an expert to finish the process. While you are single-handed maintaining your plants, you should go where installing LED grow lights are more manageable and take less time with simple steps.

In that way, only you will be controlling your indoor garden, which will make the task enjoyable and restore more confidence in you for the future.

5. Controlling the Temperature

The LED grow light does not produce heat along with the light in a sealed area, but after using a long time without any break, it may produce heat at the LED light’s backside. That is why buying a LED grow light; you need to check the cooling system and how long it can run continuously without raising any heat.

Moving the heat is also necessary to check before buying as it will remove the heat that comes from excessive usage and protect the plants.

6. Equipped with Various Functions

There are already a lot of LED grow lights in the market that offers a variety of programs.

If you are growing different plants at the same place, and they require assorted light to grow fast, you would need to change and adjust the light as per their taste. For the record, blue and red lights seem to provoke the plants to grow fast. Where blue fantastically works best on green leafy plants and red on flowers.

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Moreover, you ought to review the features they are providing with the LED grow lights. Scheduling the time to turn the light on or off, dim, or brightening the light in an exact time are a few other must-have features while you buy.

7. Advanced and Durable

No wonder, with the technology help, you would explore much better LED grow lights in the future. If you are in slight confusion and want a more advanced product, you might delay a little and wait for the right one with more features.

Still, whichever LED grow light you choose, durability matters the most. Having a money-back surety or durability guarantee is the best to avoid any scam or damaged product.

Some Myths to Avoid

There are a few controversial factors that you should avoid, as it will only increase your doubts but does not need to consider while buying.

  • The LED grow lights also overheat sometimes; keep an eye on the leaf’s color to confirm any change.
  • The scheduled time may occur wrong after prolonged usage.
  • The lack of maintenance will ultimately reduce its lifetime, no matter how long it is said to run accurately.

Final Words

The LED grow lights are a crucial need for indoor plants or plants in grow tents. The benefits of this product are many, where it hardly does any harm to the plants. If you are in the way of improving your plant’s life cycle, experimenting with the LED grow lights undoubtedly worth a shot.

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